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  1. Completed all the outside hammock tie downs. Kinda like the pure white color and now undecided as to stain them or not. I also have started the inside tie downs which take more care and time as not to damage the other detail parts on the deck, figure a couple days to finish all of them inside on the bulwarks. She's moving to the rigging soon, I'll probably make a few custom ropes for certain lines. Will have to pick some specialty wooden blocks also, so I'll be getting those ordered.
  2. @modelshipwright , what is the carving tool you are using? Meaning manufacturer and bits along with rpm speed for you carving details. Seems that the rpm would be very high for such small carved pieces as to not break them. Fascinating work, a inspiration to us all.
  3. Your color scheme is perfect along with the wooden deck. Wow! As other members have stated; "You would never know it was a plastic kit".
  4. Alan, I would go at least 1/2" deep as to give you some strength for the foundation and even possibly 3/4". Also verify on the print you have the correct facing angle of each mast and drill the proper angle. Use a basic protractor on the print to get the right angle.
  5. This actually turned out better than I expected. Once my sweetie and I figured out the build and install process it moves very quickly. I have a couple outside tie downs done and will work to complete all eight of them and then start the tie downs on the inside. Add's a nice detail and was a challenge to figure out how to make it work. So far so good. I'll paint and stain in place very carefully. They are sewn in place after the ca dries for the wood mounts, then just very gently up and down with the tightness on the 2 mm nails drilled in place and glued with ca also. I'll post them finished for the outside tie downs hopefully tomorrow, and show a couple inside tie downs done too. Without adding the extra bass wood planks for the top of the bulwarks, these added details couldn't have been done to this plastic model and look close to historical information.
  6. Here's how the hammock representation is turning out. I have used black walnut for the wood bevels and 100% cotton tee shirt sleeve trim which is rolled up to the small size as not to overpower this detail. The second image just show it layed down to show how it looks with the model. Will probably die them a light yellow for UV effect. The tie down rope will be sewn in and I'll show a a image of one completed soon also. These are work in progress, ca is applied to the wood and to keep the roll tight.
  7. You know, a book of these would be wonderful if ever offered. Be expensive to do, but well worth it for your creativity and beauty with these.
  8. Many thanks Popeye, one problem I am having trouble as what to use for the hammock tie downs. Looks like I will go will 2 mm brass nails which will be the smallest I can find to do the job and not overpower the model. That of course will be about 149 drilled holes along with the strop hole drilling, Which as fragile as the model is I won't dare try to hammer them in, any other suggestions?

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