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  1. Ok so I have posted anything of substance for a while........I wanted to wait for the big reveal and here it is......
  2. I've put some time in recently and not taken any pictures. I have been trying to rig the sails on........I will say I have hooked my thread on every possible thing multiple times. I even threaded some parts together and had to pull out my work lol. I will post a pic when I am ready. I will say I think it's quite a transformation when you get sails on this baby :)
  3. Putting lots of lines in ( no need for a picture every line lol ) overview of the latest series of work :)
  4. So I believe ratlines are complete The picture is not coming out too good because of the lighting will post more when the lights better...
  5. The four lower ratlines are complete......I have worked 48 hours and was only off 24 then worked another 48 so next update may take a bit longer......I did spread the pictures out over my workdays though lol
  6. So I would like to point out that if ratlines are giving you trouble me I would not recommended a buddy in your lap lol....
  7. One recommendation I would have on ratlines is make sure you have enough thread......nothing is worse than skimping and trying to fight the knots at the end with no room for error...and the more you try the more they fray lol. Things went better when I cut a little extra length :)
  8. Another section of ratlines bites the dust.....and crew has not been in a shot in a while was feeling left out lol
  9. Sorry I missed the congratulations party but never too late to tell you what an amazing job you did....
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