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  1. Hello Piet, It sure is nice to see you back on the MSW Form, I have misted you very much so. I do thank you very much for your very kind words and nice comments. Yes we are back from our 2 week vacation up on the French River. Returned well rested. Our weather was the pits, lots of rain and very cold weather, we did have a couple of nice days to enjoy the river on our rented pontoon boat and even caught a couple of Pickerel to boot. Did a lot of reading an looking over my Oliver Cromwell books and am just about ready to return to the Old Ship Yard. I do hope that we will see you back in yours this winter, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  2. Hello Druxey, I thank you very much for your great idea on these little Rowing Port Hinges. Yes the soft copper wire approach has crossed my mind, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  3. Hello Allan, I do thank you very much for your great information on these little Rowing Ports Hinges. Not sure as yet just what approach to these I will take as yet as they are quite a bit into the future of my Oliver Cromwell, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  4. Hello Ship Mates We are still finding a bit of time to work in the Old Ship Yard. The little fellows and I have installed the two filler frames on the stern of our ship, this seams to give her a more complete look. We have also replaced two of the Counter timbers as we left them to long and we broke off a couple. We have also started the inter hull planking with cherry wood and have completed two rows, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  5. Thank you Carl, yes this is one of the joys of model ship building, ENJOY Regards Lawrence
  6. Hello Ship Mates Work continues in the Old Ship Yard but at a slower pace. We built a tube out of wood for the 14 Rowing Ports. We thought we had it all figured out but after the glue dried and we sliced these out on our Byrnes Table Saw we discovered that they were around .050” or 1.28 mm two big so we put them in the vice on our little Proxxon Mill and cut them back to size. We then cut the ribs on the Oliver Cromwell to fit, pre-shaped these on the disk sander and then glued them in place leaving them a bit proud and finished them up with a few little files, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  7. Hello Mark. We are saddened with the news of your very sad situation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and may you have a speedy recouvery. Will surely miss you in your Old Ship Yard and will await patiently for your return. Maybe a small vacation and a change of scenery would be the best medicine for you and give you a fresh outlook, seams to work for us. Regards Lawrence
  8. Hello Ship Mates Just a little update today as the little fellows and I have sawn out all of the Gun Ports on the Main deck and added the upper and lower Gun Port Sills. We kind of figured that this would that task would be a bit complicated but to our surprise all went well and we did clean up the outsides but left the inside until after we install those Rowing Ports, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  9. Thanks Mark, still working in the Old Ship Yard cutting out the Gun Ports and will soon have to saw some lumber to frame these in. But will soon have to start gathering up our stuff for our upcoming trip to the French River, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  10. Hello Ship Mates, My Oliver Cromwell on the scale of 1:48,has 14 Rowing Port Hinges. Can you give me a Web Link or for plans os that I can buy these or olans that will enable me to build these, Enjoy Regards Lawrence
  11. Hello Moab, I thank you very much for your very kind words, yes I do like it, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  12. Thank you Ed, Yes I kind of figured that the pear wood would go rather nice on the Main Deck, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  13. Hello Ship Mates Work continues on our little ship, but at a rather slow paste. This week the little fellows and I have completed the Main Deck in pear wood. We feel that it should make it just a bit more interesting to look at. Well fall is fast approaching and My Admiral our dog and I will be again for a couple of weeks of R & R vacation at the Byers Lodge on the French River at the end of Aug. We will try to get in another update in before that but just in case we do not you all will know the reason why, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  14. Thanks Mark, will have to get a few on order to have them on hand, ENJOY. regards Lawrence
  15. Hello Mark, First of all Happy Belated Birthday, sorry but I got so tied up in my one sort of thing and misted it. However I do hope that you had a great day and that you received all the new toys that you had hopped for and just maybe a few more. Great job you are doing on your ship, she sure is looking spiffy and well done, Great Work. I do have a question for you if you do not mind and that is how did you cut your ship from the building jig. I do realize that I have quite a way to go before I reach that stage with my Oliver Cromwell. But have been thinking about just how to go about this little problem, any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence

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