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  1. Thank you for nice words and welcome. jbelwood: Thank you for the invite. I will be in Seattle on Oct 13th, but i would very much like to attend the next meeting, I live in Milford so we are very close. I also serve on the board of the school of Engineering for UNH, so just let me know which builidng / room you meet. As I said, I will be on business travel for the October meeting but November is a good possibility. End of year always has much travel for me. Sincerely Nick
  2. First Post on the forums. Glad to be a member with such a fine group of people. I have been reading the various sections and i am very impressed. I have been a modeler for over 40 years. Mainly Plastic, and Resin kits (Armour, Dioramas, Figures, etc). I fly and build balsa RC aircraft. I have accumulated quite the stash of model kits over the years, which i have finally started to build. ( i know i have a lot ...) I am currently building an older version of the Swift (non laser cut ), as first learning model using Mr. Hunts Practicum as a guide.
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