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  1. Okay...Price now $350 plus shipping..... No takers, off to e-bay which I really don't want to do. thanks Tom
  2. I've got other ships in line, including reconditioning a 7 foot 200 y/o model built by my client's great grandfather first. I guess I should drop my asking price to $400 plus shipping, or would consider an offer near there. Tom
  3. I am currently building the Amati version of the Prince and have a brand new Constructo version I won;t be building. I've checked several sites and it retails for anywhere between $689 to $559. (Ages of Sail; Amazon;Mega Hobby;Internet Hobbies; and EBay) I'd like $450 plus shipping. I'm located in Sun City AZ a suburb of Phx. So shipping costs will vary. Let me know if interested and I'll take her to the Mailbox Store and get a firm shipping cost. PM me for phone number or for any other info, including an offer.Pardon picture quality I can email some better pics if requested. Tom W
  4. This is not intended to be political in any fashion. It is topical and needs some discussion. I was on a news site the other day and wanted to see a specific video. In order to see the video I had to enter through one of the social media sites, e.g. Facebook. twitter, etc. Couldn't log in because I do not participate in any of those (email only). Then in today's visit to MSW I see an article about getting a free kit, just logon to Facebook and you get a riddle question. Blocked again, because I don't participate. Now you may say "get with the times" join up. But I come from
  5. I notice that most all of the Bounty builds are not copper bottomed. Yet her refit description says it was one of the first things done to the begin the Bethia refit? I'm in the process of rebuilding a Bounty model done several years ago. I was asked to be as authentic as possible. I want to turn it out correctly. Comments? thanks Tom
  6. How many days before grandson comes in with the coach and says "I dunno Grampa, me and Billy were just looking at it and it broke"..... I have 14 grandkids....I usually make them chairs!.. One is now married and has two of her own, and the chair is still intact. Still great job, as usual....... Tom
  7. What did I do in my garden today......I got up looked out the window and called my landscaper! He comes once a month.. When I retired I was very serious about it 'o) I still am. Tom
  8. Druxey They have the manifest, and have located other artifacts dating to the correct period. The show "Coopers Gold" is pretty good, repetitive, but interesting in that they are using maps Gordon Cooper made while orbiting the earth looking for possible missile sites. Tom
  9. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/05/02/experts-discover-christopher-columbus-anchor-at-caribbean-shipwreck-site.html Tom
  10. Welcome Constant: I was especially interested in your narrow boat. A very close couple, friends of ours, bought a narrow boat and they were in the process of converting it into a full time residence. It was their intent to live full time on the narrow boat and just roam the passable waterways of Europe. Unfortunately the husband passed before the completion. Very nice build...... Tom
  11. Mike: If the warp isn't corrected with the weights, I would cut the existing keel at the bow just where the keel ends the bow curve, then cut of the stern just where the stern curve starts, the pick up a piece of poplar for your local wood supplier and remake the section cut out and reattach the bow and stern pieces. I've had to do that several times.........and sometimes remake the whole keel. It is also easier to cut the rabit in a solid piece than into plywood. God Luck Tom
  12. Derek I went to eBay and searched as follows: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=dietzgen+proportional+dividers It shows PDs from $21 to over $300. Most important feature of a PD is the accuracy of the measurements. Dietzgen is a premier maker of all sorts of engineering and drafting tools. I've used the same pair for over 40 years and they are still accurate. Good luck Tom
  13. The parts look to be 1/16 to an 1/8th thick. I'd go to the nearest big box store (i.e Home Depot or Lowe's) and by the equivalent thickness in Poplar. You can always stain it whatever color you want. Poplar is inexpensive and comes pre-cut in 1/16 and 1/8th " thick plus many other thicknesses. Tom
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