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  1. I started with the rudder and planked it, that was ok. But when I drilled the hole i came a bi to the left (port ). But I msjudged the angle so the hole in the poopdeck was way to far to the bow. I saw pictures from another post, I think it was in this forum, and he had filed yhe so it was cm:s long. I will not do that. I will cut the rudderpost and just stick it in the hole in the bottom and then i just put down the top of the rudderpost from the poopdeck 1 cm or so and glue it to the edge. The angle will be wrong but I don't think noone can notice. Part of the hole will be covered by the ti
  2. And back to the openings to the balcony. If I understand the instruction it says to put a post like this beside the opening I did not do that; I can always adjust that later so instead it came up like this: This is where I am right now. It's time to prepare the rudder and drill for the rudderpost and fit the deckfiitings
  3. I have prepared some fittings for the decks: Capstan there are six windlasses in total The doors (two of them): This is how I painted the hinges for the four doors:
  4. They have included a sticker that is supposed to sit on the transom But I prefer the planked transom as it is so I will skip the sticker. After I have assembled the transom I thought it looked strange. It was 1 cm to high so I had to cut it off in the bottom. As you can see I varnished the hull here a bit earlier than the instructions suggests
  5. Hi all! It's time for another update on my project. I have fitted the decks and the transom. The hole in the deck in bow is allmost invisible The waterways are glued in place also as you can see on the right I have started to take the hole for the passage to the balcony. And here I find the instructions a bit strange (or maybe it's me ) Why glue the waterway before I saw the bulwark. There is risk to damage the deck, it went out pretty well though. Would I build this again I would wait with the waterways. It's the same on the balcony, the waterway is in place
  6. While the glue dried on the planks I started to plank the decks: I started with lining up the deck. I choose to a pattern of four, that is every fifth (or is it forth?) plank will be in the same position. Each plank are 8 cm. so that is 2 cm. between the lines maindeck allmost finished: I pulled a pencil, size 4B, on the edges of each plank to imitate the filling betwween the planks I don't know the word for that in english I used a 0,7 mm pencil to imitate the nails and then varnished the decks: As you can see above I
  7. Hi again shipmates It's time for an update on my Red Dragon. Some pictures from the hull planking. I am still not comfortable with the planking. I have the feeling that I have no idea of what I am doing but the hull came out pretty well after all. I did not line the hull as one is supposed to do, maybe thats why I feel insecure. Next I will (must) do that. First three planks on both sides: After that the instruction said to continue from the bottom so that is what I did Firs planking completed: This can be fixed with filler:
  8. Hi all! After my last endurance with Thermopylae I will continue with something easier. And a bit different from what I think is the most beautiful ships. I started it some time ago parallel with Thermopylae so I have allready started with the second planking abd I have prepared the decks. Now it's time to start sanding the frames Soon ready for planking I will update this log with more pictures and for those of you who are beginners like me I will try to explain what I am doing and why. This far it's not much to say other than that I put back
  9. Thanks Kevin! No display case, it's not that good when you look close to it. But it's a fine decoration on the mantelpiece
  10. I had my moments when I thought I sholdn't make it. But, I think I said before, giving up is not an option The new railings and anchors looks better. By the way, I havn't found any smaller than 20 mm but I think they are ok. I will definitely continue. This is so much fun. Again, thanks for all help och advices. I hope one day I will be the one that can advice beginners . I look forward to see your rigging I know it will look better than mine Merry Christmas from a not so much beginner
  11. Hi all! This is agreat day and sort off a Christmas gift from me to myself . Thermopylae is finished (allmost). I have some more rope loops to do and hang om the belaying pins and railings. To start with I would like to thank all that helped me with advice and encouraging words. A special thanks to Denis "Popeye" and Puckotred. You have guided me through a lot of questions. Thanks 👍 and cheers 🍺. This model was a bit too difficult for me but one can see that it is a ship, but it looks best from a a distance in a dark room 😂. No, it is quite allright actually. I have done a lo
  12. Yes I am determent to learn this. But I think like this: If you take ten people who have never played football before and they start to train exactly the same, some of them will be better from start and will be develope their skills faster. Some will be very good. That person is talanted.. A talented model-builder sees what he should do without needing to ask question about everything and is doing great from start. Well, everyone is a beginner and needs practice. I am not talented but very much able to learn. I will never play football in the Premier League but I can learn to play ra
  13. Ha ha, no I wont build her again but maybe Cutty Sark in a larger scale. The two are almost identical as it looks like on the pictures and I think you call them sister ships? My lines are not (and will not be) tangled but not very nice assembled. She will look rather good anyway if you look at her from a distance in a dark room 😂. No seriously, she will be ok. I'll post some pictures when the mizzen mast is assembled. I ran out of thin thread for the seizing so I have to wait a couple days til I get it from Cornwall.
  14. Hi Puckotred and Denis. I have the rigging tools and I use them. I am not quite familiar with them yet but sometimes they are really handy. It sure is the upper topsail yard lift on my picture. And it's a bit careless of me not to notice that the line or block was wrong before I assembled them. I have the Mizzenmast to go so I will try to do that more carefully. I have used white glue so far on that mast and it looks better so it's worth the waiting. As I said before I would like to build this ship again and correct all the misstakes but when finished it will be a nice decoration on
  15. It is better to ask question and let peolple think you are stupid than not to ask and continue to be stupid 😂 So here is my question. I have pulled the lines outside the crosstree but when I took a closer look I notice that if it was real those lines would have been very heavy to pull. What would you have done? Should the upper block be hanging outside the crosstree? Nothing I can do about it now but for the next time
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