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  1. The rigging is progressing quickly, as there are no shrouds. But the backstays are a bit complicated.
  2. And here is the current state of the model. I used pencil to enhance the planking on the outside of the hull as well.
  3. At this point I added ribs, both to improve the model, but also to help secure the deck more firmly, as the plastic of the ship is unusually thin.
  4. Testing the colours, and working on the deck. The planks were done with a combination of dry brushing and washing each plank with a different hue. The rest of the details were done with pencil.
  5. The assembled kit. You can see in the photos the several blocks and dead eyes I made with plastic, that would go with the rigging. Some additional pins for the rigging were added on the deck. The sails, as mentioned are not good, so I'll make them out of silk, but folded on the yards.
  6. Hello again! Another tiny and old Heller kit, a small sailing ship representing the Mediterranean "tartane" type. The kit is not actually that bad. The yards were unusable and had to be made anew. The mainmast was also changed a bit. the plastic sails were also no good. Other than that I did very few modifications.
  7. Thank you all. I'll omit all the intermediary steps and jump strait to the present. Took these today: The side ladders are added, the stern railings are new, some work on the bowsprit as well, I added some more details around the top most wale. A thin undercoat is getting applied as well.
  8. The sanding down of the exterior of the hull gave me problems fitting the cheeks on the bow, but especially the galleries which required some bending. Filling was extensive all over the place.
  9. As for the masts and bowsprit some modifications were made, to the yards and the lower masts.
  10. I used the gun carriages differently, glueing them vertically to created gunboxes behind the gunports. This will also make the gun barrels to align better
  11. Greetings to everyone! This kit needs no introductions, as it is an old Heller, with many issues. In fact I have made, and/or attempted to kitbash this kit many times in the past. So basically the simple plan is this: repeat all the methods I used on the bomb ketch, with the experience and skill I got from that kit to the Royal Louis. The main issue this kit has, which had to be addressed is the horrendous wood grain that covers the entire side of the ship. It is off scale, and actually shouldn't exist at all. Plus the over the top wales that had to be trimmed down as well. With these out of the way, some modifications are needed on the bow, like re positioning the holes of the anchor lines to a more conventional place, better staircases, knees to hold the upperdecks up etc. Trying to match the model in the Musee de la Marine perfectly is not my intend, chiefly because I don't like its color scheme. Here you can see the first difficult step: The entire ship has been sanded down, and every surface smoothed down. The wales were reduced as well. When planks need to show up, I'll draw them with pencil just like in the Bomb ketch.
  12. Indeed. Silk is currently my preferred method. Perhaps not the best material for models, it has some drawbacks, but the way it can bend and created so many wrinkles without hard edges is what appeals to me.
  13. I follow him on Facebook, he is a true master. He too raised the railings and added a gun port under the galleries. He built it very fast, I started mine way back but I still haven't worked on it. His method of making the sails out of paper is very impressive, I tried it on the Ketch but couldn't do it and made them out of silk instead..
  14. Heller's Royal Louis for me, and some other commissions for a historian friend, a kitbash of IMAI's Galeass which rather changes the ship's profile quite a bit, as well as a conversion of Heller's Golden Hint into the Tyger. Sovereign is a bit on hold. I would really love to get my hands on a Soleil Royal just like you magnificent model here.

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