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  1. I currently use a twenty year old Microlux drill press. It’s showing it’s age and I’m thinking of replacing it. I’m considering a Proxxon drill press but I’m also attracted to the mill.  I’ve never done any milling and would probably use the mill for wood most of the time. But the mill would need to function as my everyday drill press also.


    My indecision (mill versus drill press) is based on how easy/convenient/etc. Can I really use a mill as a drill press or am I kidding myself that the mill can be used daily as a drill press. I can only purchase one. Any thoughts?...Moab

  2. Great project...enjoy the build it's a very rewarding project


  3. Hi Dennis, I'm just starting to try and get active again. Spent over the past year + in and out of the hospital, became diabetic and lost most of the feeling in my hands and fingers but that is improving and I hope to start back on my Niagara soon. yea, I'll take a couple of new pictures tomorrow and try to post them, it turned out better than when I originally bought it in 67. Chrysler didn't put a lot into paints back then as they were really only interested in getting the hemi into production cars for NASCAR as Ford was really giving them a hard time about the hemi not being for product
  4. Hi Dennis, this is nice model. I have a real one, it has been completely redone back to better than when it was new. It is a 440 Yellow/black version of the GTX. This car was mine brand new from Dec 1966. I sold it in 69 but miraculously found it unmolested in 1994. It needed a complete restoration, but I didn't care since it was my original car. I have completely done a complete Concourse restoration to it and it is now better than when I bought it new. I can provide any pictures you might could use on building yours, however it is not the race car version of the Sox & Martin. Le
  5. Hello Ron, I'm just now getting caught up with your log. It's good to see another Niagara being built. Looks really good. Thanks for the acknowledgement about my build log. I hope I will be able to finish my Niagara. I have been ill over the last year and recently diagnosed as insulin dependent diabetic. I've lost most of the feeling and dexterity in my hands and fingers which makes it very difficult to even think about ship modeling. They still don't have my blood sugar regulated - not sure how long it will take, but it's getting old. So, needless to say I am enjoying your build log a
  6. Nice start and good photos which mean a lot for this Forum. This is a fun build especially since it's a real ship that we can go aboard and photograph. I've been on board 4 times in the last 6 years. Enjoy, John (texxn5)
  7. Hello, I am the Proxxon Distributor Sponsor for this site (on the home page). I offer a special Proxxon DB 250 lathe combination at a good price. Please check out my website and contact me if I can be of assistance. Quite a few modelers on this site have bought from me at a good discount price. website: www.proxxontoolsdiscount.com Thanks, John (texxn5)
  8. Thanks Michael, greatly appreciated - things are slowly progressing with her health. Prayers are always welcome. John
  9. Hello, welcome to the Niagara Club. This is a fun build and you will enjoy the intricacies of this ship. Should you need some references on building this model you might wish to check my website Build Log at: http://www.niagaramodel.com should you have questions please feel free to contact me. Good luck and have fun. John
  10. Thanks Scott for providing the info. The link is also active with my signature. All one needs to do is click on it below. John
  11. Hello Piet, I am glad to hear that you and Gwen are safe. We were headed out your way in May and got as far as Perry, Fl going to meet Diane's 2 boys in Melbourne. We were going to try to meet with ya'll after meeting the boys, but Diane had a stroke and we immediately came back home. She then had 2 more strokes and spent 3 weeks in the Hospital and rehab. We came home and she had another one. It's now been a month since the last one so hopefully there won't be any more. It seems now that dementia is moving in, so chances are we will not be RVing anymore. I'm not sure how her recovery i
  12. Looks great Ken, I'm definitely in and have pulled up a chair, bringing popcorn and cold beer. Hope your new saw comes in handy with this - it should. John
  13. To all who have been keeping up with this thread, thank you and all the prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated. I personally believe in the power of prayer and with that being said, when I got to the hospital this morning, she told me she was ready to go home and after checking her out and talking to her nurses and Dr's they agreed and I just brought her home about 30 minutes ago. She is actually better than she was prior to this last event on Sunday - so time will tell but I think she is well on the way to a great recovery. She went from complete paralysis on her right side (leg an
  14. Thanks to all who have offered prayers and well wishes for my Admiral Diane. There is improvement today and I hope and pray that it continues. You guys are great and if I missed acknowledging anyone, please forgive me. Getting old sucks as many of us know, however, it is better than the alternative, not to make light of it. I'll try to post updates when I can. Thanks my friends, John
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