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  1. Rwiederrich, my idea is an attempt to see the interior from a different perspective without destroying the main structure. Thank you for the compliment.
  2. Wereverich, here's the thing. Your problems are our problems, too. It is very difficult to bend wood lengthwise, especially boards. If we are not careful, it will twist and break the shape we need. To be sure, the fixture is not only inefficient, but also difficult to achieve the final effect. After a lot of practice, I usually use the method of heating and carefully repeating after soaking in the water for a certain time. The advantage of this method is that I can get the shape and effect I need more quickly, and the fit is higher. Just need to master a certain skill and order, otherwise it i
  3. I'm very sorry, this process I did not shoot save. Because I don't think there's anything special about it. After processing by hand with a scraper, the same operation as for laying hull slats. It's just that the three-dimensional curve of the tail is really hard to bend.
  4. Yes, Greg. In order to adapt, I used two ways to bend scrap three to meet the requirements. It's a three-dimensional bend. The radius of the circle is too small. Especially stiffeners.
  5. Hello. It is very easy to make these pulleys, but because of the small size, you need to grind a special turning tool. The diameter of the pulleys is 3.5 mm and the thickness is 0.8 mm. It is easy to work on a lathe.
  6. Hi wefalck.Thank you for your suggestion, which provided me with a good idea. When machining the locating hole, I use the sine bench clamp to hold the workpiece and adjust it to the required angle to drill the hole. But the installation cost me a lot of time and material. The 0.35 mm brass wire was too soft and bent with a little effort. For me, bending was a waste. In fact, I should have switched to a slightly thicker 0.4 mm pin for better handling (made in Japan) and with a certain amount of tenacity and resistance to bending.
  7. Balustrade is the part I have redone many times, the highest scrap! I can't believe it took me four days. There was no welding or bonding because the rails were too thin, only 0.35 mm in diameter. For beauty and solidity, I used precision holes to insert a 0.9 mm diameter copper rod. Due to the irregular curvature of the staircase, 7 staircases were scrapped due to the wrong direction. I almost gave up and made it into wood, but wood can't be made too small.
  8. Thank you for your attention. Being“ efficient,、accurate 、different” has always been the standard for me.
  9. Moving forward. I am glad to be about to get into a pleasant outfitting process.
  10. Hello, Keith Black. When I finished positioning the main deck yesterday, the first thing I had to do was weigh it! For me, commitment to others is important. Because I don't have MR. EDT's third book right now, I can't do all of his work. When all the equipment on deck is finished, the work is done. I should be able to move on to the third of the five boats I've planned for my life.
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