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  1. Hoping that the third round of kits is coming along nicely. I’m holding out hope that the third time will be the charm as far as being able to order one before they sell out!
  2. My first plank on frame kit, very excited to get started and looking forward to learning from each of you. I’m amazed everyday by the craftsmanship on here and I can only hope I can get to a fraction of the expertise exhibited.
  3. MrBlueJacket, I just started construction of this model over the weekend (will start build log soon) and I was wondering what size pedestals you used. I have started making templates for shaping the hull and as this is my first wooden ship model I plan on taking my time during this part of the project. I hope that you post several good pictures of the bulwark and transom area. I am not sure if I am going to install the bulwark and transom before I use the copper plate the bottom so that I can attach a holding block to the deck. I am thinking that it will be easier to copper if the boat is held upside down and then I can move on to the bulwarks and deck.
  4. I ordered this kit on Thursday and expect it this week. I am looking forward to following your progress and will also start a log once I get my kit in. This will be my first wooden ship model after months of research and reading, I hope that I am up to the challenge. I was going to use individual copper plates as well and have thought about planking the model above the plating for no reason other than getting my feet wet on planking. Thanks, Mike
  5. Thank you Al, I will look at the build logs for the Armed Virginia Sloop tonight. The reason that I asked about possible first builds before I purchased is exactly for this reason, so that I could have as many resources as possible. Thanks again, Mike
  6. Robert, Thank you for the welcome, I moved from Atlanta last year down to Macon. I am a native of Atlanta and getting used to a slower pace of life down here. I am excited about starting the build and getting lots of help along the journey. Thanks, Mike
  7. Thanks Mark, I really look forward to starting the model and will definitely start a building log when I do.
  8. Hello everyone! I would like to begin by thanking the administrators of this amazing site for accepting my request to join. I am completely new to what I hope will be a long time hobby (starting at age 53 so I hate to say lifetime, lol). I have built many RC cars, boats and planes as well as garden railroading, but have always been in awe of wooden ship models but I have always been too intimidated to actually tackle one until now... Life is passing by too quickly to have regrets. I have been researching and doing lots of reading to try and better understand what I am about to get into. I do plan to start with what I hope is an advanced beginner kit, Bluejacket's Friendship Sloop in either 1" or 1/2" scale). I know there are more inexpensive kits out there but I guess what keeps drawing me back to Bluejacket is that they are based in the US and hopefully east to contact for support along the way. I am currently in the process of converting my train building area into an organized and well equipped shipyard. I am open to other suggestions as far as a first kit is concerned. There does not seem to be a general consensus as to weather solid hull construction or plank on bulkhead construction is best to start with. I like the idea of doing a plank on bulkhead and have been studying the Simple Hull Planking for Beginners and the Primer on Planking posted on this site. I would also like to know what books you would recommend that I acquire for good resources as well. My two biggest fears are that I take on more than I can handle and the fact that I have NO ship terminology knowledge, I feel intimidated when I read some of the tutorials and I do not know what they are referencing... Bearding line, Rabbet line, Fairing the hull, Garboard plank, etc. Please let me know if I am heading in the right direction with the Friendship Sloop and my thinking that a larger scale model with simple rigging will be easier to manage than a small scale model, my dexterity and eyesight is not what it used to be. I will end this long winded post by saying how utterly impressed I have been reading through the forum as to how nice and accommodating everyone is with new modelers on this site, I assure you that is the exception and not the norm for some of the other sites I have been associated with in the large scale railroading community.

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