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  1. Hello Marc, I wish you prompt recovery, I hope you're alright now. Take care my friend, for you and your family, Marc
  2. Hello EJ, impressive work for a great result ! What a job on the carvings, congrats !!
  3. Yes, I will carve every single piece of ornament in boxwood. I had a proposal by a russian modelist to make me every sculpture of the SR in resin, (or wood with cnc I don't remember) in exchange of my plans, and a proposal just like Michel Saunier by a french modelist to offer me some of the decorative parts in resin but I declined both, I want to make as much as I can by myself and I want only wood for the decorative parts. Resin looks good on Michel Saunier's model but who knows how the wood will turn in a few years... Resin will always look the same so maybe in a couple of years the differe
  4. Thank you Victor ! I didn't know about it, I will try ! Work on the Soleil Royal goes on, this time I shoudn't disapear for a few months... well, I hope ! I'm working on the decorative parts of the third deck, much time to adjust these small elements... But the result is there, it's quite good looking. The boxwood parts are 0,5mm, and they are made round on there edges. (sometimes I struggle with english language to exprim simple ideas !! 😅)
  5. Hello ! I read in every document that the red color was to hide the blood. So red was the color for every planking inside the ship, except for the commander's apartments that were light grey. In fact, red ocher and yellow ocher were quite cheap so they were largely used on the ships. Vermilion red was very expensive and used only for some decorative parts, blue was also very expensive. For the ornaments, gold was of course very expensive but usual at the XVIIe century. At the XVIIIe century one can see much less gold, except for the prestigious ships. As a general rule, you can say that a ship
  6. Hello ! Yes, the "susbandes" are the metal parts that secure the gun on it's carriage, I don't know the correct word in English. No problem, I will post as many pictures as needed ! At this time I can work every day in the workshop so the SR progresses quite quickly, I hope I can post new pictures soon ! Yes I'm a GP in the north of France, and we are quite under pressure with this virus... Take care everyone !
  7. Hi all ! Marc, for the quarter galleries I have no precise plan yet, but I think I will make a quite elaborate form with balsa wood as a draft to study the volumes. Then I will build the stern and the galleries the way it's meant to be, building the frame then planking and then adding the ornaments. I finally made a last correction on the sheer cap railings, wich on reflection I found a bit too stiff and straight. I remade the last level and gave a bit more plunging; it's only 2mm but it makes a difference. So I post the same views as before for a comparison. For the susbandes I res
  8. Thank you everybody for your kind words and encouragements. You know, I really hate to be an unreliable man, and I feel unconfortable with saying I will post pics and I can't. But everytime I think I will have some time to go back to the workshop the amount of work (my real work I mean) increases and I'm away from home much more than I would like to... And as you can imagine with the Covid-19, things are not going to be better anyway soon. But that's my job and of course it is the priority. Anyway, I have at last some real improvement to show so here are the pics ! At first I had to
  9. Hello Marc ! You really did a great work with the windows, and the job on the stern is topnotch, it will look very accurate. Congrats ! Your model is going to be a reference when finished. By the way, a funny thing about languages. In english, one say "stern chase gunports". In French, we call them "retreat gunports". It always made me laugh !
  10. Thank you very much ! I can't work as much as I would like on the model and it's real frustration, but it progresses. I don't want to show pictures until I make some real upgrade, but I will come back when there is something interesting to show.
  11. Hello Marc ! As usual it's a real pleasure to look at your work. At this time, the rudder hole was rectangular, not round. So the rudder rudder head did not pass through the hole but only the rod. The purpose of the carvings was only decorative.
  12. Thanks ! Marc, I'm only planking the other side, exact same thing I did with tribord. Not very interesting but I hope I can show real improvement before christmas.
  13. Oh ! I almost forgot ! I can post some pictures of a carpenter I painted a few weeks ago. It's a resin 3D printed work by Bernard Huc, a man on the french forum "marine et modélisme d'arsenal", and he was kind enough to give me a 1/72 carpenter. Here is the thing.
  14. 😂😂 I don't want to post pictures for a few pieces of wood glued, but I swear the next photos are coming soon. Thank you Vic !!
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