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  1. Hello Ship Mates The little fellows and I have spent the lather part of this week building the ships Bowsprit, the Bowsprit Cap along with all of its eye bolts, the 2 Bees with there 2 working sheaves in each side. The saddle for the Jibboom that we have not cut to lengths or shaped as yet, a saddle to contain the Running Rigging and last but not the least the Gammoning Cleats and to top this all off we have given the whole thing a coat of Varnish. Regards Lawrence
  2. Hello Kevin, thanks for your visit. Yes we do try to do a fare job, some do not turn out so well but we do try. Regards Lawrence
  3. Hello Moab, I thank you very much for your visit, also for your very kind words and nice comments. Thanks for the great sea story, should look up that book. Regards Lawrence
  4. Hello Ship Mates Just a little update today as the little fellows and I had decided to build the ships Rudder Tiller. This we did out of natural pear wood and a handle out of walnut just for a bit of colour change. Regards Lawrence
  5. Hello Ship Mates We have found a bit of free time to work in the Old Ship Yard. The little fellows and I have built the ships rudder along with the Pintles and straps [ or rudder hinges] along with the Spectacle Plate, that the chains attach to the hull of the ship in case of accidental rudder loss and can also be used for emergency steering. These we have installed on our ship. We still have the Rudder Tiller to build. Regards Lawrence
  6. Hello Dave, We are slowly getting back to a bit off normal if that is at all possible. We did have to correct the one window on the right, golly those close up's do show every little fault, but this could be a good thing. Thanks for your very nice comments. Regards Lawrence
  7. Hello Ed, I thank you very much for your visit to my build log. Yes the window sashes are of boxwood, I used natural pear to line the frames a d sill's. Maybe I should have used swiss pear for this job as it dose create a big difference, but then again it is not all that bad and I can live with it. Regards Lawrence
  8. Hello Ship Mates The little fellows and I have finally completed the building and installing the 6 Great Room Windows along with the sills and the jam extensions. We have also given the inside a coat of varnish. The out side ones will be done after these windows are trimmed out as we are afraid that the glue may not stick very well to the varnished surfaces. Regards Lawrence
  9. Hello Ship Mates After a couple of days of throwing a lot of ideas around it looks like the little fellows and I have come up with an solution as to the building of the Stern Castle Windows. We have built our mock up and now we have another 5 to build. Regards Lawrence
  10. Hello Patrick, Just catching up on your Golden Hind build. Great job you are doing with all of that great detail. I sure wish now that my Golden Hind were of a larger scale so that I to could have added a lot more detail. Super job you have did on the Great Room Furniture it all sure dose look very fitting. Just love your idea of creating buckets out of 22 caliber shell casings', great idea and they sure turned out great, Well Done. Regards Lawrence
  11. Hello Ship Mates A little more progress in the Old Ship Yard, the little fellows and I have lined the Stern Gallery windows with natural pear wood and also capped the inside of the Great Room windows with boxwood. This has been a trying task for us as in our first couple of attempts we got the outside to look great but the inside looked horrible and on our first attempt we discovered we were doing it all wrong. But on our third attempt we are rather pleased with the results, not perfect we know but we can live with it. Now we must address the 6 stern windows, not sure yet just how they will be built but that is another story. Regards Lawrence
  12. Hello Michael, I thank you very much for your very kind words and comments. Yes the Old Ship Yard dose give me a bit of peace of mind but even then those thoughts keep creeping back in. I am rather pleased with the Oliver Cromwell, but see a lot of things that I should have been more careful with but I do believe that I can live with it. I believe that I will now tackle the Stern Gallery Windows to bring a bit of life to this rather plain side of our little ship. This should keep me busy for some time. Regards Lawrence
  13. Hello Ship Mates My Admiral and I wish you and yours a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. We have had a rather quiet and dreaded Christmas, no tree and allow I had installed over 30 sets of Led Lighting to out line our home we did not have the heart to turn them on, enough of that. The little fellows and I have did a bit of work in the Old Ship Yard, we have completed the out side hull planking with a combination of box wood and natural pear. We have lined the Gun Ports and cleaned up a bit, much more to go. We also have sanded the outer hull but still needs a bit more to go. Regards Lawrence
  14. Hello Denis, Great to hear that you had a great Christmas and a even Better New Year. Your scroll saw sounds great. I have had one for years. I normally buy my blades on Amazon. As the prices are not all that bad and it saves me a lot of running around. Yes I also like the very thin ones. I also cut a thin piece of ply wood and fastened to the saw table to create a zero clearance for cutting those tiny pieces, works great for me, only hang up is it makes the blades replacement just a bit harder as I seldom use the ones that have the pins in the ends. I will catch up on your Steam Locomotive a bit later. Regards Lawrence

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