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  1. Thanks Patrick. I use this pdf since beginning of the project. The list of artefacts are very useful.
  2. Thank you. You´re right. Only Chuck Norris can do a job like this without be nervous.
  3. Thank you guys for the recognition. The La Belle is only my learning project for preparation for my next project. Its my first scratchbuild and i have to learn all the techniques. Unfortunatly this cost a lot of time because every detail is new for me. There is any trial an error in the game. But its a lot of fun and as well a lot of passion.
  4. Thanks all for the nice coments and the likes. @the learner I use Magix Deluxe Video for the timelapse. But there is noch secret, any movie software can do this job. @dvm27 Thats a big problem. I spend my freetime on the buildinglogs from other colleagues or i continue with my own project. No time for nothing. Thanks for adding my channel. But with my four videos you can keep your scheduler like it is. ☺️. I have always one eye on Glens La Belle and Catherines list of artifacts, before i start a new part on my La Belle. I try to keep the details from the wre
  5. Merci @Hubac's Historian🙂👍 My 4th timelapse for my La Belle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOd8pNOIrrw
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