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  1. Hello Keith, your TERROR is a fine build and your effort into details is astonishing. In particular I like your binoculars research. So I would like to give your a little hint due to the original OcCre gratings that are to wide and simple. [URL=https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5987/w2mp7uvo_jpg.htm][IMG]https://s12.directupload.net/images/201030/temp/w2mp7uvo.jpg[/IMG][/URL] As you can see here, the original ones are in the surface bent and the openings are much smaller. The bars are longitudinal and bent. The do have grooves for the bars croossing them
  2. Hello guys, due to the fascinating Franklin Expedition story I reached the icey shore of all these books about the HdSstrangly collapsed Franklin expedition from a german manga towards deep scientific books during the last few month. And it all started with tgus NMM booklet. I don't want to overstrech my abilities again and do start the kit of HMS TERROR by OcCre. Due to the fact that HMS EREBUS is also a bomb ship and only 3 feet longer I think about altering the kit from TERROR towards EREBUS by the inlay of a (304,8mm × 3 {length}) / 75 {scale} so 12,192
  3. My pacel came to me yesterday but due to my workload I do start today. Interestingly NOONE ever made a building report about the "Philanderer" - so let us have a look inside the kit's box: I do remember a yellow-beige block of bubbles but this does look very much more like a wooden hull. But I am afraid of scratches and dents very much. The gratings and other parts are these we allways find usual in Amati kits. Also the canons are not 6 short 2 long barrel ones. Hopefully I find something to substitude it with.
  4. Hello friends of the shipmodel! Due to illness I have to drove back and more slowly. So I renewed my first non pure plastic kit of the COUREUR by Amati. I tortured this kit 25 years ago and lost it an increcibly unlucky accident on a removal - when a shelf fall on the model in its card box driving the masts through the hull. So I searched around for sources of further information. I am totaly aware that this model isn't the peak of the kits (and ordered an 1/48 wooden kit from Russia in the hope to get somthing more "qualitavily" better). I want
  5. Hi Guys, since this small boat is covered, I hope to have a better chance of getting the model build than with an open top and an inner structure to be build. The plan comes from the Architectura Navalis Mercantoria and can be found on plate LX under number 4 with it's own scale ruler. My girlfriend builds, when she improves and sews on her beautiful little Tilda figures, I can work in the living room on her table on my cardboard pices with a cutter a steelruler and a glue. So I can work without too much machine tools and dirt vice versa to her. So it always go
  6. A great work on wood stone* and rope. Thanks for this wonderful journey in the a Egyptian shipbuilding. I learned a lit from your threat. Thanks a lot for sharing! *the only item in stone (beside ballast) I thought of were stone cannonballs... ...till today!
  7. Great job you do. I really like your style to build the little "Womanizer". Looks like you build her in her appearance under the RN flag after the rebuild, don't you?
  8. What do you think about this solution? When I do only put only in one transom's frame... It has had 17mm space on the backside towards the deck's highest level. (The deck is bent down towards the sides!!!) If I do cut o groove in the very middle of the frame by 4mms width and 8mm length... ...it will gently pass into the 4mm groove in the centerboard - so I do get a single transom hardwood frame. And best of it 😁 There is no collision with frame/bulkhead N°35!!! What may be added with a second frame (the lower
  9. Thanks for the kind comment and your question. I do build in 1/64 (from the scale down line of 1/2 -> 1/4 -> 1/8 --> 1/16 -> 1/32 - >1/64). I voted for this firstly as this scale does made ships that will fit into my flats limited space and secondly as the degree of detailling is limited. A German modelshipbuilder wrote in his "Handbook of Historical Modelshipbuilding" 30 years ago allways 1/48 or 1:50 for specialists 1/72 or 1:75 for the beginners. So I did came to this scale often used on English and American model kits made from wood. THE TRANSOM
  10. Today I just "hardened" the whaling boat's bulkheads and the centetboard by adding CAglue to the "machinery allowance": The glossy wet looking is the CAglue... And my MOBBY SLIM in the backgroznd is still smiling...
  11. Hello friends of AGATE, as I can tell you proudly during the last days there was a bit of a progress with the hull itself and a start with the whalingboat after sever l month of quite on this shipyard. RESTARTING THE BUILT I figured out my planset and the centerboard again - archivation isn't my thing to do. (By this I recognized that I still didn't recived the rest of the KATE CORY ans LAGODA plansets from NewBedford - so I wrote to there.) I also found the 1/48 copies for a hull model I still think about to come into deeper darker detai
  12. Hello everybody... after nearly one year I reboot this project do to the simplicity of the lines and the fact that I am thraitwn to fail in my baroque projects as I am unable to deal with some problems I never met on a lower tier... So I do follow the helpful hint of a friend who warned me not to overdo it my a too big project. And so I stopped all the work on SP and do store it in my archiv untill I have got developed the needed skills. So I do open my whaling drawer and continue this project as it is easier in the hull to build. This is the state of the project recen
  13. Dear Marc, here one often forgotten feature, one not even implemented in the Heller kit - the pair of galleys and the bread oven: Here the the Bread Oven - lacking a chimney or using the lattice above? But there is not lattice above: And why is the united legs of the cable bitts suddenly disapeared??? So but more of intrest for us are the chimneys looking out of the deck behind the breakhead bulkhead - the ugly chimneys: A second feaure prominent on the UD is the cannonball boxes with ist beautyful curved appearance (shown here in
  14. Asyou like her so much heee the full set of three drawings of 1688 with some very distinguished Arcanthus leaves in beautiful shape - but for the start the top of the bottle en details: Her the tripple of the decoration drawings: The transom The side gallery The gallion Now some further details of the decor: The simply half circeled Couronnament with with very useable detailling. And now the floral shape of wood in its finest way to be: Hope this helps for the non s
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