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  1. Hi Steve and mike thanks for the kind messages ,,I’m finding the build rather challenging, never attempted anything like this before , the last ship I built was the HMS ark royal an airfix model kit when I was about 10 year old 😂 , I’ve been struggling with the waterways and planksheer st the bow , just can’t seem to get it right but I’m persevering, I’ve uploaded a few upto date photos , but I haven’t shaped the bow cover boards yet , please feel free to tell me if I’ve made any errors. thanks andy
  2. Hi Bruce I’ve bought a second hand Dremel scroll saw , did you just trace round the outline of the hull to get the correct shape and width , sorry I’m new to this and everyday is a learning curve for me . thanks again Andy
  3. Hi Bruce thanks for the reply that’s what im going to have to do plans are poor for this , think I’m going to have problems with the main rail as well !!
  4. Hi Bruce I am also building the flying fish did you manage to cut and fit the knightheads because I am having the same problem, the instructions for this are poor , any help would be great thanks andy
  5. Just thought I’d post a few photos of my first project model shipways flying fish , my wife bought me this kit for Xmas , to be honest I’m totally out of my depth but I’m willing to learn and I would be grateful for any advice you builders can give me . thanks andywaterways fitted I managed to buy a second hand Dremel scroll saw , think I’m going to need it 😄
  6. Hi john it’s nice to find out that I’m not just the only one who’s having problems with the waterways , I tried frankies method but couldn’t get a proper outline because of the irregularities in the hull , I also traced the outline direct from the plans this has worked better for me but I had to use a craft knife to cut them from a basswood sheet I purchased from my local hobby store , but to be honest I’m still not happy with efforts ! Hopefully it might look better once sanded to the curvature of the hull ,, you say you’ve broken the plank sheer ? Have you tried contacting model expo c
  7. Hi guys thanks for the advice , I think franks method will be the easiest for me , I’ll keep you posted
  8. Hi guys im very new to model ship building but I’ve always been impressed by the standard and quality of some of the builds on here , my wife knows of my interest and at Xmas bought me the model shipways flying fish i have never built a model ship before and this project has put me in at the deep end, i started building the kit in January I’m just taking my time building the hull etc , but now I’m stuck I’m not quite sure how to carve the waterways the instructions on this part are very vague ,it says that the waterways have to follow the curvature of the hull . upto
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