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  1. I'll be posting some more images soon, been tied up with family Covid mess along with property chores and renovations. Sail work is still ongoing as had to mothball her again. Thanks for the patience. Should have images by next week.
  2. Here's some images of her close up. You should be able to zoom in for details, even down to my mistakes.
  3. I had used black walnut stain for the hull, Then teak stain for the hull outer ribs. I'll pull her back out and get some more images by tomorrow for you. Glad you like her.
  4. Your planking looks good, this was my first wooden build also many years ago and I will admit I sanded for a months on my hull to get her looking nice. Here's a couple pics of her: Yep the flag is wrong, I changed her to a Confederate bomber. Will be following your build with interest. If you need some better images of mine, just holler.
  5. These tracks for the Alabama are wrong per historical configuration. I used the supplied tracks on the molds for definition and cleanliness of the build. Here's the correct historical tracks for the Alabama: Here's te historical confiruration for firing: Hope this helps.
  6. Thank you @Gahm. Yep I'll be a happy camper when I have them all done. Then I can finally start rigging away and get this one under glass.
  7. She's a beauty! Got more images?? Congrats!! Youtube has a lot of information on applying wash, maybe you find something there.
  8. Just a quick update, I have gotten it down to three hours per sail for finished product and have been building away, I'll post images of all of them when finished. I'll tape them on the ship also to give a better idea as to what they will look like on the ship when finished. Delicate rascals, but I'll be a expert sail builder when I'm done!
  9. Very nice! Have you decided if you will static display her or add water flow details to the base? Are you planning on turning her into a RC? Man she's a beauty and a bunch can be done with that size of a kit.
  10. Very nice find for a rare kit. USS Crockett a hard model to find being in such good condition along with what seems most of the pieces. Look forward to your updates! Did it come with a motor system? Seems to be one of the old RC boat kits from the images I see, I also love to rescue kits I have interest in and always on the hunt, Hint, Hint @Bob G What yea got??
  11. Many thanks Bill! Glad you like her. She not finished yet and will be awhile as sail building is a little slow to get all 28 done right and looking good.
  12. Test build #1, worked awhile putting this one together to see if it will work for all the others. I discovered it will work ok, just have to fine tune some drying procedures and watch the coloring as I add some extra pieces. This isn't a finished sail for install as it was application procedural technic. The wire will not be incorporated as I was going to do, these mold into shapes nicely and eliminates a extra step towards the final product. Some images: Adding some definition pieces along with strengthening the sail. Adding the rop
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