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  1. Thank you Kevin, Yes the more I looked at them the more I disliked them, so it had to be done. No paint in this area so it will be just oils and varnishes, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  2. Hello ShipMates Just a little rebuild today. We have looked at our last 3 pictures posted a couple of days ago and all though they are rather large they do show that the door window Muttons are just to big and rather poorly installed. Well today we could not take it any longer so the little fellows and I remover the doors and replaced the door window Muttons, not perfect as yet but we feel that they are much better and closer to scale, now we can continue with the construction of the forward Bulkhead, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  3. Hello Ship Mates Our Natural Pear Wood for planking the Hull has not arrived as yet, so the little fellows and I have been dividing our time by building the Aft bulkhead for closing in the Great Room and also the Captains sleeping Quarters. This bulkhead has two sets of double doors. One set to the Great Room and the other to the Captains sleeping Quarters. This has been a rather enjoyable little project wit yet another to build just a bit longer and also a paneled bulkhead to join the two together, on the real ship these paneled bulkheads would have been removal in times of action, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  4. Hello Popeye [ Denis ] I thank you very much for your visit to my build log on the little ship the Oliver Cromwell, it's nice to have an old friend on board, I thank you very much for all of your likes. Will have to try and catch up with you on some of your many builds these days, while I seam to struggle with just the one at a time. Great job you are doing on your B17, she sure dose look very realistic, Well Done, Enjoy. Regards Lawrence
  5. Hello Dave, Thanks very much for your visit a also for your very kind words. Yes she is finally starting to show some of her great features, could be I an a bit on the slow side, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  6. Hello Ed, I thank you very much for your visit to my build log, also for your very kind words and nice comments. I have been holding off on the cutting off from the build jig, as I want to have at least 10 more layers of planking per side to insure that she will not twist. I also want to make most of my Cut Outs on the Port Side before doing so, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  7. Hello Carl, I thank you very much for your visit to my build log also for your very kind words and nice comments. I still have to add a bit of trim where the Lockers touch the Deck planking and the After Bulkheads, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  8. Thank you Mark for your visit and also for your very nice comments. Yes as far as I can understand the Great room was never finished, seams that they ran out of money and they wanted to go out and harass the British. However it appears that the British did finish it from the drawings that I have found, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  9. Hello Ship Mates The little fellows and I have ordered Natural Pear wood to start the lower Hull planking below the whales, but this has not arrived as yet. So, to fill in time we have been working on the Rudder Head Trunk and also the two sets of Lockers on either side. As far as we can understand the Oliver Cromwell’s Great room was never finishes on or before her capture by the British. We decided to use the our book TFFM to build up this area and plan to do so for the area as we do not want to leave it unfinished. I also want to thank DVM 27 - Greg for all of his help and also for his very good tips on how to build this area, however we did give this area a bit of our own touch, ENJOY Regards Lawrence
  10. Hello Ship Mates Work continues in the Old Ship Yard, our Natural Pear Planking Wood has not yet arrived, so the little fellows and I decided to cut our, sand and Mill the planks for the Forecastle Deck Framing and also for the Quarterdeck Framing. We sawed them out on our Scroll Saw then roughed out the shapes on the Disk Sander and then ran them trough our little Mill to true up both sides of these curved planks We required 29 little beams and 4 larger beams to be able to do this job, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  11. Thank you Dave for your very kind words and comments. This kind of a build dose leave a lot of options open to the builder, I only hope that I can do her justice, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  12. Thank you Nils, Yes it has been a long time for me to get to this stage but now she is slowly coming together, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  13. Hello Ship Mates Just a little update today, as it has been a rather hectic week in the Old Ship Yard. To start with we wanted to plank the outer hull in boxwood, yes, we believe it would have looked great but try as we may we could not ger the boxwood to bend around the lower counter, the bow area was no trouble at all. We had applied the Whales of 3 planks of Walnut wood at 2.5mm x 5mm but when we tried to lay the 2mm Boxwood but the Wales looked to skinny so we have removed these and replaced them with 3.5mm a bit harder to bend but looks much nicer. We have reordered our hull planking wood but this time it will be Natural Pear wood at 2mm x 5mm that should arrive at the end of the week, so for now we will tidy up just a bit to fill in time, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  14. Hello Mike, Very nice work as always, nice to see your approach to these building problems. May I ask you what kind of camera you are using these days as the clarity and depth is very nice, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence
  15. Hello Ken, I thank you very much for your very kind words, yes we have rewarded them with a Martini and Olives. Think that I may add a single brass bolt to the Chocks as they do look just a bit plain, ENJOY. Regards Lawrence

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