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  1. While using my Byrnes sanding machine the motorit became very hot,next thing the plastic can mellted so i switched the machine off. At the time i had been using the machine for twenty minuetes and had been sanding at 0.05 metric or two thou a pass on pieces of Beech.I had to take the machine to a motor repair specialist who fitted a new plastic can Can anybody give me any advice on what i did wrong i would welcome any tips. Regards. janet bode
  2. I own a Byrnes Thickness Sander,i have found that the machine will only sand for 20minuets

    before it gets extremly hot,i then have to switch the sander off for about an hour and thirty minuets

    before it is cool enough to use again.I am sanding at the most two thou a pass when the plastic can

    attached to the outer casing of the motor melted because the machine became very hot,i took the motor to a specialist who fitted a new can.Can anybody give me any advice,perhaps i am using the machine for long at a time.Iwould welcome any advice please.

                 Regards janet( bode )




    1. Thunder


      Janet, does get hot whilst on but not under load. I.e if you turned it on and left it running but not sanding anything does it still get hot?

      If so, how does it sound, does it sound noisier than it used to?


      it could be a number of things:

      • bearings are worn ( would make a rumble type noise)
      • Bearings want lubrication ( sounds muted and stiff to turn shaft manually)
      • running out of balance ( would vibrate)
      • If a type of motor that has a fan on the none load end of the motor shaft, is this working sufficiently.
      • AC single phase motor brushes worn or comm rings dirty ( may possibly see sparks from inside motor and possibly burning smell from before gets hot)
  3. Hi grayarea, What a cheek you start your first build and it turns out like that.Seriously i must congratulate you on such a very nice model, it looks terrific keep up the good work. Janet B
  4. About 2years ago i purchased Model Shipways VSL Essex kit, i was thinking of making a start very soon. I think that there are some issues with this kit as originally made,i have read that Model Shipways will supply some re-designed parts for this kit.Can any-one give me any details i would be most grateful. Regards janet B
  5. Hope this works out my Snake build is making fair progress. Deck is planked in Lemon wood fixed with Titebond glue, in fact the whole ship is glued with white glue.
  6. Hi Keith, I noticed you have primed the bottom of your Victory,i am building HMS Snake and i am about to copper the hull. I was going to use super glue and i wondered whether i needed to prime the hull. Regards Janet B
  7. janet bode, Hi clearway have followed your build from start,i did not realize that Billings kits were that good.Some-one told me that they were lots of plastic parts anyway i am very impressed with you lovely build of Victory.
  8. Janet B, I have tried many methods to bend planks and not to bad.All this changed when i purchased a pair of Plank Bending Pliers from EXPO TOOLS,The plier has a flat anvil on the one side and a vee shaped jaw on the other side which has been slightly rounded off.I found in use i could form a plank the complete lenght of the hull and because one side of the plier does not cut the wood but leaves a indentation it is easy to adjust,you can just ease the bend a small amount to get a curved strip. Website is www.expotools.com. Regards Janet B
  9. Janet B Great workmanship can"t wait to see your next build,i think you have demonstrated that even low cost kit"s can still be made to look good.
  10. janet B found your article very interesting Hellmut love the shape of your hull.I too became very unwell but i find that watching other builds of all the members a great lift up for me,anyway best of luck with your project.
  11. Janet B Well Karl i have followed your build from the start,your ship looks really nice. cant wait to see your masting and rigging,i feel like i would also like to build the POB maybe sometime anyway well done
  12. Janet B I am having problems posting pictures i am being told my pictures are too big.Anyone have ideas.
  14. Janet B I have been trying to show pictures of my build.Starting from scratch do i have to put my SD card and download it into my computer, it sees that my download goes into picture gallery but after that things are going astray.

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