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  1. Hi All Thanks for the continued commentary and to Allan for the links to the the pictures from the rmg collection, certainly gives me something to aspire to. A quick update on where I'm at..... I lowered the wales a tad as on reflection they may have been a bit sharp at the bow compared to the plans. Fortunately these are glued to the outer planking so I was able to unglue them so far back and drop them down slightly. Cannon ports have been framed and the lower part of the hull has been given a couple of coats of amber shellac Channels are fitted, pinned and glued but they're a couple of mm high at the start and this is going to cause some slight issues with the channel brackets but more on this when I get to install them. Thanks for looking in Mark
  2. Hi Steven Thanks for the like, this is my 3rd model, first being Virginia 1819 by AL and then Endeavour by Caldercraft. Yeah, massive Kinks fan...Ray Davies, pure genius Mark
  3. Thanks for the encouragement and offer of the photos...feel free to post any that you think are useful. I have the AoTS by Douglas McElvogue that is proving slightly useful and provides a good supplement to the Caldercraft palns
  4. Hi All After some gentle persuasion on another thread, here's my build log for the Mary Rose. From what I can see this is the first build log for this kit which is fortunate for me as you've got nothing to compare me against.🙂 This will be a build as it comes out of the box and will hopefully somewhat follow the plans but some allowances will have to be made for my lack of ability. As long as it looks sort of like the photo on the box at the end and I've had a lot of fun along the way then I'll be happy. The kit itself is pretty good and is standard Caldercraft fair in that the wood varies from pretty good for the most part but poor in some instances especially the Tanganijka provided for the deck planking. Instructions are brief but the plans are excellent I started this back in December 2020 and have been working through the planking so not a great deal to see so far. Not sure how some members seem to get through the planking really quickly as it seems to take me forever. I'm not a master shipwright like a lot of members so my log will be pretty much limited to progress rather than a master class in how to's and techniques, however I will point out any issues that I come across so that any other builders of this model will be forewarned. Oh yeah, I'm not a master photographer either.....now that expectations are set, feel free to follow along
  5. Hi Steven No I don't. I've considered it...might start something after I've finished the planking Mr P
  6. Hi David You'll probably work faster than me. I only get an hour or so a day and it's taken 8 months to get to this stage. Nothing too tricky at this point, just make sure you work out the levels where the planking is to finish
  7. Hi David Just finishing off the 2nd planking Mr. P
  8. Hi Dave That's how the kit is. The window frames are photo etch and fit the spaces. I've attached a couple of photos showing the part you've shown fitted with some black card behind and the other showing the photo etch fitted and painted. Hope this helps Mr P
  9. Hi Graeme Here's some photo's of when I built this model, hope you find them useful Mr P.
  10. Thanks Richard, I was thinking the same after looking at the belaying positions on AoTS. BTW the pictures of your Endeavour look good Tom, you've given me something else to thing about
  11. Thanks Allan, Richard I've got a better idea now of what's going on, one thing is for certain I'm going to need more tying off points than what the plans show. Appreciate your help. MP
  12. Hi Allan Thanks for the welcome and the response. I've attached an expanded view that shows the bowsprit and hopefully makes things a little clearer. The S blocks you refer to are closed hearts and are already taken care of. I guess you are correct and the line has to be tied off at a timber head Thanks Mr.P
  13. Hi All Long time member but first time post. The Caldercraft Endeavour is my second build and I'm slowly working my way through the rigging. First build was AL's Virginia and was far simpler. I'm now at the point of rigging the stays but I can't figure out how the the blocks are rigged in the plans. I've checked various books I have and scoured many photos of build logs but I'm still non the wiser. The diagram is off the plans N is single block O is a double block I'm assuming the rope is attached the top of block N via a becket and I can see how the rope is run through block O and back through N and so on, but what do I do with the end of the rope? I cannot see how it ends or is tied off. Hope this makes some sort of sense and really appreciate any help Thanks Mr. P
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