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  1. This is probably the best cut-off switch I've ever heard in the world. . .This is more important than anything!
  2. It should be. Maybe I've been used to operating strictly by the book for more than 20 years, and this aspect has been neglected. If the machine is for sale, it does not conform to the design specifications. Thanks for the heads-up. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, druxey. I've been experimenting with ways to make tiny copper nails that are accurate, and while this is a tedious step, the most accurate I've been able to do so far. After all, I can't buy such a small polyhedron copper nail.
  4. Hello, Richard. Thank you for the compliment. This two foot, 140kg machine, as you judge, uses the main structure of a horizontal milling machine, the lathe like thing you mentioned, and is the fourth axis specifically designed to process slender masts. The following slideways allow for fast manual movement, making it easier and more controllable to process polyhedra and tapered wooden masts. The stroke is 35 cm (total length up to 70 cm) ; the through hole in the middle of chuck can be passed through a mast with a maximum diameter of 28 mm, which, for me, has met all the processing needs of t
  5. To achieve milling and precision grinding.
  6. Your method is good, for the ordinary sand tray machine is a simple good method. But the precision sander I made needed more precise steps to polish the edges. So the SANDPAPER has to be cut correctly. Please note that the tray edge of the sand tray machine is inclined at a certain angle. At present, the production is still in progress, using the principle of grinding machine, to achieve the polygon grinding of very small parts, so as to facilitate the production of rivets, piles and other parts.
  7. You mean the following kind of knife for cutting curves? It doesn't cut well with sandpaper.
  8. In my 20 + years as a model, I have designed and built nearly 100 special tools. Only a very small amount is for sale. Due to the lack of domestic demand, it is difficult to find suitable manufacturers (especially the processing of materials and quality) . For me, the design of these tools was well worth it, even though I personally spent a lot of money on them.
  9. Note First: This cutter was made entirely for my precision sanding machine, and the dimensions of the disc sanding paper can be more precisely matched to the disc size, because we often need the corner of the disc to operate when sanding small parts, and the size of the disc sandpaper sold on the market, always more or less deviation. I bought a Japanese circular cutter, but when cutting sandpaper prone to a slight shift, and the Center Point perforation is not what I need. The special blade of the cutter needs to be bought extra to be used. When cutting different materials, different types of
  10. This of course can not be used for machining, mainly to meet the needs of manual operation. The advantage is that any special chuck can be replaced as needed. You don't have to do this for machining. You can get better pliers. My principle is: only to do I can not buy the tools, or have their own unique design tools.
  11. Any form of fixture in the processing of parts are almost inevitable. The fixtures on sale usually meet most of our machining needs, but many of the model parts are small and fragile, especially the wooden parts of sailboats. For hand grinding and other hands-free applications, the clamps can be extended for special applications, such as small-sized welding clamps for pulley bindings (adjustable pitch) . Regular clamps don't extend much beyond simple clamps. In addition to special machining, the common clamp precision is very poor, the clamp often have displacement phenomenon, personal process
  12. In model making, the polishing tool is necessary and one of the most frequently used tools. In particular, it is often difficult to clamp small parts milling, sawing burr also affect the aesthetic and combination of degrees. The self-made sand plate machine can achieve accurate grinding, but it is difficult to master the micro-size and needs to be measured constantly, thus reducing the efficiency. Then designed the digital display backer push rule, The sliding block is driven by dovetail fluted screw rod to avoid data deviation;the auxiliary operation became much simpler!
  13. Start making attachments。。。
  14. So far, only the fixture body has been completed. Parts are still being designed. Mainly used for manual repair of ship model parts, can also be used for the operation of the hull pulley, pull line, can also be used as a rectangular locator, self-centering structure. Quickly adjust spacing and clamping force. Independently designed and built. To be continued
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