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  1. I haven't posted in a while but I have been working on my Rattlesnake. Along with that I've been home teleworking and I'm more busy now that ever. But, I do enjoy not spending gas money on my daily commute to the sunroom. Some cleats installed: Also see the kevels in the above photos. I made 6, 2 were backwards and 1 split. I was surprised how quickly I cut the 3 new ones. I guess I was in a groove. I made a gig to build the chainplates: I've installed the chainplates but haven't taken photos; somehow I skipped that but will make up for it.
  2. This is really looking great and growing before our eyes. Issue Slim sun block before the FL sun bleaches his bones 😀 Kenneth
  3. Everything looks great, the color, fit and finish. This is a really nice build. And it looks like Slim is putting on a little muscle mass from all the hard work. 🙂 Kenneth
  4. I have been working on my Rattlesnake: Finished the anchors Finished other deck additions Painting cleats for later installation: Comments Welcome Kenneth
  5. The bulkheads break easily and when you least expect it. She's looking good, good luck with the rest of them. Kenneth
  6. Now that the guns are in I installed the fixed gangways. The guns under the gangway are very cramped even though the measurements came off the plans. Comments welcomed. Kenneth
  7. Nice color. Love it. Several boats at the annual wooden boat show here in Biloxi use this shade or one really close for the classics. Kenneth
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