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  1. I recently saw a video on Youtube on this issue, made by a Russian. I do not understand the language, but, as always, an image values more than 1,000 words. The proposed method is very ingenious. I present below the link - if considered inappropriate, violating the forum's rules, I ask an administrator to delete it. If not, please enjoy and use the method.
  2. Hi there... just discovered your topic. Go on, you really do well what you do, even as a beginner. And do not worry - we learn a lot from mistakes. I don't know if I'm entitled to give any advice (I'm still a newbie/greenhorn, I only made one ship model), but I preferred to glue the yardarm to the mast, even reinforced it with a wire. If you do not want to glue them, you can at least use the wire, as it offers at least a stronger support, which will allow you to have a better tension in the ropes when you'll start rigging. However, in the end it is your decision, pretty sure will b
  3. Thank you for the kind words and for the encouragement. To be honest I am proud of my achievement, even if it is not at the same high level of many other ship models presented to this forum. For now I just received a ruined kit from a friend of mine (started badly by him). I will try to fix it and revitalize it, I hope to be successful. If so, I will return with a new topic. Cheers!
  4. And now the completed galleon. See you on the next one! PS. The figurehead was a real challenge - I am not quite a sculptor. Was made using FIMO.
  5. Ufff... more than 7 years since the last post. A rather hectic period on personal level, with job changes, health issues here and there, hiking through beautiful corners of this world. But still, I tried to continue this project, for the simple reason that it is a relaxing activity. In the meantime I was also able to finish the ship model, with more or less obvious mistakes, which undoubtedly will help me to better tackle such projects in the future. I will add a few intermediate shots, followed by other photos of the completed boat. Thank you to all those w
  6. Hi there MK It is really a pleasure to follow your build log. Your patience and craftmanship are drawing respect. Keep up the good work... the final result will be a beauty. Mio
  7. I am simply petrified with astonishment and admiration. I can not believe that you can sculpt in this scale and level of detail. On top of that I understand that this is in fact your first attempt in sculpture (at least the first stages). Wow... I have heard that boxwood is the best wood suitable for carving. May I ask you from which source do you buy it? Thank you. I will follow with the greatest pleasure your build log as it is rewritten.
  8. Finally I have reached the capstan stage. The solution proposed by the manufacturer is terrible, as you can see from the below picture. Even with my two left hands I was able to produce a better version. Not a masterpiece, but for now I am happy with it. It will be dry fitted, therefore I can create a new one later and replace it.
  9. Well done Jack. I really like your build. On the first moment I was wondering why you did not plank the lower deck, but I realised afterwards that it will be barely visible (why they added it to the model then?). Keep up the good work... I will follow it for sure.
  10. Thank you Mihai. I have found out that patience is a must for this activity I also tried to build some sort of false extension of the bulkheads on the inside of the bulwark (hope I made myself understood – I do not master yet the naval terminology).
  11. Congrats Mihai. A very nice built. Do you have a buildlog for Halifax too? I'm not able to find it and I'm quite interested to see it. Keep up the good work
  12. All these stages were taken before discovering MSW. For this reason I did not know that the treenails could have been imitated by using bamboo. Instead I used toothpicks soaked in water-based paint. Somehow the result is too intense. On top of that I made another mistake. I have used a saw to cut the toothpicks as lower as possible. As result I have scratch the deck. Fortunately this deck will not be too visible. Another lesson learned.
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