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  1. An excellent reference for ship building information is: Historic Ship Models by Wolfram zu Mondfeld. You can pick up used copies for cheap on ebay or amazon. Just have to hunt for them on ebay. Has great explanations and images to explain all the different parts of ship building and is written for the layman. If you can get a copy, you'll be glad you did. I had a bunch of questions for my build on the Alabama, this book helped in solving the problems and build styles. My used copy ran ten bucks with four bucks shipping so there's a way to get them without breaking the bank!
  2. @kirill4, like the progress. Looks good too. I like the rough rigging your doing which adds to the age look of it.
  3. Images of the work table cleaned off and of the progress on the ship. Tweezer tying is slow but has to be done considering all the obstacles I have to work around. I only have 1 mm pins to tie to so it has to be precise without breaking anything. I'll have some more images soon ..... working slowly away on her. As you can tell, now I have the room to move her around and install the boom sails. This also helps in not breaking anything as she rotates to be worked on.
  4. @Guyuti, here's an image of my chair workbench which is on rollers and works very well for my building purposes. I had a bad accident which many years ago damaged my lower back, so I have to sit in my lazy boy to work because hard chairs or stools just kill me with pain, so I designed this one and cost was about thirty bucks for materials. All the extra's was a bunch more money so I'm talking about just the table itself. Hope it helps. I'll post a complete image if you need it, it fits two inch's above my lazy boy for perfect working height. I'll try to get
  5. @Louie da fly, thanks. Nice info on the guns, thanks for posting that. I was very surprised to find as much as I did after really going after the information. Helped me in understanding more on the style of these ships and loved the pdf reports. Great stuff!!
  6. @Dart, is this your model?? It's a very nice representation of her, and appreciate the image as I thought I had all the quality representations of her on my file images. I didn't have this one and really appreciate the posting. if you have more images of this one please post them! I have been getting parts in as the mail has been slow because of covid. Been doing a little on her and will be doing more today and this week; so should have some images. My blocks arrived yesterday and starting to put them in, but it's slow work along with a appreciation to "Syren" for making some more
  7. Gentlemen, thanks for all the concern and well thoughts for my family, Really appreciate it, very kind of you. As starting to rig away; I discovered I'm out of my favorite Syren blocks and have to order more. Looks like I'll need another 100 more in different sizes. So will be ordering this morning and get those a moving in the mail to me. I'll be prepping the lines as best as possible without driving myself crazy keeping all the loose lines ready to go for attachment to the missing blocks. I look at it as good experience for the Wasa coming up on my next build. Along with a coup
  8. Hello everyone, during this season I didn't have any time to work on my ship build project, but was able to do more research on fifteenth and sixteenth century ships. I had come upon a wreck site info with detailed information, very interesting site found a few years ago. Thanks for the book link and info also! Links: http://patrimoniocultural.gov.pt/media/uploads/dans/TheOranjemundShipwreck.pdf https://nadl.tamu.edu/index.php/shipwrecks/iberian-shipwrecks/portuguese-india-route/bom-jesus-1533/ https://namibian-studies.com/index.php/
  9. I along with others have been busy with the Holidays and in hopes all had a wonderful season. This time around we had another seven family members get Covid, all but an older member have recovered and are back healthy again. The oldest member has been hit hard and were not sure he will pull threw. Wishing this blasted mess would leave our family alone, tired of all the wasted time spent with it and seeing it hurt families. If someone says that Covid is a lie and it doesn't exist. their lying I assure you. We have been threw the ringer with it. Please protect yourselves and your fa
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