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  1. Hi guys a little bit more progress test fitting dead flat frame onto the keel... I've also binned the gorilla glue and started to use PVA glue instead. Sorry for the quality of the photo, they were taken on my phone. Tim
  2. Thanks will do, on the stern post and the stern deadwood I have a 3mm gap at the top. What would be the best way to fill the gap? A shim of 3mm wood? I have a few holes appearing is wood dust good to use? Thanks Tim
  3. Also the Swan class books and Greg's echo class model build. Greg i saw the table joint In the swan class book. I have your Echo cross section kit. The rising wood on the keel is one piece. I'm using solidworks to work out complicated parts.
  4. yes sorry the 1779 model. I am thinking i might cut the project down to just a cross section for now.. here are two frames under construction
  5. Hi Guys I have wanted to do this project for years.. so here goes! This is my first plank on frame build model... I am using swiss pear. I will keep you updated. Thanks Tim
  6. If you had a 3d CNC machine you could produce the frames from a wood blank. Try looking on youtube "import CAD or DWG into Sketchup"
  7. totally amazing! Please can we have renders of frames 25,23,21 and 19 on the deadwood so we can see the taper of the deadwood? Thanks Tim
  8. I too am very interested in this project and will be downloading google sketchup
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