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  1. Not every plywood is suitable for repeatedly soaking. I had some really bad issues with the plywood from occre. One soak for 20 minutes and it started to delaminate completley at the curve at the bow. Very nice build by the way!
  2. This one i will follow. I'm building the Diana too, but at very low speed. So maybe i can learn something from your work. Good luck with the build! Gr. Tom
  3. Hi guys, This is a restart of my building log of the Diana by Occre. The first log couldn't be found anymore. The administrators did there best, but no luck for me. Thanks guys for the search!!! So here we go again. To hot to build so now is time to restart the log. The box Dry fitting together with the little sister Start to plank the lower deck Upper deck finished planking Adding some bow fillers and fairing the bulkhead frames Start of the
  4. What kind of filler do you guys use after first planking and what kind of glue do you use for second planking? I would like to use pva glue for the planking, i dont have no idea what filler to use.
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