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  1. I finished 3D printing and assembled the rope walk. Its nice to be able to make the rope for this ship. I designed the rope walk so that I could switch from 3 strand to 4 strand without using any tools. I just flip the ends around.
  2. Yes, I have heard about the website. I actually bought the rigging kit for the guns from them.
  3. I have been installing some items on the deck. I installed the handrails around the ladders. I also added some chain to the capstan. I'm not a fan of it being around the main mast but it is what it is. I also installed the ships wheel and bell. I also installed the Syrens around the stern. I have been working on the ships boat. It was a fun little project.
  4. Joe, You did an awesome job on the ship. I'm looking forward to your build of the Black Pearl.
  5. Please feel free to copy any of my ideas. I look forward to seeing your build log.
  6. Thanks, I enjoyed reading your build. It gave me several ideas. Yes I plan on replacing the top masts and spars with wood like you did. I will also be installing the wood in the lower masts. The plastic rigging will also be going away in favor of more traditional methods. Since the rigging is about to get started I'm working on a 3d model of a rope walk so I can make my own rope. Here is the 3d model of one end of it. I have started printing some of the parts for it.
  7. I mostly used flickering Orange LED's that I got from Ebay. I used separate resistors to control the current. However since you do not have much experience with LEDs I would recommend using the flickering LEDs from Evan Designs since they come plug and play. You will just need a power supply. Here is a link: https://evandesigns.com/products/flickering-led? I glued the Leds to the upper deck between the gun ports. I then ran the wires to the bottom of the ship where I connected them together. The LEDs have to be wired with the correct polarity. I brought the wire that will g
  8. I have been reading this forum for several years and have learned a lot. I finally decided that I would post a build log. I have been building models all my life, including model trains, military armor, and airplanes. This is the second sailing ship that I have built. The first one was the Lindberg Jolly Roger that I built as the La Flore. You can see images of it in my album. My current build is the Black Pearl. I started the Black Pearl by scratch building a replacement bulk head out of styrene and then painted and weathered it. I then
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