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  1. Thank you. The sea is a very thin papier mache with a coat of wood glue. I may need too add a few more coats of wood glue. This method gave a hard time at this scale (1/700)
  2. Updates!! The base and sea has progressed a lot, and the model as well. Photos are not good, the sea gloss is not very visible here. I'll try to take new photos in the morning.
  3. BTW I also started two more Royal Hellenic Navy ships, the old pre dreadnought Hydra and the destroyer Aetos (1912). I may have to start new threads for them? I am not sure.
  4. More work on the tripods, and the first railings. I went back and forth many times, the old funnels were scrapped, and I started new ones.
  5. Yes, well, her engines are not the main issue. The problem is the last time she had her boilers retubed was in 1928. And they still burned coal. They are now beyond any functional restoration. As you can see the engines are in good order, certainly restorable, but it is impossible to practically feed them steam. Not to mention the screws, shafts and rudder have been removed to seal the hull watertight.
  6. Filling and sanding is the order of the week though. It seems the pieces will turn out well in the end, but this is the first time that I attempt this. I am really glad with the choice of 1/700, as anything bigger would have certainly be a problem.
  7. Thank you. It would be a magnificent sight to see her steaming again, but that is am afraid too much of a luxury expense for the Hellenic navy at this time and age.
  8. Thank you. I'll post a few more: Progress on the various parts, the start of the forward tripod, and the concept of the diorama: A pencil for scale!
  9. A model of Averof was in my mind for some time, but the resin kit from YS was really expensive. I dont have much experience with scratchbuilding, only kitbashing, so I decided that the best course of action was a small waterline diorama in a familiar scale. So 1/700 it is! I'll propably add photo etched railings so that will help. But needless to say the ship comes up quite small. All this because the Royal Louis kit is really tiring me out... The diorama will show Averof in Faliro as she is today. So, materials are foamcore, cardpaper, superglue balsa and melted spru
  10. Yes, here it is: Many wooden kits of her also copy this, Mamoli has simply added a few gratings around the capstain, but the paris model is like that:
  11. Progress on the deck. I dont know what to do with the forecastle. The model in Paris has no gratings, just a large empty wooden area with a capstan, which seems odd and in a very high placement for a first rate
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