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  1. Thanks Marc for the support - this is very helphul I thought about higher frames to cut the hull along the wales inserting bent bars due to lifting the decks. 😬 So all this mindwork can be put aside. The benefit of the olaning is the recognition that I can work on the wales with a N° 11 scalpel to cut in the fine grooves of the joining bars easily. And my complete ship yard is removeled and sattled in the cellar to be reopened. 😁 So when the flat is in a status nearly that it is really there, too, the work on SAINT PHILIPPE 1693 can start again...
  2. Principal idea to measure the bulkheads places on the SAINT PHILIPPE 1693 hulls keel. So I do have got to build a stand for the rectangular fixated hull. Due to work with my marking hights instrument - what it is called in English? Hights scribing measurer?
  3. But I Think I take a kind of clay model and air dry it - than a) filing the frontside flat b) scribing grooves c) cratching grain d) drilling nail's imitation. Hopefully this does work as a simplifying work around. 😊
  4. Thanks alot for this building report it does look very informative and is a scholarpice for advice. So I think about the temptation to opening the big kit after the removal and do a paralleely project to switch between both. Thanks for temptation 😉
  5. THE TRIANGELED QUESTION There is a part that suddenly appears to the set of plans... perchance it is of intrest to all the SR builders so I featured it: Here on Plan 34 there is nothing beside the stem. above the CWL. But in plan 36 it here appears a triangeled part of unknown name suddenly and in the bow view, too. It does look like a construction for protection to the hull towards the gallion from splashwater. I called it "splash water protection tetrahedron" 😉 what is due to my typical German precision fad
  6. Yes but I told my son:"A highscore isn't something you print out and put into a glass show cabinet..." So he started to build tanks and planes. And is very good at his Warhammer miniatures. So we have something to communicate about quite technologically but he feels competent to be at the same level as his dad but on an other playground. I get new ideas from him he from me so it does cooperate. I think getting youth interested in the hobby at all is important. Their physical skills are trained and if the do good they start an new kit and do get better and it is an obvi
  7. Hello John, I think after talking to some restauratiors about the colouring of baroque ships, that you decision to the baroque "living figure" is right to paint here ascthey were alive. All in all one of them told me we were too uniform ("plaster everything uniformly with leaf gold") and decided our shemes much less colourfull for the baroque era. So when he looks at the pictures of the common build SRkits painted after the Heller's manual that I showed him. The more verdigris the blue gets the more he nodded and was accepting the painting. So the de
  8. My problem is what matetial to lay onto my compound hull to get the hull's shape towards the deadwood? Balsa wood? Poplar plywood? Here we do see the very differend starting points of the deadwoods on thr Heller's hull and in the Ancre's planset in direct comparison. Any suggestions?
  9. John the real problem is they never upgrated the kit's mould to a recent standard of detailing after nearly half a century. That's a pitty. but on the other hand - look at Marc, he deals with the kit's shortcomings very well. Certainly it is a plenty of work - but we are model builders and no kit builders. So I personally look at the Heller's kit as a good fundamental ground to build on top what I can afford to make somewhere between my hands's skills and left eye's limitations.
  10. Hello John, I very much appreciate your build and the colouring in particular. Thank you very much for the sharing of the kit.
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