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  1. Thanks to all the responses and likes, here's a current update as work continue's on this build. Plans, plans , plans ...... going over multiple plans for blocks and tackles along with rigging possibilities I have a consensus of historical lines for the masts and ship rigging. I will be adding multiple lines for her as to really accent the rigging work along with multiple colors and sizes to bring the definitions out. Here's some of the plans which will be incorporated: Also utilizing the Blue Jacket prints, a total of 11 plans along with Syren blocks and tackles. The preliminary mast yards are complete and will be adding the blocks to each one with extra blocks for the sails to be mounted to also. I have been going threw the sail installation plans and will probably be adding them as some will be custom made which will take some time and adds a couple of months to the build but will look nice with all the sails and the boom sails added. I have been going threw the sail building procedures here at MSW which are very informative but I am going to subcontract out the added sails. They will run about $200.00 completed but will be detailed out and done from a professional sail maker. Here's a couple mast work images for comparisons: I have gotten a generic representation of the top mast yard mounting for the main mast which you can see in the upper left corner of the bottom image represented. Also another painting of the Alabama giving chase.
  2. Here's a great 4th of July historical video. Enjoy ... Happy Interdependence day!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=YaxGNQE5ZLA
  3. Does anyone have historical information on attaching this smaller mast ( See image) Diagrams would be appreciated as I would like it to be historical accurate. Thanks!
  4. Really like your cannon rigging details as they are very clean and distinctive detailing.
  5. Small update for the fore and main top sail studding booms and the fore and main top gallant studding sail booms also, touch up painting will need to be done on all of them along with added mounting hardware from BJ. All of the studding boom mast hardware are scratch built and all are completed for the associated masts. Then all the rigging blocks which will be awhile as research has some problems on placement and types. Plus scratch built gaffs imaged also. Early model of CSS Alabama made from one of the crew during her history.
  6. Thanks, wondering if you might have any images of your model you built? Semmes was an honorable gentleman as he tried very hard as to not kill any of the occupants during his ship raids. From my research very few were killed during the Alabama's life, excluding her last battle with the Kearsarge.
  7. Clean distinct detailing work on your rigging.... excellent.
  8. Superb craftsmanship, I will incorporate your skill and procedures for my builds in the future. Appreciate the step by step images. You should think on the lines of selling these anchors in different sizes as they are exquisite. Or maybe offer them as a needed basis from modelers wanting this style and level of detail.
  9. Got tied up with life responsibilities but here's a short update. Been working on the extension boom masts from scratch building work. Their a little time consuming but turning out ok. I have 4 more to go and then the mast work will almost be completed. Will add the wooden booms and the eight secondary extension parts also. I'll show a couple when finished with them completely. I'll paint them black as they are aluminum and probably have to prime them first. Might just leave them silver for extra contrast...what do you guys think? Also "Happy Forth of July" for my American modeler friends. May we always remember those whom sacrificed all to give us our blessings of American life and liberty!
  10. CDW, these are from the 2006 kit release from what I understand. Glad to help as I have done a extensive amount of research on Kearsarge for a possible future build. Also BlueJacket does have their plans for sale at their website if you want to advance the build in detailing. Here's build blog from MSW : I do have some Naval Museum model images if you want them. Amazing that the kit is still in such great shape for the parts and pieces, watch for cracking on some of them as my Alabama does have cracking on the hull and some pieces just broke in my hands. Looks like yours won't have that problem from what I see, so just a heads up as a possibility.

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