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  1. Thank you OC, that means a lot to me sir. Just like a stormy sky this too will blow over.
  2. Thank you Tim. We are very excited about seeing the Christmas markets, my good lady has never seen them before.
  3. Thanks for dropping by sir and I appreciate your good wishes. I will be picking up the build as soon as I get beck and settled so watch this space :)
  4. My time in the shipyard has been limited gentlemen, mostly due to factors beyond my control. The Admiral broke her wrist and had to have surgery which became a little complicated and she needed a bone graft to get everything right. I have been nursing her back to health, the pain meds she had just made her very sleepy and disoriented. Tomorrow I am flying to the UK to visit my sister who is really quite sick and that is bearing down on me too. Luckily my good wife is feeling a little better today but I still feel bad leaving her alone until Monday. Once I do get back from the UK I am taking the Admiral to Bavaria to see the Christmas markets, something she (and I) are really looking forward to. Next week is Thanksgiving over here and we will be up in DC, as I just said, Bavaria after that and then we will be back at the beach house (which is also undergoing renovation at this time by the way) over Christmas. We get a "break" from travelling then so HOPEFULLY I will be able to sit down and get some more of the Victory done.
  5. Using fine pin files would work well to square those holes back up. A good method to get a square hole (for your later experience with wooden models) is to draw your square (gun port) and then draw lines diagonally corner to corner. This will give you the exact center where all the lines cross. Use a small punch and mark that center then take a drill bit the same size as the width of the port (in my case 10mm) and drill out your hole ensuring the drill sits nicely in your pilot hole first to ensure it is centered. Once that is done use a pin file (square if you have one) to finish up the corners. I had a kit like this many moons ago so I think I will pull up a chair and follow along on this one. You are doing great so far, I do agree that perhaps assembling the hull first before painting might have been a good move. By doing it that way you could seal the joints before applying color.
  6. I couldn't agree more Rob. I am battling my way through the hull right now too. I like the way Mamoli gives you the gunport inserts, looks great.
  7. That looks very nice. I got my stern fillers dry fitted on Friday. I will be shaping them today hopefully (the Admiral had an op on her hand yesterday, she broke her wrist and it had to have a pin put in so I am looking after her). Once the stern fillers are on I can start thinking about the transom and rudder fittings.
  8. And which way is the wind blowing? Keeping my fingers crossed for you mate!
  9. I like your seating idea Tim, that adds a nice stability to the mast being sanded. I am so stealing that idea.
  10. I picked up the idea from Phil and used it on my Victory. The copper slug tape works really well and having a (very good) adhesive backing solves the problem of worrying about an adhesive. I actually made mild indentations in the plates using a dentists pick instead of the pounce wheel, it just worked better for me.

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