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  1. Thanks to all the likes and the kind comments. @Boxbuilds I see that you have a lot of experience. I buildt only a one-mast-ship before this project. So, why do you think that you cant build a project like this 😆 ???
  2. @Amalio Awesome work. I am very intersted to build in the future a spanish plank-on-frame ship a la francesa. I need to know where you get your timbering plan from. Its a individual creation by you ? Thanks.
  3. Arrived my christmas present, the Proxxon FF 230, in my shipyard. The machine close the gap between my bigger millingmachine and the MF70. It was a superspecial sale and to get the good price i activated Santa Claus a little bit earlier. I am unsatisfied with my bigger machine and i have been watching for a while the market for a good alternative. The first Problem with the FF230 is the range of vices from Proxxon. All the vices has a small height to clamp the component which is a problem if you need to mill parts for 1/48 or bigger. I adapted my very good Röhm vice with a lot of pads. A
  4. Hello Herbert, enjoy your new Speedy. 👍 There are a lot of interesting modifications in the air.
  5. Hello Nirvana, I see, the german basics are given. 😆 Yes this was my pleasure of the weekend. But its not complicated. A mess 🤣 ? I think it looks "allright". I prefer to work clean and organized, but sometimes the things dont want it. Yes, it is the La Belle in 1/36. For me, the scroll saw works very well. In a POF-Building there are a lot of parts where do you can use this saw. The most people use a bandsaw for this kind of work but i never worked with it, i don´t miss it. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Shipyard refit. I have installed a new lightingsystem. I don´t know how i could live three years without.
  7. Insert other medihttps://modelshipworld.com/topic/21522-la-belle-1684-by-oliver1973-136/page/2/#a
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