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  1. You are right she needs a few lines. Thing is, the ship is full hull and that would tie her to the base as well as the pier XD. Here is the base before final gloss coat etc.
  2. Sorry for returning to finished topics...I did this with the Bomb ketch because I decided to add sails. Technically the ship is unaltered and finished, but now with the lockdown I gave a try making my first diorama and sea. The ship's hull is unaltered, it sits in a recess in the water. There is also a small dock to scale next to it. I am quite pleased, this was my first attempt making water
  3. The sails are made out of silk, I have some leftover strips from custom made curtains. It is the best material available to me, it bends and stays in position very good, behaving completely different from simple linen or cotton. It will look even better in bigger models, surely. I guess all my models will have these sails until I run out . The lines are done with a mechanical pencil, I attached a plastic piece on it's point near the tip to draw parallel to the whale. After a matte coat you cant see the difference between enamel and pencil. As for the blocks and deadeyes, they are made out of
  4. Thank you all for your kind words! She was a humble project, a bit of frustrating in parts. I repeated the style of the Bomb Ketch and I like the result. Onwards to the next one!
  5. The tartane is almost complete, so hopefully tomorrow, once the ship is ready, to have a full set of photos.
  6. Thank you! It is the same painting and rigging style and method I used on the bomb ketch. I have several small kits that I will employ the same built process.
  7. The rigging is progressing quickly, as there are no shrouds. But the backstays are a bit complicated.
  8. And here is the current state of the model. I used pencil to enhance the planking on the outside of the hull as well.
  9. At this point I added ribs, both to improve the model, but also to help secure the deck more firmly, as the plastic of the ship is unusually thin.
  10. Testing the colours, and working on the deck. The planks were done with a combination of dry brushing and washing each plank with a different hue. The rest of the details were done with pencil.
  11. The assembled kit. You can see in the photos the several blocks and dead eyes I made with plastic, that would go with the rigging. Some additional pins for the rigging were added on the deck. The sails, as mentioned are not good, so I'll make them out of silk, but folded on the yards.
  12. Hello again! Another tiny and old Heller kit, a small sailing ship representing the Mediterranean "tartane" type. The kit is not actually that bad. The yards were unusable and had to be made anew. The mainmast was also changed a bit. the plastic sails were also no good. Other than that I did very few modifications.
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