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  1. I did notice that you are getting some "clinkering" on the starboard side hull planking. There is a very good tutorial on planking in this forum here. Perhaps you might like to have a quick read.......? It will pay dividends later when you come to add the second layer. Just a thought sir.
  2. What you did with the deck was just fine. When I planked my decks on the Victory build I did a test piece too on a spare piece of plywood. I tried sanding and scraping on either piece and preferred the smoother texture of the scraped deck wood. It is all a matter of taste though isn't it.
  3. Glad we could be of assistance sir and I am also glad we were instrumental in your build choice. Have fun!
  4. I can only second what the others have already said Peter, very nicely done sir. That sail "trick" does lend a certain dynamic to the build I must say.
  5. That stem looks very professional mate, are you sure it (only) took you three attempts until you were satisfied? That sounds very un-Paul like. I am interested to see how all this comes together.
  6. Ooooh, I will have to follow along on this one. Looking good so far mate, and I like the deck planking. I knew zip about the butt shift system when I was building my Virginia. It does make the deck look a lot better. Will you be scraping or sanding it?
  7. Your log entries are always interesting Phil. I had never heard of the bread and butter technique before today.
  8. Very nicely done Robert. Your attention to detail and the accompanying images will be a nice added help for my build. Thank you sir, and keep up the good work.
  9. As I have mentioned several times before the job I have taken has sliced a large chunk off my recreation program and added to that I still have variois chores that go along with owning 10 acres and a farm. But, I am making slow but sure headway with my build. The few hours I stole this weekend were spent measuring out the gunports on the port side of the hull and finishing the second layer of strakes on that same side. I have all day Wednesday off and, having caught up on the afore mentioned chores I will be able and am certainly looking forward to spending some quality time in the shipyard. Pictures to follow. Oh yes, Spring has raised its colorful head here on the mountain. We have early blooming daffodils and crocus..... a nice splash of color after a loooong cold Winter.
  10. You did a very good job considering you did this by eye O.C. Hats off to you sir.
  11. Have I said how much I like that lathe..........
  12. Nice and slow. It's usually good practice to start in the middle and work out.

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