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  1. Hello Ron, I'm just now getting caught up with your log. It's good to see another Niagara being built. Looks really good. Thanks for the acknowledgement about my build log. I hope I will be able to finish my Niagara. I have been ill over the last year and recently diagnosed as insulin dependent diabetic. I've lost most of the feeling and dexterity in my hands and fingers which makes it very difficult to even think about ship modeling. They still don't have my blood sugar regulated - not sure how long it will take, but it's getting old. So, needless to say I am enjoying your build log and will try to continue following you. Take care, and keep up the good work, John Fleming
  2. Nice start and good photos which mean a lot for this Forum. This is a fun build especially since it's a real ship that we can go aboard and photograph. I've been on board 4 times in the last 6 years. Enjoy, John (texxn5)
  3. Hello, I am the Proxxon Distributor Sponsor for this site (on the home page). I offer a special Proxxon DB 250 lathe combination at a good price. Please check out my website and contact me if I can be of assistance. Quite a few modelers on this site have bought from me at a good discount price. website: www.proxxontoolsdiscount.com Thanks, John (texxn5)
  4. Hello, I have photos of the Boomkin as well as photos of how I built it on my website. http://www.niagaramodel.com it's in the Gallery as well as Build Log - Part II. Let me know if you need the photos PM me with your email. John
  5. Thanks Michael, greatly appreciated - things are slowly progressing with her health. Prayers are always welcome. John
  6. Hello, welcome to the Niagara Club. This is a fun build and you will enjoy the intricacies of this ship. Should you need some references on building this model you might wish to check my website Build Log at: http://www.niagaramodel.com should you have questions please feel free to contact me. Good luck and have fun. John
  7. Thanks Scott for providing the info. The link is also active with my signature. All one needs to do is click on it below. John
  8. Hello Piet, I am glad to hear that you and Gwen are safe. We were headed out your way in May and got as far as Perry, Fl going to meet Diane's 2 boys in Melbourne. We were going to try to meet with ya'll after meeting the boys, but Diane had a stroke and we immediately came back home. She then had 2 more strokes and spent 3 weeks in the Hospital and rehab. We came home and she had another one. It's now been a month since the last one so hopefully there won't be any more. It seems now that dementia is moving in, so chances are we will not be RVing anymore. I'm not sure how her recovery is going to be yet but so far it is slow. We had 23" of rain and the lake flooded by 5'6" the highest it's ever been. It got within 2' of getting in the house. My garage flooded and my Ferrari got water in the trunk, interior and engine so it is totaled. Still waiting for Insurance Co. to contact me. 2017 has not been a very good year. Be safe my friend, and I hope you weather this storm safely. tell Gwen hello and our prayers go out to you. These storms are something else! Take care, John & Diane
  9. Looks great Ken, I'm definitely in and have pulled up a chair, bringing popcorn and cold beer. Hope your new saw comes in handy with this - it should. John
  10. Hello Larry, hope all is well with you. We haven't been in touch in quite a while. I am working on my Niagara Carronades and like how you did the threaded elevation jackscrew vs the quoin. What size thread did you use and where did you find it. I can't find anything smaller than 2mm. Time is short for me right now so I'll catch up with you a little later. My Admiral has had a few strokes over the past 6 weeks so I've been busy taking care of her, however, I'm trying to work on my Niagara in between to keep from going crazy. Thanks for any help, John
  11. Hello Ben, welcome to the Niagara club. I'll be following your progress. I've recently completed the Charles W Morgan and started the Niagara back in February. I have a pretty comprehensive archive of photos of the real Niagara in Erie, Pa. on my website and have progressed to the stage of starting to build the guns. You might wish to visit my website should you run into questions. I have not started a Build Log here as it would be redundant to my site. This is a fun project with lots of possibilities. Check it out if you wish at http://www.niagaramodel.com Have fun, John
  12. Hi Bruce. MAGNIFICENT. I've not forgotten about you, Diane has had a number of strokes over the last few months and I've been dealing with that, she is currently in the hospital. It is such a rewarding experience finishing this model. Congratulations on one of the few Morgan's ever finished. Bask in the glory my friend, it is well deserved. I still marvel over mine in the fact that I actually built it and was able to bring the whole thing to fruition. The boats actually turned out to be one of most fun parts of the build for me and as with you it started after the initial hulls were made. I couldn't hardly stop myself with the details. Well done and keep in touch. MAGNIFICENT is my best way to describe her. I'm currently building the Niagara as it is another ship that I have been aboard a few times. Enjoy your next build and let us know what it will be. Take care my friend, and may your next one be as great as this one. John
  13. Hi Larry, she's looking great, good to see you back at it. Mine's going to slow down at this point, we're leaving in a day or two on our annual RV trip. Going east again to Florida then up to Maine. I'm taking the model with me and going to work on small stuff, carrondades and such. I'll be watching how you're doing along the way. John
  14. Hi Bruce, great looking little boat. Aren't they fun....lol. Each is a little project. I built mine when we were in Connecticut at an RV park. Sat outside on a picnic bench - gave me something to do that needed to be done and boy was I glad I did it. It was easy for me to keep motivated when it came to finish time. You have a very nice Morgan congrats my friend. I am currently working on the Niagara which I told myself I was not going to build anymore ship models since I don't have any more room. I have a website on it if there is any interest, just click link below. Happy Easter, and you're almost done. John http://www.niagaramodel.com
  15. Hello Larry, good to hear you're still here. I've started my Niagara a couple of weeks ago and have a website for it, so I'm sure I'll be in touch for questions. I just finished the Stern Bulkhead Q going from there. Sorry to hear about everyone's health issues...we've got our own going on here.....welcome back John http://www.niagaramodel.com

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