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  1. So... 18 months since I last posted... we've moved house and the model lay unloved for quite a while. But, after a big push and some forced lock-down, I'm finally finished! I'm not sure how I managed to get through the running and then the standing rigging - really tested patience for a newbie like me. Loads of mistakes but delighted to have got to the point I am happy to down tools and declare victory. @MESSIS - thanks for your help and support. This isn't a patch on your work of art, but glad to have got another one over the line. Really love
  2. Back in the game! We had building work for a couple of months, and then life took over... but back we are now. Masts, crows nest and mizzen sail up. Feels like progress. Although attaching all the blocks is painstaking and I'm having nightmares already about how on earth I'm going to rig her.
  3. Hi SpyGlass, Great story. I sailed on her several times... and really bad singing at inappropriate hours was par for the course! My favourite voyages were the Tall Ships Races. Nothing beats rocking up in port with 50 other tall ships youth voyages after a week at sea. I think one of the ships was a 'Becks' ship - can't remember what it was called but it was sponsored by Becks beer with Becks green sails and free beer for all on board 24x7 :s Can't remember the rest!
  4. Ok. Back in the game after a hiatus due to missing some rope and other crazy stuff. I did manage to make the mother of all mistakes but onwards and upwards. Here are the liferafts done.
  5. I still haven't found the thread but am making progress on other pieces. Decking basically done now. Phew. Think the pin rails that come with the kit are great.
  6. Hi Christos, Yes, I used the Tamiya paints. The single 100ml TS-14 was sufficient as it basically a couple of coats on top of a primer for the hull. Still quite a bit left. If anything, I've gone short on the white spray paints and the white enamel vs. suggested. The translation app I used is called 'Yomiwa'. I'm using it on my Android phone. The instructions are pretty clear - just a couple of points when you need to be careful to check positioning rather than glue in place - normally indicated in red text. I'm on a big hunt as I've lost the 2? reels of 'ro
  7. Hi Christos, thank you! kind of you to say, and congrats on your purchase. It's a fantastic kit. I'm really enjoying building the model and each little part takes me back to being on the ship. Not sure how many hours to be honest. Typically quite a few each weekend and then maybe once or twice in evenings during the week. Started in Jan. Just hope to find the pieces I've mislaid... I may ask you to take a picture of them for me if I can't find so I can source something similar!
  8. Slow progress due to a combination of too much work and then holidays. I'm done with the majority of the deck furniture now. Will start installing soon. And getting a bit nervous looking ahead to the mast/yards/sails/rigging :s Major/minor disaster is I've misplaced the two reels of thread/rope. Need to somehow find these for this project not to hit the rocks
  9. Been busy with the coach house and lots of fiddly details. Not quite finished as have yet to do the rails but coming together.
  10. Ok, had minor disaster in that I dropped some deck furniture onto the floor and our dog Lucy got there before I did.. Salvaged most things but lost one of these vents... so have been improvising from off cuts to make a new one. Here half way through.
  11. Bowsprit now done, along with some painful painting, and the stand. This lot took much longer than i'd anticipated. I really struggled with painting the bowsprit which took many goes. I should have primed. Anyways.. we live and learn.
  12. Managed to complete the rails, pins and safety wire. More than a little fiddly. Have a feeling that will be a theme for much of the rest of the build. Bowsprit next and need to work out what to do about some misalignment.
  13. So have installed the decking - it comes as a single very thin sheet and had a couple of small breakages. Also managed to do some deck painting without ruining everything, plus added some deck furniture in terms of cleats, and now mid way through railings. A lot of my shortcuts made earlier are starting to come back to bite! However, still chugging and pleased with progress.
  14. Rony - It was 28,500 Japanese Yen which is c$270. http://www.zootoyz.jp/ has more info. Now completed the props and rudder, onto the stand
  15. So have been messing around with spray paints and avoiding bleeds from outside to inside and vice versa. Got a waterline that I'm happy with so will move onto next stage. Will get over the odd blemish here and there. Progress over perfection for me, else risk I give up!
  16. Primed and sanded and primed and sanded. Here's the latest. Couple of blemishes left but am pretty chuffed - not bad for a Sunday's work. Ragove - agree. She was a peach in real life as well, especially in full sail. Hope to do her justice. Keith - thanks! It's 1:75 Next up is blemish removal and working out what to do for the waterline. Need to do some research.
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