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  1. Thanks , Dj bobo ! To protect against oxidation, brass can be coated with transparent nitro lacquer, zapon lacquer.
  2. Roger, I'm glad to help you. Please note that with the help of rolling knives, you can only create an imitation of a gear. Real working gears must be manufactured using a different technology.
  3. Ras, it would be easier for you to work if you first put the planking rail and only then put the blank. I admire your tenacity!
  4. Hi Jan! You are right in both cases: these are spare propeller blades and small ventilation cowls , there were a lot of them on the ship.
  5. На палубе установлена вентиляционная труба.
  6. Thank you all for your likes and interest in my humble work. I am continuing to assemble the parts for the model. Ventilation pipe.
  7. Yves, I will not paint them, on top they will be covered with nickel and inside they will remain copper.
  8. Frames can be glued without the use of aluminum corners. To do this, I use wood glue Titebond, it dries quickly and after 5 minutes you can glue the next part.
  9. Ras, The most reliable and time-tested way to protect a wooden surface is to cover it with fiberglass and epoxy resin. In this case, you need to put at least two layers. When applying epoxy resin, you need to warm it up a little with an electric hairdryer, the resin will easily spread and soak the fiberglass well. All other methods do not guarantee moisture protection of the tree. Cracks in the paint and other troubles may appear.
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