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  1. Just a walk in the park Kizansky...... (to quote a line from Top Gun 😏)
  2. Here you go sir: Battery Capacity Battery Type Capacity (mAh) Typical Drain (mA) AA 2400 50 AAA 1000 10 N 650 10 9 Volt 500 15
  3. Something I "suffered" from when I began my Vic build Rob. I try not to put any time restrictions on any part of my build (which is just as well because the coppering is taking FOREVER) and it takes as long as it takes. Your build is coming along nicely sir.
  4. I know how that goes OC. We have had a busy few weeks (including a very fruitful trip up to Annapolis) so we are currently at our beach place relaxing for a few days. I will be back in the shipyard next week. I did see a nice model of a shrimp trawler at a restaurant last night so I took pictures to help me once I finally get around to my scratch build.
  5. I still have that display board sitting in the box too - plenty of wood there to work with for smaller stuff. Your plan sounds goodb I will be away for the next week so I look forward to seeing how you got on once I am back.
  6. Phil that is beautiful! What a nice gift for your significant other! My Admiral likes flamingos, I had made one out of plywood, just cut out and painted but I never thought to give it a 3D shape. Nice job sir.
  7. Such pristine work, a joy to see Robert. She is looking great. Good luck on those buckets by the way. I will take that thought to work with me today and see what my mind throws back at me (if anything).
  8. Well captured - right place at the right time.
  9. You are marching right along. She's starting to come together nicely.
  10. Hi Rob, I have just read thru your log, or at least a good part of it. Your "first" build is shaping up nicely sir, congrats on that. Yes you have bitten off a large chunk taking on the Victory as a start into the world of wooden ship building but if you really take your time and study each step carefully there is no reason you shouldn't see it thru to completion. As you have already stated, this forum is a well of both great advice and experience, we are truly lucky to be here. I have a question for you sir, have you ever planked a ship like this before? (or was the answer to that a part of the log I skipped?) I truly wish you all the best on this build sir and, if you don't mind I will pull up a keg and follow along. Mark
  11. That would have been my only concern there. Decks look good, nice job.
  12. I made one for the Vic last weekend. IMHO must once the hull is lined sir.
  13. I look forward to seeing that planking Vince, it does look like a challenge.

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