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  1. Hi I was going to say the same myself. Also the life boat is the same. Another build has done the same thing that I pointed out to him. Denis.
  2. Hi Re gold leaf, when I did it we always burnished the gold leaf with a smooth piece of plastic to make it smooth and shiny. Denis
  3. Hi Nice build, but it seems to me that you have got the rudder hinges the wrong way round. The top hinge should have the hole on it, and the stem part that goes into the hole should be at the bottom. Hope you don't mind me pointing this out to you. Denis.
  4. Hi Mark First welcome to MSW. Dry fit all parts before gluing , if you are not sure ask on this forum. The most stupidest question is the one you did not ask Ok. Most of all take your time and have fun. Denis.
  5. Happy birthday! Cristi

    1. DenPink


      Hi Cristi

      Thank you so much that means alot to me.



  6. Hi Graham That is the best one I have seen so far, well done. I love it. Denis.
  7. What a good idea, can I use this for my self, dont wish to steal the idea off you. Denis.
  8. Hi Vince Nice work my friend. Is that the kits flag, if so thank god they have got it correct. Denis. Will send you an email.
  9. Hi Mr C Nice to see you back again it has been a long time. How are my extended family hope they are well and behaving themselves. I will be back about May I hope when the operation has been done. Your friend Denis.
  10. Hi John The canoes are all carved and the eyes on the bow had a shell in them. I have not seen a Waka canoe that was painted if they had paint on them it was very little. They was made out of some sort of hard wood, The black, red and white is the Maori flag. Denis.
  11. Hi Cliff I use 180 and 320 for finishing.. You may find it hard to get them off, so I use a small brush with acetone and pull the disc as you apply the acetone to the back of the disc. Denis.
  12. Hi Messis Why don't you make the knight your self it is not that hard. Denis.
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