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  1. Bow filler block shaping help! So wanted to add solid filler block to the bow of my build but this is the first time doing such and I am not sure how to not only shape it properly but also get both sides matching before I glue them in. I will not be able to shape it to well after glue as the stem assembly will be in the way to fair it. Could use some suggestions/guidance on this please! Regards
  2. Well honestly, I almost never use protection and after reading this article I think that may be the cause of my twitching! But seriously, I only really use a respirator/mask when I spray anything and I have been lax at times with that. I make mahogany RC runabouts all the time and didnt know mahogany was toxic. I spray urethane in a poorly vented garage especially if its wet outside. I have a workbench where my dining room table should be and sand inside at times (and yes I am single at the moment!). I will admit that sometimes after a good bout of sanding I sneeze mahogany colored compressed wood pellets. At this point I have been doing this so long I am not sure if its too late or not! So kids, dont do what I do and use PROTECTION! (twitch twitch)
  3. Interesting! So at the risk of being ignorant, why is an "aliphatic resin glue that is highly water resistant" a bad thing for this? Are we talking about ease of cleanup or is there more? Also, is there a reason to remove the char from the edges if the piece will not show? I dont mind the work (cough cough) but am always afraid of sanding too much off or rounding the edges etc. I have been just wiping them down with a moist towel to remove the loose bits. Love to hear the reasons for removal vs leaving it on for hidden parts. There are sooooo many pieces of delicate small bits that sanding would eventually cause something to break or be rounding out of shape. Thanks@@
  4. All good info guys, thanks! I guess I will have to slow down and get use to not having the benefit of instant cure glue! I need to work on my patience I guess. I am going to assume, in regards to white glue, Titebond II is still a decent choice? Popeye
  5. So let me first start off by apologizing if these questions are answered already elsewhere. I tried searching and there where alot of hits but I didnt see specific answers. I am doing my first static build of the Confederacy by Model Shipways. I have built lots of RC mahogany runabouts from Legend and Dumas but never static. First off, I have always used CA glues for most of my builds except when I need something slow setting or other task specific needs when I use Titebond or others. From most of the builds I have perused, it appears alot of you use white glue on most of the build?! Is there a specific reason for it other than the obvious needs of a specific task? And second, anyone have a US source for these pushpins Dubz uses? I have looked and cant find anything as nice, I have some with red heads but they are horrid quality wise! I look forward to reading more of this wonderful resource and getting to know some of you better. I appreciate your time and help and hopefully I can be of help at times with my own tips etc Cheers Popeye (childhood nickname that stuck)

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