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  1. I came across some instructions on model ship building regarding doubling of the keel and stern. It's the first time I've come across this technique. Is this a normal technique in finishing the keel/stern?
  2. Starting on the 1st layer planking of Scottish Maid (AL) using 2 x 5 mm strips. This is the thickest wood I've used in planking. What is the best method for bending the strips?
  3. Thank you. Read the article and have already made my 1st mistake . i.e. “Remember that the sails have to be fitted to the yards before fitting the yards to the masts"
  4. New to the hobby. Currently building my 2nd ship Le Renard. I'm starting on the sails but have not found any instructions/techniques or guides on-line on how to make sails. I would appreciate any info.
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