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  1. Hi,tomwilberg Thanks for your comment. We will make it into a kit so that anyone can make it! We are SHIP MODEL OKUMOTO.
  2. We will create drawings of the exterior with reference to books etc.
  3. We will try to make kit form so that anybody can make the structure model of BELLONA. It is going to be about this size. Size 600x150x150 Scale 1/96
  4. Hi,Nils. I am very happy to have you say that.
  5. Hi Kensaku. A very nice cutaway carrack. Could you open a topic in kit built models forum? We like to see the build if you have recorded it photographically. Certainly, if you do any more kit builds of this quality, we would love to see your work as it progresses.

    Dick (Woodrat)

    1. kensaku


      Hi Dick. I'm happy to be complimented on. I develop a model kit and sell it. I wanted everyone to know and posted. Do you want to see something like the attached image in the process? Kensaku


    2. woodrat


      Yes, photos like this as well as information into the research involved in the kit development. This seems to be based on the Martinez-hidalgo Santa Maria.


    3. kensaku


      OK. In the future we will also make the process of development public. Thank you:dancetl6:

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