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  1. Because of carelessness, I failed again! Measurements found that the width of the sides was 4 mm smaller. I compressed the goddess's ample breasts. . . That was a cheap mistake! Prepare for the third rework...
  2. Mark, thank you for your kindness. I'd like to show you some parts of a small table saw I used to make. It's all designed to make widgets. Because you can't buy these things. You have to make them yourself.
  3. Mark,That's very kind of you. In fact, my basic tools are comprehensive. But because the Chinese are so sorry, many of the world's best tools are scarce at home and often more expensive. Although the online shopping is very convenient, but involves the procedure, the transportation, the time, the assembly model processing gadget is nearly all blank (mainly is Proxxon) , after all, the domestic real player is not many. So many special tools, I am based on their actual needs of the design and production. It's another fun thing for me to do with models!
  4. Mark, I admire a man who takes his job seriously. Because it's all about the details. And I've learned something from your work. Open-minded, friendly, discreet, all in your position. I noticed that the angle adjustment of the background inspired me a lot! Because I have several such accessories, although the accuracy is not high, but convenient, intuitive is the advantage. It is often more practical to deal with some common processes. Inspired me to design other tools. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for your attention. In fact, some of the biases and omissions do not affect the overall structure of the layout. Maybe I was wrong about the painting. Maybe it's the painting. But I want to start over. In particular, the position of the bow trough of the bow slightly forward. If the hull is laid, it is in the wrong place (indicated by the Red Arrow) . Some parts used cherry wood, the effect is not good, so this start again, I will use all the pear mainly. In addition in the beginning of this period of time, I also have to process some of their own design of special fixture to assist processing, in order to improve the quality and accuracy of processing.
  6. druxey,You're absolutely right! I never care what other people say about me, but my principles and bottom line don't change. Rather than destroying a work of art, it should be a adherence to a certain standard.
  7. Mistakes are hard to live with. It affects the mood behind it. The fastest time to complete a piece of work is at least a year, compared with more than ten days of regret, it is nothing. Maybe it's better to start over.
  8. I'm a little OCD. It doesn't seem like much to others, but I can't forgive myself. So I don't want to leave it until the end, but it's only been 11 days, and I've worked really hard. But thinking that the process would take longer, I decided to give up and start over. Maybe I pushed too hard. It's a good time to take a few days off, get in the mood, and clean up the studio. I think every pursuit of perfection will have a bad time, to overcome their own is the greatest difficulty. Thank you for the attention and the likes, I will not give up, after a few days I will start again.
  9. Today, I found some problems and mistakes. It doesn't affect the whole structure, but it does bother me. Also, some of the materials are not ideal. So I decided to start from scratch and throw everything away. I need to take a break and start over. This post will be deleted in three days. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
  10. I agree with you very much! In fact, in the eyes of many people, as long as the machine processing out of the precise parts can make the perfect work. In fact, in my opinion, this is wrong! Because it is not difficult to accurately process any single part, it is the assembly process that is difficult. In this process, machining deviation, material deformation deviation, positioning deviation must be effectively adjusted. This process can not be replaced by any machine. Any tool can not substantially improve personal technology will only improve efficiency and accuracy, otherwise with numerical control equipment is not easy to complete any work? But what I see is that a lot of people do not understand this basic knowledge, blindly trust the role of numerical control. Of course, I don't deny that some parts can not be processed without numerical control and have better results, such as engraving parts or some outfitting parts; these parts often do not need too precise assembly position but can be performed independently, so the effect will be better. But not only do we enjoy the process of making the model, but also the ability to adjust it manually, which is the most important thing. So I do not look forward to complete CNC machining of the kit, in my view, that is just complex building blocks, the final assembly will not have accurate results. After all, the precision of the final product can adjust the scope is too limited, and deviation is inevitable for anyone!
  11. Thanks for the likes and anticipation. This part of the progress seems very slow, but in fact because the operation of a bit more grinding, I failed three times to reach the standard. Because each plane radian changes greatly, the part clamps the difficulty, simply uses the spade knife manual repair. So it seems that surface finish is not as perfect as machine finish.
  12. Do a little bit every day to make sure I'm making progress. Some words and sentences have to be looked up by translation software to be understood because the English descriptions on the pictures are difficult to read. And I'm used to using MM units, each of which needs to be converted and double checked. Slow down. Strive to achieve every detail can meet the requirements of the drawings. Thank you for your attention.
  13. Hello everyone, it's great to be back on this forum again. The original plan was to take at least half a month off after 《YOUNG AMERICA 》and move on to the next project. But I'm used to being in the studio every day, enjoying the intense and difficult process. I've been reading all THE books I've bought these days, and I've decided to start making 《THE NAIAD FRIGATE 1797》. I also chose it because I like a boat with a complicated interior. More importantly, the whole process and Mr. Edt's drawings made me feel very precise, very human, very easy to understand. At least I don't have to spend any more time doing research. I will have a holiday soon, the hot Beijing lets me bury in the home earnest manufacture, and the determination completes it! It took me more than three months to learn and prepare before I started building my last boat, and this time it took me only four days to build it. It's still a tough ship for me, but I'm willing to share my every move with you, even if it means going through the inevitable process of failure. But I think perfection is the goal of all of us.
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