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  1. Begun cutting the gun ports. I decided ,after much thought<,to ignore the Panart instructions and cut the gun ports before the second walnut planking. I figured that it would be one less, and probably delicate, layer of planking to cut and file through, and would allow me to tidy everything up as I complete the second planking I intend to do the second planking to scale i.e. 5" lengths of plank. BTW in response the the previous comments I would mention that both the bow and the stern actually ended up quite adequate (if not fine)for me to quite happily begin the second planking when gun ports and smooth sanding completed so as the Bard said "alls well that ends well" :))
  2. First planking finished. Obviously needs sanding and some bits of filling now. Decided to ignore the Panart instructions and decided to cut the gun ports next before starting the second planking.The bow and stern have planked well enough to move on to the next stage of sanding then possibly priming with a 50/50 PVA and water solution to secure the joints.
  3. If it doesn't work (it always has before )then I'll change it to the biggest scratch built rowing boat ever.Need to point out these aren't attached they are what we call guide planks used as as guide lines.Don't worry all will be revealedl :))))
  4. No problem .This bulwark doesn't give the correct shape to the original Victory shape. Don't forget this is the first planking and not important as it can be shaped and modified to the "correct" shape via sanding and filling. The walnut second planking is the one that counts.
  5. Cracking on with planking. Calculated planking flow by simply attaching two planks as temporary formers to get the gap reasonably correct.
  6. Thanks for the English translation.Will be very helpful. I also am finding the videos on YouTube of the Model Space Victory.They generously post 26 videos of how to build their kit. Different to the Panart but most of the instructions are relevant. Watch for those cursed fumes from the CA glue that way madness lies!😂
  7. I have just reached the nightmare of trying to plank the stern!!! I see some member has added a quote of "if all else fails read the instructions" He has clearly never built a Panart kit!!!!!!!! The so called instructions are a joke. Still looking at what you are doing has helped me enormously as I had started the stern and then ripped them off again as they looked ridiculous.
  8. .First planking commenced . Two planks fitted per three hour session
  9. I only ever come up with simple ideas Edward as I'm only a simple minded soul.🤣
  10. This is my preferred method of plank bending. Its simple, hassle free .enables me to bend several at once if needed and costs nothing. After wetting the planks I gently start a slight bend then place onto the former I have cut from an offset of baton found in my garage. I place the top part of the former on top then clamp (or fasten with rubber bands etc). After a period to allow the planks to dry remove the top and the planks. If I need to make any fine adjustments to the bend to ensure a perfect fit I can simply moisten the plank and gently adjust with fingers.
  11. Just begun to bevel the bulwarks and start the first layer of planking.
  12. Hi David Good luck withe copper tiles. Need to be well ventilated! I tiled my Caldecraft Snake and used superglue and became even more light headed than usual after a couple of hours :))
  13. Hi Michel Yes the workmate was bought specially for my Victory build. Its working out brilliantly.Its completely stable whilst doing sanding or drilling etc and can easily be turned round when needed. Should be ideal when rigging etc.Much cheaper and I think better than commercial alternatives.
  14. Decks fitted and planked and cabins ,ships wheel and ropes fitted and top of poop deck installed. Now need to sand and bevel bulwarks and where deck meets bulwarks before thinking about planking. This is likely to take a long time. Have decided to plank in smaller lengths rather than wrestle with full lengths. Waiting for Amazon to deliver planking clamps and electric plank bender before contemplating the actual first planking. Reading as many "guides" to planking and downloaded Caldecraft and DeAgnostini,s manuals. Useful (especially D'Agnosinis) Too much information tends to confuse but Im managing to get a "simple" guide for me to follow. The Panart instructions are very sparse and simplistic virtually saying bung the on and then paint the whole lot in PVA . One presumes so you can cover up gaps and errors. I want try to plank this excellent kit as well and as realistically as possible so I will avoid slapping PVA or indeed filler onto the planks if possible. :)) Time will tell!
  15. First error was to break a bulwark by trying to push into position whilst trying to keep as tight a fit as possible. Not a problem as because of the strength of the bulwarks easy to repair.

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