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  1. Started installing deck furniture. As stated above i think Ill install the carronades and attach ropes etc before making access more difficult with ships wheel and tackle etc.
  2. Decision time. Started to install furniture on deck . Instructions say rig wheel assembly with ropes etc and fit all pin boards along bulwarks before installing cannonades. I wonder if I may find attaching gun ropes and blocks difficult if fitted last so may install all the guns first and then rope ships wheel assembly etc later.
  3. Excellent !Especially impressed by your planking. Very well done indeed Nate.
  4. Been a while since update as lengthy processes reached e.g. Planking and coppering. As I wanted my ship to be as "organic" as the original ship I didn't follow the often used trend to apply layers of filler ,primer and undercoat before applying the 900 copper plates. Although this makes the surface similar to moulded plastic and makes the job far easier I couldn't see the point of bothering with the second layer of walnut planking to simply bury it under filler. I know that a response may justifiably point out you can't see the planking under the tiles but I would always know it wasn't the same as the original Snake.😉
  5. I agree re working with walnut.Definately not the easiest to cut ! My timber for the whales were difficult to find in the box as,like yours,they were different thicknesses and identifying them involved some degree of guesswork.Your planking looking good and definately superior to mine.
  6. Beautiful sunny day here in Scarborough UK so took opportunity to carry out the sanding on my first planking. Lemon wood on Caldecraft HMS Snake outdoors. Horrible job up in my hobby room. Need to tidy some slight unevenness with light paper before second planking in walnut.
  7. The bulwarks problem solved as I discovered in a hard to spot comment at the bottom of a paragraph that I have to somehow saw off the frames above the false deck that the bulwarks were glued to in the first place. This should be an interesting challenge!
  8. Now my dilemma begins! The instructions say fit the internal supports to the stern but they need to go on top of the deck planking which comes much later. The innner bulkhead planking baffles me completely. The bulwarks don't fit all the gun porrts which I have to paint after planking. So do I scratch build a frame round the gun ports before planking otherwise I have only an empty space where I should be painting in red ochre.I think I'd be better sorting this before planking the deck. The instructions want all the hull planking finished before any of the above. Reckon I'll sort out my own order of construction but one always has the worry that you'll regret mindlessly following what, appear to me ,to be illogical sequences of construction.
  9. Got the deck on. After gently teasing the three bulwarks on the front of the left side until it started to slide down into position. Did the same with the front right hand side and the whole deck suddenly clicked down into position,! As per the recommended method in their instructions. Then fitted bulwarks and stern without too much hassle
  10. Hi Im building the Caldecraft snake and am baffled by the instructions for bulwark inner planking. Looked at builds on here but can't see how it is supposed to work. I gather that I should use the walnut planking as I will be using on the second external planking. The bulwarks don't fill all the gaps at each side of the gun ports. Do I find some wood and build a frame round them before planking?I understand I will need to paint around each gun port with red ochre. Any help /advice much appreciated. Thanks
  11. I finished my build of Scottish Maid and posted as such but not marked as finished. Posted my new build HMS Snake but hasn't appeared. Noticed that other snake builds don't appear to have been updated for years. Is the site still fully functioning regarding build posts?
  12. Begun the Caldecraft Snake kit. Impressed with quality of components although with the very high price paid should be. Also impressed with the provision of a cradle to build the ship all providers could easily supply.All components seem to be there for now. All bits fit well with a small amount of filing. But when dry fitting the false deck it appears that it us well out if kilter to match up with the bulwarks. Tomorrow's job will be to try to match the deck up with bulwarks for fitting presumably by much sanding ,cutting and filing to get them to line up. One problem I can see is the false deck is incredibly thin and flimsy so vulnerable to splitting.
  13. Scottish Maid now completed after 600 hours. Many errors but I am reasonably pleased with my efforts. I have included a pic of my use of a fork ( ask a responsible adult for permission before borrowing 😉)for constructing the looped belaying pins ropes. After studying the rigging bible I decided to drop some of the highly complex rigging as I thought it would be visual noise for the viewer. One huge error was to attempt to add the belaying pin rope loops after the complex rigging was completed. Now I need to decide what I'm going to about a display mount. May make a cradle or go fir a column approach. Caldecraft HMS Snake has arrived and will be the next project.

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