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  1. Thank you for your attention. My month of trial and error has taught me that to get the perfect rope, the following three things must be done: The spools on the original single spool must be even; that's why I have to make another spool machine; Secondly, and most importantly, it is necessary to ensure that the tension of the three wires on the winding machine is uniform when running, otherwise there will be a "jumper" phenomenon, the point of intersection of the three strands determines the degree of tightness of the line (i. e. the angle of inclination of the Single Strand) . The whole winding process must be as far as possible to ensure the smooth operation of the line, to reduce the deviation caused by the swing. And that's what separates me from Byrnes in design!
  2. Is now entering the final stage of the rope. However, there are some problems in the winding process, after improving the previous production of the winding machine, or not very satisfied. It took nearly a month to build a new, much larger version. And added a rewinding machine. Finally, a satisfactory rope. Avoid the jumper caused by uneven tension during winding; at the same time, it can be adjusted according to the needs of the tension!
  3. 这个必须是逐条根据曲线去修(包括周围一圈的围板)。没法事先设计好。毕竟任何再精密的加工也会有偏差的存在,何况是容易变形的木材。即便可以避免,但组装偏差是无论如何也无法避免的(不说别的,中心基线略微的变化都会对后期的部件产生巨大影响)。为了吻合紧密必须根据实际情况去做调整。 Translation: This must be repaired one by one according to the curve (including the surrounding hoop). It cannot be designed in advance. After all, no matter how precise the processing is, there will be deviations, not to mention the easily deformable wood. Even if it can be avoided, assembly deviation is unavoidable anyway (not to mention anything else, a slight change in the center baseline will have a huge impact on later parts). In order to fit closely, adjustments must be made according to the actual situation.
  4. It is true that language is an obstacle to our correct communication. But I think I can get the gist of it. Just be happy. . .
  5. This was made four years ago. This year, if there is time, intends to be further optimized and improved to make a larger.Don't say I have a lot of copper... ha ha
  6. A week's preparation for winding. Yesterday try to do failure, after careful inspection to find the problem, today reprocessed machine parts, tried three thickness specifications, qualified.
  7. Trouble with the tensioner. It's being rebuilt...
  8. I tried winding it today. It's not ideal. It needs to be adjusted.
  9. I see. Thank you for your knowledge
  10. Thank you for watching my production. Because I didn't know enough about something, the only thing I could do was follow the drawings, but I wanted to do as much detail as possible to make it perfect. I hope you can point out the mistakes. I don't mind.
  11. Wefalck, I get it! I noticed that before I did this, there are a lot of boats that have this detail. But I'm sure it's not in the drawings or the books, and the same is true of the three Italian masters I've been reading. If so, it won't be hard, but it will take some time. I love the pursuit of every detail that has accurate plotting data, and this is the highest level we can aspire to. Thank you very much for your help! There is a real difficulty in understanding different languages.
  12. Hi. I read the introduction to the book today. I still don't understand that bolt. Maybe I misunderstood. I wanted to see if I could do it again. If at all possible. Can you send me a detailed picture? Thank you
  13. Thank you for your comments and suggestions! That's all I need. After all, I've been building sailboats for less than five years, and I still have a lot to learn. I don't know much about the ship, but I only have drawings and reference photos of the winning work. Of course, I think I'll do my best, it's my ability, but it's my fault for not doing it. I think in the future only in the production process more strict can be better. I hope you can point out my shortcomings. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you for your attention and affirmation, cheers!

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