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  1. Thanks guys...really appreciate the comments and you checking in. Bit of a hiccup after deck was done as my kit was missing rudder hinges. They had only put one set in my kit instead of 3, so had to mess about fabricating something similar from what I had lying around. Not perfect but good enough. Used some leftover walnut as decking on the platform for the cabin. I relocated the scuttles on the fish deck somewhat so they connect with the space I created below decks. Not sure I’m going to try to drill through the sub deck for the holes since it’s mdf and could get messy.
  2. The first picture is the replica Bounty. The name usually goes under the windows as per the illustration with the flag.
  3. Main decking on Fifie completed. I know, it perhaps looks a little too posh for a fishing boat. Not sure I have the heart to scuff it all up with a little sandpaper. The deck was accomplished by prefinishing the planks with a weak concentration of iron acetate, tacking down 0.15mm black thread using CA and then setting the planks with wood glue.
  4. Hi Ras - yes I agree with Eamonn...you’ve got the right coloration there and it should give you the right sort of look in the aggregate...just a little more form to the fish on top and that should work pretty well.
  5. Planking the deck requires a bit more precision than usual because the white border at bulwark isn’t very forgiving, visually speaking.
  6. Thanks Bob and Jean-Paul! Just starting the deck. The deck wood is an odd sort of beige, so I brushed it with some of the iron acetate solution which I only let steep for 24 hours. It gives the wood a warm grey patina which I think should be right for a fishing boat. I’m in agreement with PJG and using thread to separate the planks slightly, rather than the wood strips provided in the kit.
  7. Airbrushed a shadow line in a rust colour just below the white band to suggest that part of the hull that would often sit above the waterline and be less weathered by the sea. Satin spray finish on the hull to protect it. Now I can get going on the deck.
  8. Thanks PJ...my wife is the potter....I use her studio here for painting because it is heated and attached to house and has a sink etc for cleanup. Your Fifie diorama is a museum piece. I’m pulling for the fish to show up in the final product.
  9. It seems to chemically change the wood so there really isn’t anything to rub off I don’t think. But I will definitely put a clear coat on the whole thing, it will give it more depth and look more finished. Another option is just to buff it which usually gives a very soft sheen.
  10. Thanks Jean-Paul and G.L...Ebonizing is a piece of cake once you’ve prepared the two necessary solutions. It is accomplished by the reaction between iron acetate and tannin. For the acetate I submerge a clump of fine raw prewashed steel wool in a plastic container containing 10% (double strength) cleaning vinegar. Put holes in lid for offgassing and leave for a week and then filter using a coffee filter. For the tannin I steeped a dozen tea bags in a cup or so of water to make ridiculously strong tea. The tannin solution is the key to the process. When you’ve concocted these two witc
  11. Installed all the timber heads and gunwale. Decided on painting the bulwarks white just because that’s what I usually see on fishing boats. A little harder to do well since white shows up every defect on an assembly. Laid on the basic hull colours, and may do some weathering with the airbrush before applying a final finish. The walnut hull seemed too nice to completely paint over so I’ve used a rust coloured stain for the underwater, which lets the grain and planking come through, and for the upper I used an ebonizing technique which transforms wood to a really deep black without hiding the t
  12. Unbelievable. Every aspect so well done. A treat to see your creative approach and masterful execution.
  13. I agree. You’re selling yourself short with your score - great looking effort.
  14. Thanks Ras - I appreciate the comments; you are a real gentleman for saying them. Nice to hear from a fellow builder also working on the Fifie - yours is really coming along as well. I scratch built the door and detailed it with a bit of paint and graphite pencil. The North Sea fish chart and the map are paper prints I tacked on. I’m planning on putting a few more things down there but for now I’m concentrating on finishing the hull.
  15. With the rubbing strakes on, Fifie’s basic hull is finished and ready for painting. Think I’ll fashion the rudder next so that I can paint everything in one go, before I start on the deck.
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