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  1. Hi Graeme Here's some photo's of when I built this model, hope you find them useful Mr P.
  2. Thanks Richard, I was thinking the same after looking at the belaying positions on AoTS. BTW the pictures of your Endeavour look good Tom, you've given me something else to thing about
  3. Thanks Allan, Richard I've got a better idea now of what's going on, one thing is for certain I'm going to need more tying off points than what the plans show. Appreciate your help. MP
  4. Hi Allan Thanks for the welcome and the response. I've attached an expanded view that shows the bowsprit and hopefully makes things a little clearer. The S blocks you refer to are closed hearts and are already taken care of. I guess you are correct and the line has to be tied off at a timber head Thanks Mr.P
  5. Hi All Long time member but first time post. The Caldercraft Endeavour is my second build and I'm slowly working my way through the rigging. First build was AL's Virginia and was far simpler. I'm now at the point of rigging the stays but I can't figure out how the the blocks are rigged in the plans. I've checked various books I have and scoured many photos of build logs but I'm still non the wiser. The diagram is off the plans N is single block O is a double block I'm assuming the rope is attached the top of block N via a becket and I can see how the rope i
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