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  1. Hi Reneke sorry for delay in responding...yes I definitely have a fix having needed to do it myself earlier in this build. Rather than go to all the trouble of sanding and refinishing I just mixed some of my ebony and chestnut stains with the varnish until I got the darker tone I wanted and put on another coat. It worked well.
  2. Hi Reneke - thank you for the kind remarks! Hope the rest of the build is satisfying. I’ve been immersed in a couple of building projects for many months so the Bounty has been waiting patiently for me to finish her. I converted our garage into a studio where I could work on ship modeling a few years ago, but my wife’s pottery business has really taken off so she now needs the whole space. I am presently building my own workshop on our property and as soon as it’s done I’ll be back in business. Should be back at work on Bounty before winter In my new space and will resume my log to completion.
  3. I purchased the kit after reading your review...it’ll be my next project after I finish the Bounty rigging.
  4. here are remaining instructions from the parts list booklet.
  5. Hi Geehard - I’m just finishing up an AL Bounty - where are you at & what do you need to know?
  6. Lower foremast yard is hoisted. Messed up the chain (actually rope) length slightly as it’s a complicated loop assembly that had to be pre made. The end result is just that the lanyards between loops are a bit short. I’ll get the mainmast right, decide whether to fix this later.
  7. Thanks! I use CA, find it’s very effective tool, faster and less messy if used sparingly. I find the carpenters glue tends to leave more residue but do use that sometimes.
  8. Hi. I just use thread. My block tying routine (illustrated below) is: 1. Rub thread with beeswax 2. loop around block and tie knot at bottom 3. stick the block in vice and twirl thread a few times if you need the block to stand off yard or mast. Rub a drop of glue on thread to fix it. 4. tie the open ends of thread around yard or mast, fix with glue and trim
  9. The lower yard on the foremast showing scope of all the gear that must be attached. This isn’t quite finished yet, still needs the foot ropes and parrel assembly and some final tidying up.
  10. Thanks Patrick and Sam for the kind comments. The first two yards have been hoisted in place, using the parrels and without need for any temporary pinning. Man there is a ton of rigging on this puppy. Ropes everywhere. Nice to have such a great hobby for these strange days.
  11. Working on the yards. The hoops for attaching the booms to the lower yards in the kit were unusable, so am fashioning something from slices of aluminium tube, brass wire and a dab of Ca. Should look acceptable all painted up with gunmetal.
  12. Thanks Nils - much appreciated coming from an accomplished scratch builder; and likewise to all for the likes. Im currently splicing together pieces of walnut from the remains of old completed kits to make up some of the Bounty spars as there were a few pieces of dowel missing from my kit. Knew I saved all those bits and pieces for a reason.
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