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  1. Hi All, Thank you Allan and JJ for your kind "word" 🍻 Currently, I'm working on futtock shrouds... so far on mainmast... ...and another a little bit annoying detail, which non of the common viewer will ever notice 😆 Catharpins It's bit pain in the butt to fix them in place due to lack of space in this area... but could be worst Cheers, Matt
  2. Hi All, Recently someone took my inspiration, so I had some time off from my model 😆😆 Anyway, it came back so here's some update. Standing rigging it's almost completed. Just futtock shrouds are missing. I guess it's good time to start doing final tension adjustment... All leechline and buntline blocks got their place on the shrouds. Also, you can see crowfoot on mainstay (interesting piece of rigging, used as a preventer for sails to go under the top) Enjoy the photos!
  3. Hi All, Another episode of ropes and accessories 😋 So currently I'm working on "upper level" of standing rigging like top shrouds and stays. However, it's a good time to consider some other parts to install at that stage, so meanwhile I'm adding stuff like topmast rope and block or leechline and buntline blocks attached to the sides of main shroud eye. It will be easier now and this way when there is some more space for fingers and not many ropes around.... later it might be 🤬🤬🤬 You can see also, that I've manage to do main yard halyard with one of
  4. Hi All, Thank you for your very generous likes guys! So another small update from me. Now I can say that standing rigging on level 1 is done Time to slowly climb on upper level. Foremast stay done Gammoning also done. Cheers, Matt
  5. Hi All, I have some update on my build. Rigging situation is slowly progressing Shrouds are done. Obviously ratlines are still missing, but they will be rigged when all standing rigging will be done and only after final tension adjustments. Next step was to place my hands on stays. First... mizzen mast stay, then main mast and fore mast. You might notice one "shortcut" on the stays. Mouse... it's not 100% accurate. I was planing to do vertical threading and horizontal daring to achieve well known basket weave covering of the mouse, howev
  6. Hi Siggi, This is definitely one of the best HMS model build on the planet. I'm always looking forward for updates, because I really enjoy your work! Cheers, Matt
  7. Hi Guys, Not much inspiration today... so just a small update 🙃 So far mizzen and main mast are done with shrouds and lanyards. Just one more to go... foremast. Few quick photos. Single shroud and my way of making eye. I'm cutting end of served rope at angle and forming an eye. One drop of CA to keep this in desire shape and hand made serving over the glue point. Main mast head with laid sequence of tackles and shrouds. ...and quick shoot on channel with l
  8. Hi All, Currently I'm involved in unequal fight with shrouds and lanyards 😆 Maybe it's not perfect... but I'm doing my best to do it properly. At the moment I have completed mizzen mast and I'm in the middle of main mast. Obviously lanyards are loose at that stage. Final adjustments will be done when all shrouds and stays will be in place. For equal distance between deadeyes I'm using this happy jig 😛 Rope of main mast lanyards 0,4mm Mizzen mast "ready" however excess of the ropes still not circumcised to final length 😆😛 Rope of mi
  9. Thank you Henry and Farbror 🍻🍻 Hi Tomek, It's not a big secret I'm using polyester threads and to create on them tar imitation sometimes might be challenging. So it's necessary to have proper "mixture" which won't rub it off. My secret: bitumen 😅 So far I'm happy with liquid bitumen from Idea Decoupage by Maimeri. I'm pretty sure any other will work. Process is quite messy... I'm using jar with just a little of bitumen. Dumping rope inside the jar and using brush I'm dabbing bitumen all over the rope. Not
  10. Hi All, This time... finally some rigging 🍻 Side tackle and garnet tackle. For the time being garnet tackle pendant and guy will be removed as it will go over the shrouds. Obviously running rigging is not yet fixed permanently. It will be necessary with shrouds and stays to do some tension adjustments. Garnet tackle and side tackle were used for loading purposes and also for some heavy job on board... lifting of heavy ropes, cannons, etc... When not in used side tackle were not rigged and garnet tackle pendant and guy were secured.
  11. Hi All, This time another small update. I've managed to complete all side tackles blocks. Next step - pendants and rig them using above blocks to channels eyebolts. Cheers, Matt
  12. Thank you Michael! 🍻 Hi All, Another small update. Ropes, Blocks & Rock'n'Roll 😆 I've started with bowsprit. It's just easier to do it when is not attached due to quite few blocks as you can see... rather than moving whole model and for sure damaging something I'm just missing few stoppers for stropped blocks, which were protection for sliding on the bowsprit and can stay at the same time whole time. Lower part of main mast also received deadeye which is a part of mizzenmast shroud. Double block on the flagst
  13. Hi All, I have small update with progress on Papegojan. Currently I'm working on so far most annoying details... gun tackles Blocks 2mm, rope - around 0,25mm At the same time I'm working on gunport lids tackles - rope 0,35mm Here's how it looks so far... Blocks are made of pear wood. Long time ago they were made by my friend Mirek on CNC. They were patiently waiting for their turn. If someone is looking for blocks (I hope admin don't mind if i past the link ?? 🤔) http://www.szkutnik-model.pl/index.php/elemen
  14. Thank you Mr Ab Your publications helped me a lot. Especially with rigging because I couldn't find any solid information about Papegojan. Unfortunately I've discovered too late The ships of Abel Tasman otherwise I would build Heemskerck. ...but it becomes my bible to suport this build. Kind regards, Matt
  15. Hi All, Recently not much going on with my model itself, however I've manage to build new shelter for it. Materials, which I've used: 2mm polycarbonate glass sheets 20x20mm Oak profiles for the frame. Oak veneer for the base. Showcase has "roof" 12V LED lighting with dimmer. Obviously model stand is still temporary solution 😁 Dimensions of the showcase: 840 x 730 x 380 mm Showcase will be supported by 50cm wooden legs. Cheers, Matt
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