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  1. I am building Hms victory 1/96 scale Shipyard the carriages are 20mm in length what size Cannons do you recommend to get
  2. Hi i am building a 1/96 Shipyard Hms victory for parys ie: guns,cannons etc is there much different in this and a 1/100 or 1/76 Scale could i use any of the parts from these ships
  3. This is my First Attempt at a Wooden Ship Model The Mantuna Hms victory Build 1/200 story so far one thing the guns are they all painted black, and the port coverings they are red underneath and side what on the top are they black
  4. Hi- would love some help as i stated this is my First wooden Model i have started planking top half of Build now after looking on line i think i go from the bottom to the top now. But were do i start from do i start from the arrow's then down to meet the rest or from the green clip,s, ( They seem to miss this bit out it suddenly is planked so i can,t make out how it,s done from here ) the Manual is a waste of time its hopeless
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