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  1. Returning overseas travellers can bring in goods to the value of $A900, tax and duty free. The limit is increased to $A2700 for a family travelling together. This normally deals with alcohol, tobacco, cameras, laptops and the like but there's nothing to exclude the odd machine tool 🙂
  2. Geoff, do you still have the  Artesania Latina Charles W Morgan kit?  I have that model built up but would love the plans!


    Gordon Braun, braungor@yahoo.com

    1. geoffs


      Hi Gordon,


      The plans I scanned and cleaned up and provided to Calhoun at still on my website at http://port-huon.com.au/charleswmorgan/.

      There are a number of PDF files totalling over 60MB.


      Your finished model looks great.

      I've been a bit sidetracked lately with 3D printing so haven't done any work on my model.




  3. No thanks. I'll take a nice bushfire over snow any day! After nearly 2 weeks of severe bushfire warnings, the rains came in and cooled things down a bit. Fires are still burning in spots but no danger at present.
  4. Two more severe fire warnings today with fires out of control to the north and the west. The evacuation centre is to the north! I do have what's considered a safe refuge just next door (a large park) so if things do take a turn for the worst, I've some where close to go. I'm in the centre of town and there are buildings here over 100 years old so I think I'm fairly safe.
  5. 36°C yesterday, pretty hot for Tassie (it was 6C overnight on Wednesday!) Severe bush-fire warning for my area (Huon Valley) which means I probably should leave for the nearest evacuation centre but I'm staying put. Uncontrolled fire about 20 kms away. Cooler today (16°C at the moment) with lighter winds (gusts to 70 km/hr yesterday). Perfect day to stay indoors building models although I'm building a computer for a new 3D printer instead.
  6. Look like the Dremel 4300 does not fit the Vandalay ACRA mill ! I'll ask Larry if he makes an adapter for it. If not, I might just have to get the Marathon rotary tool instead as well.
  7. Spotlight do carry these knives but not the swivel ones. https://www.spotlightstores.com/embellishments/embossing/fiskars-fingertip-precision-knife/BP80096455
  8. My mum had a similar one: 'A blind man and a galloping horse '
  9. Spent far too much time today upgrading my computer. Received some ordered new drives today but prior to putting them in, needed to replace some fans in the hot-swap cage that holds the drives. I'd ordered some 50mm fans on eBay but when I removed the disk cage, found the fans are actually 60mm - in my defence, it has been at least 10 years since they were last replaced so I'd forgotten a few details. . A quick trip into town (60kms each way) to pick up some suitable fans. What should have been a 1 hour job has taken all day! Downloading the latest Ubuntu Linux to install on the
  10. Wish I still had my mill for stuff like this 😞 The minimum speed of these types of tools is usually around 5000RPM. Do you find that too fast for some work?
  11. With some plans I recently had scanned, I used Gimp to do the clean up. Fairly time consuming but did a great job. I then turned some of them into vectors using Inkscape. The cleaned up images from Gimp made a big difference to Inkscape's ability to do the bitmap to vector conversion.
  12. Received my new VandaLay mill today! 7 working days from California to Tasmania is pretty good, normally takes 3-5 days to get a parcel from the mainland. Got to work at the library this afternoon (volunteer) so can't put it together until tonoght 😞
  13. You've done a beautiful job on that build, well done. I like the tammie norrie design (or Grebe as it used to be). I'm a member of the Living Boat Trust here in Tasmania and we have 6 grebes, all built by local school students under supervision of a boat builder from the LBT. These boats get a lot of use and we always have one or two out of the water for a clean/repaint.
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