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  1. A number of micro-angle ruler to facilitate the construction of the internal structure behind the various beams, to avoid the accumulation of large deviation. The market does not sell such a small corner ruler can only be processed. After the whole milling of these small square feet, a great deal of time is spent in manual grinding on the reference platform. With near-zero grade.The Inner Right Angle Platform and locating hole are designed. The combined clamp can also be used as fixture locating and drawing lines.
  2. During the last month, I stopped working and redesigned the table saw and all kinds of accessories. The table saw and upside-down milling into one; to meet the late precision of small parts sawing and wood processing.Rest for a few days while i continue with the hull construction.
  3. Appreciate the attention to detail and perfection, which is exactly what we need. Come on, man!
  4. I've been on a break for the last month. But not idle, three weeks to the slipway for the eighth improvement, integrated a variety of functional accessories, to avoid the trouble of frequent replacement, but also the biggest improvement. Because the hull was laid out long after completion, some of the ribs were deformed and had to be recalibrated before the entire hull was sanded. This can have a huge impact on the rest of the production, so it will still take some time to iterate and correct this step before moving on to the next step to ensure that there are no large deviations.
  5. According to the Seek truth from facts, an accurate set of drawings not only avoids the pitfalls of variations in the process, but also provides a good opportunity for the maker to improve efficiency and success; I think Ed did that. The reason why I put so much effort into designing and manufacturing a heavy-duty multifunction slide with a total weight of more than 200 kg, plus various accessories, is to produce a very good assistant for hull construction up to 1.3 m in length. Greatly improved efficiency, the use of all-metal materials, to avoid all kinds of deformation and material stiffness caused by the deviation and operating failure, so that the hull more easily. So far, it's a work in progress. To many incredible people, this may seem like a bit of a mountain out of a molehill. But for me, it was worth it to do better. Thank you for your attention.
  6. In the previous introduction, I have already introduced my occupation is the physical education teacher. All of my machining skills were acquired through self-study and constant trial and error. And that's what's surprising to many people. After all, I'm not a machining major, nor have I studied this systematically.
  7. Some of the ribs have been deformed because the hull has been there for a long time. Before I go back to work, I need to make some more auxiliary parts on the slipway for recalibration. Only in this way, I can enter the internal and external grinding stage, start internal construction.
  8. I'm on vacation. I haven't done anything in almost a month. All the images you see so far are from September to December 2018, including a month to do something else. In fact, it only took about 50 days. There are about 90 sets of ribs throughout the hull. At least one day, only four sets of ribs were completed; at most one day, 15 sets of ribs were completed! This may be difficult for many people to do. I often stay alone in the studio from morning till night to enjoy the fun of all kinds of production. Four to five hours of sleep are usually enough. More importantly, each process is a test of my skills and inspiration, and for each of the different parts, I have a variety of processing methods, in case of failure. Efficiency and accuracy are important to me! Otherwise, you won't see the tools I've designed and refined myself. It's my favorite thing to do. In order to finish the boat better, I need to make some extra tools before I go back to work. I want you to get an update on me as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention.
  9. Hi, Mark P. Thank you for your attention. . The process of making a model ship is hard, but we should make it more interesting. . .😋
  10. Hi Richard . According to public records, I've seen a lot of different slides. Four years ago, I first used aluminum alloy to make the first slide, in order to prevent wood deformation. Through the use of these years, gradually accumulated some experience, designed a more practical and flexible platform. This is the eighth improvement. It is a pity that the whole process of improvement is not documented, because it needs to be verified by follow-up practice to ensure that the idea is correct. Clamping, positioning, lifting and rotating, to meet the needs of the 72-48 scale, with the help of the gantry structure to achieve a simple drilling and milling, more accurate than the mere use of hands. Replace different accessories to facilitate marking of waterlines, stiffeners, rib locations and hull internal and external grinding. According to the actual needs, will further expand the function or the improvement. All for one purpose: to make it more fun and convenient.
  11. Hi Noel,I like a boat with a complicated interior. The more exact details, the better. I'm not sure what's next. But Le Fleuron was the ship that had to be built.
  12. Thanks for the compliment, Keith. Tool making is also an area of interest to me in the modeling process. Not only can it improve efficiency and accuracy, but I also see it as a piece of work. I have three rooms of various tools, which I need to develop the habit of keeping in order at ordinary times, in order not to affect my use. And, no matter what tool processing, each complete a process or a component, I have to clean up and put back in place, even if again to take. That's what I've been doing for 20 years. It may seem like a compulsion to others, but I think a clean environment and orderly organization will make you more productive and more comfortable at work.Attitude is everything。
  13. I have tried many hand-cut tools, but none of them are up to my standards. Because the material we usually cut is very thin and very small, no hand tool can accurately size, no warping, no Burr, no deformation. So I bought a small CNC plate cutting machine, to solve the cutting problem. The dimensions can be accurate to a minimum of 0.1 mm. The stiffeners you see in the diagram are all 1.2 mm wide with a maximum deviation of plus or minus 0.04.
  14. I couldn't agree with you more, Rwiederrich. In fact, I also have numerical control processing equipment, but rarely use, after all, design program for me is not an easy thing to do and there is no mass production (individual works will never repeat) . I don't accept favors from people who don't belong to me. According to their own ability, I still use the traditional machine tool manual processing. In order to concentrate on my own work, my private workspace is never open to the public. Sometimes for a small component, it may fail many times a day to get a satisfactory finished product. It was a beautiful piece of work, but I was the only one who knew how hard it was.

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