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  1. Congratulations on a superb build. I particularly liked the quality of the paint finish. Perhaps when you’ve completed your bathroom conversion you might post some photos the boat in its natural watery element ie floating along side a squeaky duck!!😂 looking forward to the album.😊
  2. Glen, I’m sure you do yourself an injustice regarding your skill level! regarding cost, some of us who live on modest pensions do have to watch the pennies but £500+ doesn’t sound to bad for the quality and detail we will receive.
  3. Hi Chris, Spring, early summer was my guess. Do you intend to offer any option like you did with Alert & Speedy, or is that too complicated? Have you any idea of price, yet. Are we talking £4, 5, 600 or more. I note you intend a full compliment of ships boats, which is great, but will you also be including other often forgotten items such as seats of ease, flag lockers, manger and so forth. This has to be the model to die for. Can’t wait
  4. If Chris can’t do them then you can try the Model Monkey web site, they do a range of 3D printed 1/48 (and most other scales) ships canon as well as a host of other nautical items.
  5. I usually finish with a spay coat coat of matt or semi-matt varnish, so it really does matter weather you use gloss or flat paint
  6. Looking good. But how do you keep your workstation so tidy? I try, but end up with all sorts of files, knives and brushes scattered all over the place!
  7. The “yellow and white” scheme referred too, was the pre war colour scheme used for warships on what was known as the China station, ie South China Sea and surrounding area. If you want to use this colour scheme you will need to ensure your ship was posted there, also you may need change armament etc to configure you ship to pre war layout. Not sure why yellow/white was chosen and perhaps someone could shed some light on this. By the way, great weathering to the model RGL am looking forward to seeing the finished article
  8. PE is absolutely fine by me. I think that the more detailed and accurate the design the more people will search for faults. Human nature I guess! No one and no kit can be absolutely 100%, but I also think that Chris is having a good go. Once you've rigged a canon you can hardly noice whether the ring bolt is round or flat, after all we are talking 1/64 scale (5ft4ins to the inch), if it were 1/24 (2ft to the inch) it might be a different matter. Design has to stop somewhere when producing a commercial kit. I an sure Chris could produce a true to scale kit using iron in ste
  9. I say 20 or 32 gun Frigate, there is already a 38 by way of Diana, old kit but nevertheless less the subject seems to be popular.

    I would love to see a model of Pandora, but that's a 24 gun ship!

    I would also like to see all ships boats included, seats of ease, flag lockers, stoves, binnacle etc; which ever ship you decide to kit out,  but that just me.  

  10. Hi, regarding your comment on steering I have found an article on the net called "McIntosh Boat & Shipbuilders - The era of the Scaffie, Zulu & Steam Drifter 1830-1918" ( www.glennmci.brinkster.net ) This article has a picture of the Zulu "Annie Jane" with the skipper Alex Smith sitting next to a horizontal tiller wheel which was a unique characteristic of the Zulu. The article also has a picture of a Zulu in the process of lowering the main mast, this was done when casting the drift nets in order to reduce speed and improve stability. So Chris's depiction of a horiz
  11. Perhaps ac stencil might work

  12. Bulk buying of loo rolls is a psychological thing. When we are faced with a scary things like a pandemic we feel overwhelmed and to counter this feeling we have to do something. Buying big bulky items like loo rolls helps us to come to terms with our feelings of inadequacy as we can be seen to acting, even if it is illogical. People are also bulk buying potatoes (a staple food), pasta (a long shelf life food) and flour (so they can make bread, just in case bakeries close). It’s all very odd, but again there’s nothing quite as strange as the human mind.
  13. Superphaltic glue works extremely well. Just spread it onto you wooden hull, I use my fingers, and the apply the copper tile. A little heat from a small iron or similar also helps. Once glued it’s there for life!
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