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  1. One of the main ways that new members stumble onto MSW is by doing internet research on a particular ship or kit. Folks want the goods on what a finished project looks like and how it goes together. That means that our Build Logs and Galleries are two of MSW's most important resources. As of today (1 June 2020), MSW is hosting over 3300 build logs and more than 1400 gallery albums -- an astonishing cache of resources! Another ship modeling site recently claimed that their "almost ... 300 ships online" represented the "largest fleet of ships online in one place to view in the world" (emphasis i
  2. Ahoy, mates! As a reminder, please do not use off-site hosts for images that you use in your posts. Doing so can potentially cause two problems. First, the hosting site may have protection protocols in place that do not allow your images to be seen at our site; these protocols can adversely affect the functionally of MSW. Second, if the off-site host goes belly-up, or if you terminate your account with them, your links at MSW will be dead, which rather limits their usefulness. We have plenty of image-hosting capability on-site here, so the best way to share your images
  3. Folks, we've recently had a rash of people posting images in the build logs sections that rightfully ought to go in the galleries. The operative word in "build logs" is build, i.e. a model under construction. A post in the scratch or kit build log sections that shows only a finished model is not a build log -- that's a photo that needs to go in the gallery. If you're worried that you can't post commentary in the gallery, fear not -- you can. And BTW, a post featuring a finished model and one or two in-progress shots isn't a proper build log, either. So remember, put finished models in the gall
  4. Hey, folks! Have you noticed that we now have 37 pages of gallery albums in kit builds alone? That's awesome!! Unfortunately, the gallery hasn't gotten quite the amount of scrutiny that other areas of the forum have received -- it's sort of like the wild, wild west of MSW (we even found some spam that slipped in there under the radar!). One simple thing that we can all do to make the gallery more user-friendly is to think for a moment about what should go in a gallery album title. In my own experience, whenever I use the search feature for the gallery, I'm looking for t
  5. Hi crew, Today, MSW hit 31,000 members! Bearing in mind that MSW 1.0 crashed and burned in February of 2013, we have collectively built this site not just back up to the membership it had at the time (around 12,000 members), but are on the way to TRIPLING that figure. Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your in-progress work here, as well as your finished builds and knowledge/experience. This is what makes for a friendly and inclusive community, and one that we can rightly be proud of. Our traffic here continues to rise and our wealth of Build Logs grows.
  6. Hi all, You may or may not be on Facebook, and if you are, you may not know about our page. This is there to share topics, gallery items, news and also any pertinent updates on MSW. If you're on Facebook, head over and click LIKE on our page and ask your club and build buddies to do the same! https://www.facebook.com/ModelShipWorld/ MSW Staff.
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