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  1. Yay the first line of real rigging is aboard! Foremast stay. Have to be honest, wouldn’t mind subcontracting a few hundred hours of Bounty rigging to some elves.
  2. So the masts are all fitted and now finally installed with all the block and tackle attached. Nothing too earth shattering to report as the work is sort of repetitive. The most time consuming task hasbeen deciphering the AL mast drawing. I create a lead for the blocks by tying the block in a basic square knot, twisting the open leads a few times and rubbing a little CA on the twist before tying off the blocks to the mast. I rubbed the blocks with a little chestnut stain to make them look a little more in keeping with the rest of the ship’s patina. Got some of those cheap opthalmic scissors on amazon to snip thread, and I have to say they are going to be invaluable for the rigging, much better than the razor blade or nail clippers I had been using. Now on to some of the fixed rigging and ratlines - I’m going to fashion and install the yards and booms later.
  3. James: just wanted to say thanks for the work you do in your reviews of this and other kits - your consistent and straightforward approach is exceedingly helpful.
  4. Bonehead move while finishing the masts...I had finished the foremast some time ago and forgot I used an acrylic satin finish since I was working inside the house...just finished the main and mizzenmast and forgot about that, and used my usual oil based finish. The oil deepens the walnut tone so end result was the foremast was way lighter than the others. looked like completely different wood. Thought about sanding it all down and starting over but I mixed a few drops of ebony+chestnut stain I had lying around with some of the oil varnish and applied it over the foremast and it seems to have matched it up with the others so the difference isnt noticeable. 5 minute job as opposed to hours which is sort of my strategic approach to ship modeling and life in general. Perfect is the enemy of good.
  5. Thanks for all the likes...it’s about this time on a build that I start thinking about my next one...Right now I’m thinking about something at 1:35 scale like the Amati America’s cup yacht Endeavour, or perhaps a fishing or working boat like a tug or icebreaker at similar larger scale if there is anything out there. Never done an Amati, don’t know about their plan quality as compared to AL? Also not sure where I can get their kits up here. I usually support local, but honestly the Canadian hobby shops seem ridiculously overpriced. I’ve also always wanted to do the 1:200 HMS Hood given the history of that I’ll fated battleship. Having seen Yves fabulous rendition of the U Boat going on here though I’m not sure I can live up to the challenge of plastic and the bar he’s set. Don’t know about you but typically I like to alternate between completely different types and vintages of ships in my builds.
  6. Foremast and main complete, working on the mizzenmast. No real issues, just a bit repetitive. Thankfully they are all true and in line above deck and fitted nicely through those multiple layers of holes through the lower decks. Think my goal is to fabricate, finish and attach all the paraphernalia to the masts and all the yards etc, this winter. I’m working on construction up north this spring for a few months then I’ll pick up with the rigging after the summer. At least that’s my plan.
  7. Hi Jeff - Hope you enjoy that build. I’m presently working on a cut away Bounty myself and have finished a number of wooden ships and boats. Some specialty tools I’ve tried but find I never use much. Others are really helpful. That bulb thing for nailing you mention I tried using once but now gathers dust in my toolbox (I just pre drill and use my little hammer). You will probably find out what works best for you through trial and error like me. The picture shows all the basic tools I have come to use all the time and which work really well for me. They always seem to be front and centre on my work table and have been invaluable to me over the years for cutting, shaping and fashioning wooden boat models.
  8. Really sweet birdhouse Mark. The tenants will be mighty pleased with that. Merry Christmas.
  9. Thanks Stuglo. Working on the masts, which are substantial little projects on this Bounty. This is my rendition of the foremast assembly before some final trimming, sanding and staining/finishing, after which I will attach all the associated doodads. Nautical term. The instructions peter out rather abruptly in this kit, almost like they ran out of gas or just lost interest down at Artesania Latina HQ. There is a ludicrously detailed and unnecessary explanation about how to fashion the grating, then ‘good luck finishing’ more or less. Doesn’t really matter since a good set of plans are what’s essential.

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