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  1. Thank you. No Idea. First of all, I appreciate the seriousness of your posts. This slide, I just as a hobby and auxiliary equipment to carry out their own design and manufacture. Previous versions of the simplified version of the relevant pictures released in the country, but some hypes used for business. So after a major upgrade and redesign, I never shared any details with the public, nor did I have any sales plans. This set of slipcovers and all the accessories weigh over 100 kilos! Even if I wanted to sell it to you, it would be very difficult. I’m really sorry.
  2. It took me a day to get the whole thing polished and corrected. The construction of the inner parts can begin later. Thank you for your support and attention.
  3. In fact, I had the same idea when I first came into contact with sailboats. Either as shown in figure, or chamfering contact. With no reliable information to go on, I've always wondered how it was handled there. As you said, exposing the end of the plank will accelerate the rot. But a friend of mine told me that it's usually on the side of the tailgate. Perhaps the surface has been embalmed. But what I saw today raises questions again. I just want to know if the real hull is treated like this? After all, it wasn't hard to make this part.
  4. Hello, Toni. The whole boat looks beautiful. I hope you don't mind me asking, but the problem I see in the stern of a ship is that the hull plate presses directly on the stern plate. But you have a "tag" at the end (name unknown, allow me to call it that) . Was this part of the ship designed this way or was it added for its beauty?
  5. Continue to lay the ribs. This part of the progress is slow.
  6. I like model making because my work is very easy and I have something to do in my spare time, which satisfies the pleasure of making things by hand. The reason why I like MSW, it not only let me learn more things, but also let me see the gap with the master and have the goal of effort; at least here many people work seriously, honest attitude is very worthy of my admiration! At the same time, I also showed my ability to more friends in the world. I never take part in any big games in China. It doesn't mean anything to me. I just want to have a good time!
  7. Hello, Shonezmija. Thank you for your attention. I love making models, including sailboats, so my home is full of tools, including lathes and milling machines. I also like to develop small tools for designing and building models; some of them are homemade, including a small universal milling machine. I think, everyone has their own abilities and goals, choose their favorite things is our hobby interest. Do not have to compare with others, in my opinion, constantly surpass oneself is the greatest achievement. When hobbies become your life's pursuits, you will find that you will do better than many people. You give more because you love it. Have Fun!
  8. Hi, Greg. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Usually when I'm in the process of machining, I rarely shoot to ensure concentration and safety. But there are a lot of people here who would rather see the process than the end result, and I'll try to do more in the future. In addition, some video software in China is restricted and can not be uploaded, limiting our communication. Some of the software in the country can't be uploaded. No one stays in my studio while I'm making it, and my wife is no exception. I prefer to do things alone and in peace.
  9. This boiler has been in use for nearly a week, making it the fourth and longest boiler I've ever built. It's not complicated, but I spent a lot of time on rivets and all kinds of riveting. After all, it's scary to drill a lot of 0.3 and 0.4 holes in brass. If you're not careful, you can easily break the drill.
  10. I'm tired of sawing and sanding wood. I'll do some outfitting for a change. Start with the metal boiler. As long as the size of the parts and drawings accurately match, will not be affected by the hull deviation. The drawings are 1:36 and must be converted to 1:60(60% of the drawing size) before being made. In order to beautiful and firm, the main body using block copper milling processing, the basic use of riveting parts. The utility model avoids the unsightedness of the welding and the unsteadiness of the adhesive. The precision of machining is required higher.
  11. Hello, Allan. The accurate positioning and stable clamping of the model are the key points. So I don't spend any less time making tools than I do making models. May you experience the joy of building!
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