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  1. Bumping this one up. Do not hesitate to make me an offer. The lot will go, one way or another , before me moving to my new house mid-september. Hubert
  2. Well guys, the donated kits are gone ! That was the easy part 😆 , even with shipping costs to cross the world ! Don’t hesitate to ask me questions or make me an offre for the other kits Hubert
  3. Yes, thanks for the reminder. It went without saying for me, but it is always better to repeat it 🙂 ... I got some PMs already. Thanks for watching. Hubert
  4. Hello all, As the building of my new house progresses and the prospects of moving there get nearer (this is hopefully my -2 or -1 house move, the next ones being to the crematorium with maybe a intermediate stop to the elderly home), I have to decide whether I will move all of the stash with me. The honest answer is no, because I will certainly not build everything I have. So I am selling some plastic ship kits. Shipping is extra, at cost, from Portugal to anywhere in the world. I will try to minimise the parcel weight without compromising the content, but you all know
  5. I pressed the « like » button only in your last post, but it’s just laziness from my part, because all your posts deserve the « like » ... Impressive woodworking and metalsmith talent ! I am in awe ! Absolutely love everything you have done so far. Keep it coming ! Hunert
  6. Locked down here in Portugal as well (and btw, they are talking of putting back into use an old law that punishes hoarding of 6 months in prison - fortunately, the Portuguese people are civvic, compliant to rules, and disciplined for most of them, which cannot necessarily be said of some expats living in the country). In fairness, I am very concerned about my business in France, which I had to lock-down as well. We changed and resumed our operations after a few days, because we still had customers to serve, some of them companies providing vital supplies, but basically the busines
  7. I have been away for a couple of weeks (focusing on other projects like having a house built, until everything - including my own company - came to a grinding halt), but the feast for the eyes (well, mine at least, as I can imagine some of the strain on yours sometimes ) on returning is always so great ! Picking up my jaw, my chair, the popcorn and waiting for more Hubert
  8. Impressive work. I am going to sound a dissenting voice, but I like the picture of Jupiter better. It would contribute to make the whole set-up more realistic, IMHO. Hubert
  9. What to say other than I am in absolute awe of your machining skills and ingenuity ? Excellent work seems a bit lame for a compliment. Hubert
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