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  1. And we now reach the present with the model as it is now. Some more details, including the square portholes, the railings, the funnels were rebuilt again from the start, I added a deck made also from scratch, just like in Averof.
  2. Significant progress here, it shows the layout of the main battery in the forward barbette, as well as the rear turret. The surface is still rough at his point.
  3. I'll post a few more updates to bring the built into the present condition: The masts now with photoetched parts:
  4. The base is a simple seascape, as the ship will be, once again, anchored. Of course it is not attached to it, and I may change it alltogether later. In any case. The superstructure of the forward barbette and the masts are made of strips of plastic and melted spuce. I may use some ready boats from other 1/700 kits, but I am not sure..
  5. A simple bread and butter technic with foamcore for the start. Unfortunately I did not take any photos in the first day... I encase the foamcore in paper. The scale is tiny anyway, so other than some core measurements and planing, my guide is the high resolution photos that I have of these ships.
  6. A similar project to the cruiser Averof. Once again, the lack of detailed plans was a problem, which was alleviated by the small scale and the decision to make it waterline. There are almost no models of this class of ships outside the two in the museums here in Greece. I wanted to make one for some time now. Bizzare little battleships, with an unconventional layout which proves a bit of a challenge to recreate. In any case. Here are a few photos of what I am talking about:
  7. Thank you all! She is finally ready! I managed to find a small enough chain in a jewelry shop, and with small additions she is finished. The final gallery:
  8. The model is almost ready, some details need to be added like chains etc. I also re-did the base....again!
  9. The deck is painted by hand (I did the lines in MS paint and printed them on A4, then added color etc)
  10. I know this is getting tiresome, resurecting this thread already twice... This time I starting tinkering into a diorama - base. I am not sure about the background at the dock, I havent gone that far yet..
  11. Thank you. The sea is a very thin papier mache with a coat of wood glue. I may need too add a few more coats of wood glue. This method gave a hard time at this scale (1/700)
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