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  1. Finally I finished all the outer planks and nailing, 1942 nails came out (counted😆) then work with decks begins, and work with the keel continues.
  2. Add some resin, prepare apartment for ropes and bombardiers, start adjusting main deck level.
  3. Hi to all. Looks like i'm still here))) For a very long time I thought, wondered and reflected on the scale. And finally I made step for next level (scratch build) and i decided that 1/250 (Naviga C4 class) is what I wanted for a long time, especially due to i'm a seamen and 7-8 months in a year i spend at sea, with this scale I can make a model both at home and at sea. I present to you the beginning of the construction of the La Salamandre 1/250
  4. Cannon Jolle 1801 (Master Korabel 1/72) Finally, the model is done, at last day before leaving Home for the Sea )) 44 days were spent on the construction))
  5. Hi my WIP Cannon Jolle 1801 1/72 scale (Master Korabel)
  6. Rony, thanks so much, you right this scale is very difficult and delicate, i try my best)) new photo session very soon)))
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