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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates, I was a bit busy, plus a small injury to the hand. Hopefully more photos later today, the final building phase is now, and then back to the Sovereign!
  2. Anchors from the front and general views. Onward to finish the shrouds.
  3. Jibboom guys are finished, the anchors and their accompanying rigging is done as well, so we are done with the forecastle.
  4. Yes, with the Pyro's Revenge, which is even smaller, I''ll use spruce extensively. The problem here is that it takes a lot of time to tension them again.
  5. Did some tensioning on the standing rigging. I use the cloth as a movable but soft base for rigging. Also the ship in my hand for proper scale!
  6. BTW should I make the horizontal lines of the shrouds with melted plastic spruce or thin thread? I'm still unsure
  7. Thank you! Yes the material is the worst, soft Airfix plastic, the masts bend with the slightest tension, every time I add a piece of thread I need to readjust the stays or some other standing rigging... I have somewhat given up on most of these problems, at least for now, going to tension them near the end of the rigging phase
  8. Details on the rigging, mostly of the stern section: Braces, cluelines, sheet lines, lifts etc Adding the ropes at the deck and the pins was absolutely troublesome, I did my best
  9. Progress! Finally, what a troublesome week! Sheets and cluelines, most of the running rigging is complete, including some of the shrouds:
  10. A magnificent topic and model! I'm too thinking of going back to ww1/ww2 warships with card models myself. She looks great, and the filling of the lower hull is something I hadn't think of for card models, it was always a difficult and problematic area with curves that are a geometrical issue with paper. Most interesting.
  11. Sorry for the lack of updates, these will come this weekened when a lot of progress will be documented. I had flags printed, a 17th century Red Ensign for the taffrail a Royal Standard for the mizzenmast a 17th century Union jack for the mainmast and a small jack for the bowsprit, although it is debatable if I'll add the latter. There was an issue with the rigging thread, I was running low on Mantua thread which you cant find any more here. I have Nylon, Polyester, Silk, and various qualities of cotton. At this tiny scale, any blemish and fluff will show, and even with waxing, Polyster looked terrible ( all 0.25mm btw). Nylon has no fluff by default by its threading is very crude. Today I finally found some Egyptian Cotton thread that behaved properly and with waxing it looks just like the Mantua thread. Great news, as now I have a good supply near me.
  12. You are right, of course. I did this with a model I made some years ago, the also tiny Academy's Bedford Whaler. In the meantime I'm trying to fold up A4 paper pieces to suggest becalmed flags, I'll post some for suggestions.
  13. Dont worry, the flag is just for suggestion, I'll print flags for her anew. I usually dont add sails at all, and have the yards lowered. Perhaps furled up sails can be added, but these are rarely seen in museums and navy board models, so..
  14. The added flagpole extension of the masts was a much needed correction, here is just an idea effect of the flags, which I will add a lot, the Royal Standart on the mainmast:

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