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  1. I found these somewhere I forgot. But. It helps making things clearer for my project. I've only started on rigging on the bowsprit. Drawing-11-Bowsprit.pdf
  2. I've been seeing this in Facebook group. I asked what reference material was. Anyone here know? My hull is buttoned up now but if love to see what provisions would have been on the upper decks on departure. Help? https://www.facebook.com/100017043844704/videos/453865271858264/
  3. Ok. 2017 was a terrible year. Both our mothers passing within months... waiting for memorial services when the ground thaws in Vermont. Trip to Vermont in May. Got a heart catheter procedure coming up... and diagnosed with Glaucoma! Yay. Also building a 360 Big Block Mustang King Cobra... neglecting my drones... etc. So. Im back on the Victory. As of this post I am using a small kitchen Island for everything Victory. It'll be Spars and more Spars next. This roll around island might be the ticket to working on the ship in the house instead of my shop!
  4. So. I'm not attempting to do work like the amazing people here. But my decks look empty... they are empty! Adding a living crew to my model, I feel, will add a human aspect to the finished model. I admit to being intimidated by the rigging I am trying to produce. So I play with plastic to add some ambiguous boxes to the deck. Would there even be a pile of boxes like these on the active duty Victory?
  5. I was supposed to be looking for the figures and how you made them Dafi. But I get hypnotized by all the amazing work you do. Amazing is really an understatement. I'm really not articulate enough to describe the work I see on your build. In fact my English is reduced to one statement... "Oh my god, WOW!" Are you a genius or what?
  6. wicked old post... I personally would shy away from another Heller kit. Heard alot of bad things about Heller.... I have the 1:100 Victory. Its a challenge to say the least. Hope you found one.
  7. Im toying with the idea of doing the footrope stirrups with fly tying wire. I used a pin and spun it with my serving machine first. Then put the pin and remaining thread in the serving machine to twist it about the yard. Only one is made right now. Its so fragile that I need to get the heavier items attached first I think.
  8. I see the state now. VA... not quite Massachusetts.
  9. Is this boat in Massachusetts? My brother and I fished from one just like this.
  10. Sling ready for the bowsprit spritsail-topsail yard. Been battling with this for the day. Will finish up with footrope on the other side.
  11. Im making footropes. is it a cardinal sin to use black thread for seizings on running rigging?
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