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  1. Thanks Jeff...really nice work you are doing on the Lively, Standout colour scheme and some fine details. I notice you are also doing a plane or two - I’m concurrently building a wood spitfire which is a nice contrast from the Bounty work.
  2. The main yard on the Bounty is almost a model unto itself with all the fiddly attachments. Just about ready to hang from the mainmast now. Checking the parts list I am now at number 709 out of 856. Much of the remainder is running rigging for the sails, which I’m not sure yet I will install or not. Concerned it may look a little cluttered with them. I’ll perhaps install the first couple after I finish the yards and associated lines and see how I feel about it.
  3. Hey thanks for all the suggestions from everybody...yes I’ll mark all the panel lines on and make a tool as suggested for scribing. Surface should hold firm the with the thick primer I put on but I’ve made a test piece to experiment with first, see what works best.
  4. Thanks guys! Yes I’m pretty pleased how it turned out given it’s a bit of a dodgy balsa frame under there. The technique of painting on a slightly thin paste of plastic wood on top of thin balsa or plywood really works. I used a white primer to show up any defects but it’s pretty clean overall. I’d like to figure out a way to define panel lines on the fuselage - not sure yet what would be the best approach on wood. If anyone has ideas let me know. I have some 2” metal tape I thought about using to create panel effect but may be tricky to lay flat on such a rounded body.
  5. Back on the Bounty in the winter shipyard - just a few yards left to rig up then I can launch her and get started on a Moore presentation of Fifie which I’m keen to get going on. The new workshop is working great, really good light for working and good music setup in here. I really wonder how people without hobbies like ours are managing their sanity in this pandemic.
  6. All primed, sanded smooth and ready for painting and final detailing - waiting on a paint and airbrush delivery which may take a bit of time since the brush is on backorder until February. Going back to the shipyard in the meantime to finish off rigging the last yards on the Bounty.
  7. The interior is looking terrific Lyle. Meticulous and unique work, really well done. Going to be a great Bounty.
  8. Hi Dave - if you go to your account settings tab, there is a menu on the left. Choose ‘signature’ and you can create or edit your build list.
  9. Interesting! So this model building is definitely in your blood. Before ships I started out with all sorts of planes as well. Did one or two of the rubber powered Guillows, and then a massive u control flying wing with a 0.35 gas engine which I struggled to get off the ground. Then I got cocky and scratch built a smaller plane of my own design, which strangely flew better than any of the kits. After that I decided to quit while I was ahead, called it a day on planes and started shipbuilding.
  10. The kit has tissue for covering the frames, which you would then cover with dope. I decided to try covering with a wood skin instead, to make a better display model. I flew the one I made according to kit directions many years ago with the rubber apparatus. This one will just be for display but it is still very light - the plywood skin on the wings is only 1/32” basswood. You’d need an engine to get it up I imagine.
  11. Thanks guys for all the great comments and likes. Finished all the wing underside details. Fashioned some wing fairings from thin balsa and will eventually perfect it with a little sanding and touch of filler. The engine exhaust is a combination of plastic from kit and some aluminium tubing. Was hoping to find a nice aftermarket prop to put on it but with everything locked down here that doesn’t seem possible so I laminated a few pieces of wood and just did a hand carved job instead. This is quite a fun build and it’s a decent sized bird.
  12. My son gave me this throwback kit for my birthday, one I had built and flown many, many years ago. So before I get cracking on finishing the last bits of rigging on HMS Bounty I thought I’d do this as a holiday project. Decided to employ my wooden ship skills such as they are by modifying the kit so it will make a reasonable display model to hang in the new workshop. Its a simple kit so I’ll just summarize the process so far. The laser cutting is exceptional and putting together the basic frames is straightforward. You’d normally now just cover this with tissue. Instead I inserted 150 piece
  13. Thanks Yves...yes so fragile. Possibly insane but this is how I decided to cover the fuselage in order to retain the right proportions.....use the framework as a basic form and then fill with balsa I had left over from my Miss Severn. Seems like a lot of work but really after a thousand ratline knots on the Bounty it’s really nothing to write home about. My plan is to use a light skim of body filler over the lot and then lightly sand everything to a final form. I’d like to use this side project to hone my paint skills for my next boat model - maybe invest in an airbrush and all that parapherna
  14. Thanks Yves, yes the Fifie is on deck, been doing some research into these class of boats just to settle on a colour scheme for it. Slight delay while I finished off a new coffee table for the living room...which is now done. I’ve decided to first do a Guillows 403 Spitfire model which my son had given it to me for my birthday last Christmas, for something different around the holidays. Think I built one of these about 50 years ago! Kit is slightly different now with all the frames beautifully laser cut as opposed to having to cut them out from a printed sheet. So fragile as compared to boat
  15. Ok after a long hiatus working on various construction projects I’m about to start up again finishing the Bounty here in my new cabin. First step is to figure out exactly where I left off and get back up to speed on the final rigging. And find myself a chair.
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