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  1. Hi Troy, sorry that you are having issues with planking. It is a painstakingly slow and meticulous process. I use a combination of soaking in water, planking tool and a template to bend the planks to fit. I only do one plank each day. You can use the plywood deck to get the shape of the first plank. Soak it in water for an hour or so, then starting in the middle bend it to the shape of the curve of the deck and pin or clamp it in place for 24 hours. Take it off and give it a final adjustment using the planking tool, then glue and pin or clamp it in place for 24 hours. You now have the first pl
  2. Hi Troy, I’m building this model at the moment. It is my second build, my first was the Mermaid. I also encountered the oversize bulkhead. The bulkhead beside the oversize one turned out to be undersized when it came to fairing, I had to add some strip to the undersize one and sand back the oversize one. I did not discover this until it was all glued up and I was fairing the bulkheads. I am wondering if those two bulkheads aren’t’ mislabeled, I know mine were in the correct position according to their labeled number. Have fun.
  3. Hi James, I am just finishing the rigging on this model which is also my first. I chose this model because it looked fairly easy for a beginner and was supposed to have good instructions and because I actually knew about this ships wreck before I even thought about building a model. The ship was wrecked off Cairns, Australia where I live. Anyway the transom was not easy. I spent about three hours putting the transom on and it still ended up being slightly out of whack. I had to sand it back into square. All I can advise is be really meticulous and patient with everything to do with this hobby.
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