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  1. A very beautiful build! Congrats! I seem to recall doing a plastic model of this ship by Revell as a kid.
  2. So, as I understand it, these beads are premade seizings (?). Fascinating idea. Thanks so much for the info and the pics! I will definitely give it very serious thought. I understand how adjustable shrouds can change the alignment of the masts, but I don't yet see how it solves a curving mast, or, in some cases, a double bend that makes the mast a lazy "S". As far as mast alignment is concerned, I worked on the places where I will step the masts until I had perfect alignment, as well as the exact angle when I inserted the dowels. I have procured dowels for the lower masts that are straight, but if I blow it, I may not be able to find others. Then I will make the masts from square stock like many other modelers on this site do. That way, I can try again and again until I get it right.
  3. Very nice job! Your hull shaping is evidently much better than my effort which is too sharp. Beautiful job with the bulwarks. Your solution to the quarter galleries is fascinating. I never would have thought to orient the lower stools in that manner. The parts they give are way out of scale, but it looks like you are getting around that by curving them more. Your idea of staining instead of painting is something I would never have thought of. Great way to preserve detail. I may well try that on my next project. By the way I did not have gore strakes on my model. The Revell kit doesn't show them, The Marquardt Anatomy of Constitution doesn't show them, and the photo of the real ship in dry dock doesn't show them. Stealer strakes aft, yes. Gore strakes no.
  4. Amazing work!! I am learning a great deal from reading your build log. This will be a truly excellent model when completed! I am almost ready to begin making the masts and yards. The birch dowels provided by Bluejacket are mostly warped. They say all you have to do when your mast is warped is pull it straight with the rigging. I am not buying that. It looks like my best bet is to start from square stock as many other model makers do. I would like to use basswood as it is easy to work, but I do not know how strong it will be when tapered down. Do you know of other woods that work better? The masts and spars which have square, round, and octagonal sections intimidate me greatly. I am trying to figure out how I will do that. Perhaps planing the square stock to make it all octagonal except for the square section, then sanding the sections which I want to be round using an electric drill and sandpaper will work. Your amazing work with the rigging is most instructive as well.
  5. Thanks so much, Dave, for the compliment. Fortunately, the availability of photos plus a fold-out complete diagram of the spar deck timbers in the instructions gave me all the info I needed. I came across some build photos of a scratch built plank on frame model by Herb Ebson of the Constitution using the same Campbell plans from the Smithsonian that Revell uses. This model had details of every deck right down to the orlop. There is nary a diagonal knee to be seen. They are all hanging knees bolted to the forward sides of the beams. There is one lodging knee for each beam attached to the aft side of the beam. I checked out your Revell Constitution build. It is amazing! You do a great job with spar deck timbers yourself! You even included ledges which I did not because I thought that they would make it too hard to see the detail on the gun deck. Before I joined MSW, I thought that one plastic kit build was pretty much like another. Now I know better!!
  6. Thank you so much Geoff and Bob. The encouragement I have received from you and others has greatly lifted my spirits and enhanced my motivation.
  7. Wow! You have done some most impressive beam work yourself! You even included ledges which I did not do because I thought they might make it too hard to see the gun deck detail. The design of these is very different from the present arrangement. Are they from the Campbell plans? Incidentally, I downloaded some pics of a scratch built plank on frame model by Herb Ebson. I do not see any diagonal knees there either. All in all, this is amazing work. Your use of the bluejacket crane irons is ingenious. I cannot conceive of making those little hooks for the gun tackle blocks. Unfortunately, I cannot see a way to install lights in my model at this point.
  8. Thank you so much Dave. I knew what I had to do with the diagonal knees only because there are photos of these from the actual ship. Different ships use different layouts and if the plans do not show you that, how can one know what to do? I see you did the Revell model with fiber optic lighting. I'll check that out. Maybe it's not too late for me to do something like that.
  9. I so admire anyone who can do human figures sculpture on a ship model. That aspect, more than any other is what stops me from attempting a scratch built model. I am also struck by your making diagonal knees. This is an aspect I have not seen in the build photos I have seen thus far. I wonder if you and I are the only ones who have done this on a Constitution model. All in all, really beautiful work. I am learning a lot by looking at your build photos! When going though your posts, I came upon your planking of the spar deck and saw that you have tapered the planks as they go aft. Wow! I have seen a lot of photos by master modelers in "how to" books in which this was not done. Amazing!
  10. I am a novice modeler who is working on Bluejacket's Constitution. I have the hammock crane irons installed, and am ready to install the netting. I would like to know the pros and cons of using thread versus wire on top, and good techniques for installing the netting itself.
  11. You are right. This is a very lovely model. Anyone who can come up with a model that looks this good from this kit deserves hearty congratulations. The fit and finish is truly excellent. I must improve in this area.
  12. I so admire anyone who can do human figures sculpture on a ship model. That aspect, more than any other is what stops me from attempting a scratch built model. I am also struck by your making diagonal knees. This is an aspect I have not seen in the build photos I have seen thus far. I wonder if you and I are the only ones who have done this on a Constitution model. All in all, really beautiful work. I am learning a lot by looking at your build photos!
  13. I so admire anyone who can do human figures sculpture on a ship model. That aspect, more than any other is what stops me from attempting a scratch built model.
  14. Tom, Thank you so much for the compliment. When first I signed into this site, your build was one of the first I saw. Very impressive indeed! I will definitely continue to follow your build.
  15. To backtrack a bit to the cutting out of the gun ports - I forgot to mention another pitfall in the plans. The measurements and placement of the spar deck gun ports in the elevation and the spar deck plan do not agree. This can really trip up a novice as it did me. My spar deck gun ports on the quarter deck are not correct. I recommend that you use the Marquardt plans using a proportional divider (the scale is given in the Marquardt) or scanning it into a computer and scaling up in a drawing program such as Photoshop or Corel Draw, or simply copy them from the Revell model. Another thing I forgot to mention: You may find that the shaping of the gun deck in the carved hull leaves a great deal to be desired. In this case, instead of a very shallow inverted "U", it was more like a lazy "S" turned on its side. I did not put in the time and effort that I should have in correcting this. Lesson learned! You may need to remove more wood from the interior of the hull so that you can install beams.
  16. This looks like a very lovely build indeed. I wish I could achieve the excellent results in painting and finish that I see here. I will need to work on that aspect as I learn.
  17. Thanks so much for the info! I put up another post which as been combined with the one you saw in which I describe and illustrate my efforts to duplicate the ship' bowheads as they now appear. You be the judge of how successful I was. I also describe my building of the spar deck timbers which you may find of interest. The masts and yards of Constitution has me thoroughly intimidated. Getting the taper right squaring and tapering the masthead worries me the most. I think i have a plan for the construction of the paunch, cheeks, hounds and bibs. Dowels that are not warped are very hard to come by, so if I do not get it right the first time, I may have lost my opportunity. The topmast is square at the bottom, octagonal at the doublings, round until just below the crosstrees, the octagonal again flaring out, then square again above the crosstrees. Yikes! What technique to you use to taper the masts and yards? I am sorely tempted to use the ones in the Revell Constitution that I bought as a reference source. If i seal the seam and paint it with the same paint that I used for the rest of the model it will be very hard to tell that it is plastic. I know this is anathema to many modelers, but for me the final appearance of the model is more important than bragging rights. The lower yards likewise have an octagonal section in the middle. I have some videos downloaded from YouTube which illustrate how to reeve deadeyes, seize blocks, and rig ratlines using the clove hitch. That should help. By the way, we are in good company when it comes to struggling with the Bowheads. I have looked at a lot of photos of models of Constitution online, and very few of them did bowheads really well. They are the very devil to do, especially on Constitution.
  18. Thank you very much! As someone who is new to wooden ship modeling and to a website such as this one, I was not sure how my work would be received. Perhaps that is because I know all the flaws that are there.
  19. Thank you so much. I was relieved to hear that this kit was the hardest for you. When I read posts that this kit is an easy build I think, "Egad! How hard are the other kits?" I am interested in your tips. No doubt you have ideas I have never thought of.

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