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  1. Man; excellent tug!! I assume you will be using that one in the tub?? Thought I was looking at a real ship with all the quality detailing.
  2. Looking good! Nice craftsmanship on those carvings @GrandpaPhil.
  3. @JesseLee, many thanks. The sails I feel will be the trick. Been watching and reading a bunch of other members sail blogs and works. The modelspan should be realistic enough for what I'm after in representation. Plus it's light, so won't add weight onto the yards to much which is a plus. Just recently my sweetie was showing me sewing machines and saying how useful it would be in sail making .... I think I'm being setup! Hmm, sewing machine for a couple new saws and sanding machine .... come to think about it; sounds like a great deal. I'll have a couple more images soon, funny as I thought I had enough single blocks bought, I have found more of them on the plans and will probably have to get fifty more of them .... love the Syren blocks and glad he offers such quality parts.
  4. @Hubac's Historian, thanks for the compliments. It seems that this kit is fragile as the plastic on some parts is cracked but I have reinforced those parts with epoxy and paint. Then replaced a bunch with scratch built wooden parts. It is consistently breaking and I am repairing and replacing the parts as I go. The combination of plastic and wood is my mistake for this bash, but it is working; just have to be careful. With the drilling of the tackle into the spars and yards including the masts then maxi cure ca is bonding really well so far. I don't like sags in my rigging so if it does do sagging I will back-track and get it right if I have too. I am also keeping this as light as possible for parts without sacrificing strength. I also did a experiment with epoxy and some different paint types so I could paint and strengthen as I went to the danger areas that were cracked. Testors paints worked the best for this in added amounts..kinda played around with amounts depending on color. I felt it was important to let followers know that some of these older kits can be a problem when it comes to the plastic as we all know it depends on how it was stored for years before one has purchased it and it is a roll of the dice. This is a wonderful kit to work on, just a tad bit of a pain for making sure I don't break a part as she goes.
  5. Gauging update: Working to see the placement of the yard on the fore mast along with the placement of the boom yard to make sure all the parts are going to function and placement is exact for sail mounting; I have imaged a few to give everyone the eye view of how this is coming together after all the tedious length measurements along with multiple plan usage to gauge the building for these additional detail parts. Looks like it has paid off and the rigging so far with sail placement will be non-interfering with each other along with tie down locations. Once the rigging and sail placement does commence after I have all of these yards done for prep, it will be a very careful installation. This rascal is so fragile I cannot make a mistake as it would be a disaster. 18 blocks are on the lower yard for the fore mast and the main mast, e-gads I have only one completed.... Lower yard temporarily placed on fore mast: Boom yard extended for placement gauging: Looking down for lineup of both yards: Now I know how a crew member would feel being at the top of the mast ... yikes ... what a ride! Slowly she's starting to look like a ship of the 1860's. I also do encourage others to tackle this ship. There are many excellent kits available to choose from out on the market. There are a couple older wooden kits out of production which can be had on ebay, just have to watch for them. I have noticed that the Revell plastic kit always sells when they do pop up and seems I have seen at least two to three sell each month for the past year. Hope to see a couple more builds here at MSW using the same kit in the future. The "BlueJacket" Kit is the best I feel out there and highly recommend it. I couldn't afford the price for it, if I could have it would be being built. My build is showing what can be done on a budget to produce a high quality CSS Alabama representation as other members are doing here at MSW. Bash baby bash! Your only limitations is your imagination in creativity. Thanks for all the likes and interest!!
  6. Update on progress: To complete the prep before sail, rigging and mounting to the fore mast has taken about five hours for one yard, so far the next few days; this is what is being worked on. As we all know, very gently these are being installed; so to make sure I can tighten the associated rigging fairly tight when that installation comes. Each one of the blocks rigging are drilled into the yard, then tied and wrapped for securing.
  7. Reinforcing the frame and working on the hatch doors for the tube. Have one cut and functional and working on the second one. Will have to work on these for awhile to get them looking decent along with hinge work. Being careful as not to break this rascal.
  8. Quick update, some parts and piece's are coming in, will be working on the masts some. The mounting stands are done in tung oil and dried also shown.
  9. Plywood tea .... hmmm .... might try black walnut tea .... we all make those kind of crazy mistakes; glad it wasn't tung oil tea.
  10. I really appreciate all the work involved passing this information on. Thank You!!
  11. Has always been amazing to me that those hull designs floated and were actually used. Beautiful representation.
  12. Excellent and many thanks for the time involved. @BlackSeraph Romania is a beautiful country, didn't realize how fay away you were and look forward to the information.

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