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  1. I appreciate all the welcomes. I am "having fun" and thinking it through. You know the plans have a lot to be desired. Definately requires some imagination and "Nautical Research". Mamoli Black Prince is my first, a "learning experience" through research trial and error. Half way up, or down as the case may be, of first planking. Arrived at rudder and figuring out which way to fill in the fat middle and skinney ends. Recommended to start a build log and ask with pics. I opted out of the plank narrowing at both ends as a mathematical nightmare. Heck, a guy needs advanced calculus for that meth
  2. I cannot find the build log in kit area or the kit area for that matter. Thnx for leading me there . Marc.
  3. I would love to do a photo shoot as this model is not listed. Plans leave a lot to ones imagination and intuitive skills. It is kinda ugly now. Mamoli wanted me to narrow all the planks at both ends. What a mathamatical mess. I layered them on straight after two weeks of "what are they talkin about without pics?" I finally invisioned another plan to do it thanks to your guides. It may not be a reproduction but at least I can sleep at night. I will see if I can do a build log. Thanx for connecting. My goal is to do a repo of Joshes "Old Ironsides" hull cross braces and other inventions. Marc
  4. Hello, I just starting my first ship, the "Black Prince" by Mamoli. I was lost until I found your planking for beginners article. Thank you. My great x X Grandfather was Joshuah Humphreys , coined the father of the US Navy, having designed the first USN six frigates. Previously he armed Benjamin Franklins merchant ships during the revolutionary war. One was the "Black Prince". I am having fun, learning and again thanx in appreciation. Marc
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