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  1. No actually I’m just finishing up a Scottish Fifie fishing boat by Victory models…not sure what my next project will be this fall, still mulling that over.
  2. Impressive job on the Bounty planking Lyle - really meticulous work, you’re going to have a fantastic result.
  3. Just finishing up some colourful deck paraphernalia on what has been a creative and enjoyable build. Really just the lifeboat to do and then the masts and rigging. Not a lot of time working in the cabin lately, but really I’m happy to stretch out this build over summer since I don’t plan on starting my next one until late fall. Not sure what area of the model kingdom I’ll tackle after Fifie yet.
  4. Thanks Popeye! Work has kept me away for the last couple of weeks so haven’t been able to spend much time in the cabin...just started on some of the various deck fittings and pilot house.
  5. Your America is a really fine piece of work Gary. I particularly love the rich treatment on the hull. Looks like it should be on display in a historical museum somewhere. Really well done!
  6. Hi Trond & Lyle: when doing the single planking on my Bounty, my basic process was: 1. back sand the edge of the plank I am fitting slightly along the length so the face fits tightly against the existing plank 2. working at about three frames at a time, glue the plank to both the frame and the plank above with tiny intermittent drops of CA, and pin in place. 3. move along to the next 3 frames 4. fill any unavoidable small gaps with dark walnut or ebony coloured wood filler.
  7. Hi Diver. I faced the same situation last year. Wanted to get a good general purpose airbrush for ship models and too much granular information probably more useful for graphic specialists. I ended up getting a Paasche Talon TG-3F, the kit with all three (size 1, 2 and 3) heads. Decision was based on apparent quality, and cost and availability here. The only extra I purchased was their 10’ hose with a water stop. I attach to the pancake compressor I use for my nail guns. I usually use Vallejo model air paint and a drop or two of their airbrush flow improver each time. I don’t plan on using any solvent based paints because I have no interest in a messy cleaning routine. My studio has a slop sink which is perfect for running lots of water through immediately after which is all I do for cleanup most of the time. Results have been very good, really fine finish once you get the hang of it, which isn’t too difficult. There are no doubt many other good options, just wanted to pass on my own hands on experience.
  8. Thanks Jean-Paul, Bob and Clive! This pandemic is really helping with my productivity model ship wise, although I am very soon going to have to get into some construction jobs. Meantime I’m pressing on with the companionways and other deck installations. These are fun bits and pieces, each a small project. The hatch coverings’ ring and post assemblies don’t go together that easily. Should really have drilled out all the posts to make assembly easier. Having said that, I’m finding pretty much everything on this model to be a satisfying undertaking. Nice change from HMS Bounty which I have to admit was a bit of a slog at times.
  9. Thanks guys...really appreciate the comments and you checking in. Bit of a hiccup after deck was done as my kit was missing rudder hinges. They had only put one set in my kit instead of 3, so had to mess about fabricating something similar from what I had lying around. Not perfect but good enough. Used some leftover walnut as decking on the platform for the cabin. I relocated the scuttles on the fish deck somewhat so they connect with the space I created below decks. Not sure I’m going to try to drill through the sub deck for the holes since it’s mdf and could get messy.
  10. The first picture is the replica Bounty. The name usually goes under the windows as per the illustration with the flag.
  11. Main decking on Fifie completed. I know, it perhaps looks a little too posh for a fishing boat. Not sure I have the heart to scuff it all up with a little sandpaper. The deck was accomplished by prefinishing the planks with a weak concentration of iron acetate, tacking down 0.15mm black thread using CA and then setting the planks with wood glue.
  12. Hi Ras - yes I agree with Eamonn...you’ve got the right coloration there and it should give you the right sort of look in the aggregate...just a little more form to the fish on top and that should work pretty well.
  13. Planking the deck requires a bit more precision than usual because the white border at bulwark isn’t very forgiving, visually speaking.
  14. Thanks Bob and Jean-Paul! Just starting the deck. The deck wood is an odd sort of beige, so I brushed it with some of the iron acetate solution which I only let steep for 24 hours. It gives the wood a warm grey patina which I think should be right for a fishing boat. I’m in agreement with PJG and using thread to separate the planks slightly, rather than the wood strips provided in the kit.
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