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  1. Hi Rob, Thanks for the kind words. Take your time and don't rush things and don't be afraid to do things over. Second plankings is much harder than the first layer because the wood strips are extremely thin (0.5mm). When you bend thin strips sideways, they start to pop up on certain places. You can bend them sideways, in multiple stages. In the extreme curves, you have to do this proces up to 10 times, to get the curve right.
  2. First Belt is finished. The thin sapelli (0,5mm) is very hard to bend sideways, with an iron and a lot of patience you can get the job done...
  3. A little progress is made. The wales are installed and painted and i started second planking.
  4. The first wale is in place. I screwed a clamp in the keel to clamp them at the bow where the hardest bend is. Works great!
  5. Hi Mugje, Great build so far. One question, i assume your second planking is also very thin compared to the first planking. I'm using Chuck's method too, but it's very difficult (or almost impossible) to bend 0.5mm planks sideways because they pop up when you bend them in the jig. How are you gonna solve this?
  6. The hull is closed. Only 1 stealer used at the stern of the ship. It was a little bit of a struggle for the fist time planking like this way, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Now its time to plank the upper part of the hull and then sanding- (aka making dust-)time... A question: The planks for second planking are very thin: 0.5mm and ther are difficult to bend sideways. Any tips????
  7. A question: The false keel is made of plywood. Should i consider to plank it with mahogany or leave it the way it is? I love to hear your suggestions...
  8. Second belt is finished and halfway with the first layer of planks. .
  9. In the meanwhile a little progress is made. The first belt has been planked. I'm pretty satisfied about the result, except for the bow. Lining of the bow was pretty hard en because of all the curves, placing the thickmarks wasn't also very easy. But we will see how it goes. Its first planking after all. It will all be covered up by second planking. Here some pics:
  10. After a time out of a few months, time to continue again... Preparation for the first layer of the planking following Chuck's method. For me is it the first time, so lets try something new. Each side of the hull is divided in four sections. Lets see how things work out. !! It looks pretty symmetric to me....
  11. Not every plywood is suitable for repeatedly soaking. I had some really bad issues with the plywood from occre. One soak for 20 minutes and it started to delaminate completley at the curve at the bow. Very nice build by the way!
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