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  1. In all the tall ship movies, the gunners mate is always saying "wait for the uproll to fire". So some compensation was usually needed due to sea conditions and distance to the target. Tom
  2. I am not at all familiar with 360 photog but when you say "requires moving around the ship" seems it would be easier to keep the ship static but on a "lazy susan" type device and rotate the ship instead of the camera. The statement may in itself sound ignorant enough to prove I don't know what I'm talking about, but seems logical. ?? Tom
  3. This is not intended to be political in any fashion. It is topical and needs some discussion. I was on a news site the other day and wanted to see a specific video. In order to see the video I had to enter through one of the social media sites, e.g. Facebook. twitter, etc. Couldn't log in because I do not participate in any of those (email only). Then in today's visit to MSW I see an article about getting a free kit, just logon to Facebook and you get a riddle question. Blocked again, because I don't participate. Now you may say "get with the times" join up. But I come from a very long line of Military folks, especially ant-terrorism ones in the past 17 years. When one joins these groups you are giving up a mountain of info to whomever wishes to access it. This leads to bad actors preying on teenagers, identity theft mostly, access to financial info. and in a round about manner, intellectual property piracy as well. A topic near and dear to most of us on MSW. I know suggesting to some that all of these social media platforms be shut down will become suicidal, But they didn't exist a short time ago and we enjoyed calling, talking and writing to each other just fine. Congress will never be able to control these sites, so the consumer should. We accept that putting our email addy up on one the forums is a no-no. But that is just for spam fear. Apply the same good sense to all of your other data. One photo has enough meta-data on it to identify your GPS location, plus a bunch of other info you probably would rather not be available to everyone in the world. OK nuff said on that for now. Glad to answer questions or discuss more with your own examples. Tom
  4. 10.6 and 10.7 Degrees off N ? That many degrees swing? Would seem someone in the Fort would know. The Docents are usually well informed on all things fort. Tom
  5. I notice that most all of the Bounty builds are not copper bottomed. Yet her refit description says it was one of the first things done to the begin the Bethia refit? I'm in the process of rebuilding a Bounty model done several years ago. I was asked to be as authentic as possible. I want to turn it out correctly. Comments? thanks Tom
  6. Yea right druxey assuming he remembers..... I think our brains start out with 1000 TB hard rives, then slowly get filled to the point where it takes a much longer time to access anything remembered.....to the point that we get tired of waiting for the uploading and just say "I don't remember". Kind of like when you get the message "the program you were using is no longer responding, do you want to wait or quit"
  7. How many days before grandson comes in with the coach and says "I dunno Grampa, me and Billy were just looking at it and it broke"..... I have 14 grandkids....I usually make them chairs!.. One is now married and has two of her own, and the chair is still intact. Still great job, as usual....... Tom
  8. Since most of us are "Hobbiest" only and not in it to sell our creations. (Although I have sold a few.). We tend to work when time permits, even if you are retired it is sometimes hard to find time to build.....whereas, our ancestors that built usually had more free time, and those that were building for masters, had all day and all night if needed. So we tend to want to accomplish more in the time available than just "hand tools would allow. An example would be shaving masts and yards. And a few other tasks which electric tools can expedite. Tom
  9. moreplovac First, When someone asks how much I charge to build a model, I answer, I generally charge $100 per inch plus the cost of the kit. And possibly a little more depending on the complexity of the build and amount of ornamentation. ALWAYS establish the finished price before you agree to build. I make a copy of the Deck plan then pencil in details I intend to add on e.g.,barrels, fire buckets, etc. and have the buyer initial. Suggest a probable finish date, and give yourself some extra time just in case "honey-do" projects come up unexpectedly. Take lots of pictures while you build and send to buyer keeping them up to date on the progress and at the end of the build, on delivery copy of a CD or DVD for the client to keep. That is probably the basics. But certainly not cast in stone. Different builders do it differently. Personally I don't like commission work because that is what it becomes when you build for money....WORK. I wanted this to be a hobby not another job. Good luck Tom
  10. On those below decks without access, I drill a hole same as with the others and glue the line in trying to make it look taunt. the external appearance then is the same as the visible guns on deck. Tom Good luck
  11. The rigging line from the lid going into the hull. How do you actually secure that line ? There would be a small cleat on the inner bulwark and next to the gun station to attach the line. I'm thinking that putting glue on the line would stiffen it enough to insert it but that would look fake and not natural. I've seen plenty of pictures of your quality builds and always wondered how you did that You only wet the tip with glue, then after inserting, cut off the stiff part. Tom
  12. Prayers and good wishes to those in the path of Harvey. My son lives on Padre Island and so far has come out OK. But there are many along the coast and in Houston that need help and donations. Tom
  13. What did I do in my garden today......I got up looked out the window and called my landscaper! He comes once a month.. When I retired I was very serious about it 'o) I still am. Tom
  14. Druxey They have the manifest, and have located other artifacts dating to the correct period. The show "Coopers Gold" is pretty good, repetitive, but interesting in that they are using maps Gordon Cooper made while orbiting the earth looking for possible missile sites. Tom
  15. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/05/02/experts-discover-christopher-columbus-anchor-at-caribbean-shipwreck-site.html Tom

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