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  1. I’ve been moving. My shipyard is at my new house. It is now located in an attached garage. This means that I can have my heavy woodworking tools with it. 😀 I’ve been installing eyebolts. I used all 100 that I made, so I need to make more. I am going to be using British gun rigging because I put an eyebolt on the deck directly behind the gunports, in British fashion. Changing this would cause a bunch of problems since this is a card model. I am going to fully rig my guns. This will make the guns a little more complicated, but that’s okay because the whole point of this project is to learn what I can do. I also figured out how to make my cleats. I’m just carving them from wood. I am going to apply my skills that I’m learning on this build to the Victory. Then I’ll roll straight into the Triton. Here’s where I’m at now:
  2. I’m on my third copy of “Historic Ship Models” by Zu Monfeld. For me, it is an indispensable reference tool when I need quick answers.
  3. I talked to my son who builds race cars. The yellow putty in “Bitchin’ Rides” is called Golden Extra body filler.
  4. Sorry to hear about the damage to the Virginia. That’s always disheartening.
  5. You’re looking for Bondo Body Filler. MrBluejacket is using it in his build of the Red Jacket.
  6. I assembled 24 gunport lids. I am going to use a pounce wheel on the lid straps, like I did on the Victory, to simulate rivets. I think getting the hull done this weekend was a little overly optimistic, lol. The blizzard wasn’t nearly as bad as the news said it was going to be. I had us dug out by the early afternoon. My driveway was dry by evening. Oh, well there’s always next weekend.
  7. I’ve successfully used cardstock for making small details in relief. I would clear coat both sides of the cardstock first to make it stronger and easier to work. Once it’s painted, no one will ever know the difference.
  8. I haven’t forgotten about Victory. I’m about 2/3 complete with the Prince de Neufchatel. I’ve been learning a lot with it. I now know how I’m going to make the gratings, the head and the figurehead which were the parts that I was worried about my ability to make.
  9. I’m in the middle of a blizzard right now, so this is going to be a great weekend to get some work done in the shipyard. I’m going to try to finish the hull, including guns, this weekend.
  10. I’m making the gunport lids now (I feel like I was just doing this). I’m only making 24 this time. Plus, in addition to being larger, they are also card, which makes this much easier.
  11. What’s the best way to scratch build cleats?
  12. Is it safe to assume that an American Privateer outfitted in France would have installed French guns with French gun rig, especially considering that she had a French Captain?
  13. I’m using the sail plans in the Anatomy of the Ship, for the Victory, to make mine. There are also excellent rigging diagrams, including belaying plans, in the book, too.
  14. My copy of “The Search for Speed Under Sail” by Howard Chapelle finally arrived today. It has full plans for the Prince de Neufchatel intended for the model maker. I’ve already learned a lot. If you’re going to build the Prince de Neufchatel, I strongly recommend it.
  15. To make deadeyes I’ve been using dowel rods. I started by cutting the grooves with a knife. Make sure when cutting the groove you make the first cut from the outside-in, otherwise the wood will split. Next, I cut the deadeyes off. Then I drill the holes and sand the deadeyes smooth. I started out predilling the holes in the dowel rod, but that caused alignment problems. I used an Excel hobby knife with a #11 X-Acto blade and a pinvise.
  16. I’ve been making single-sheave blocks and deadeyes. I’ve been making the blocks out of 1/8” stock. I measured them off 13/64” intervals. I made a cross cut there on all four sides. I then drill the hole for the line and make a longitudinal line on all four sides. Then I cut the blocks free. I’ve been making 12 at a time.

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