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  1. Yves pessimism in our business is not needed. Modelers will never leave beautiful ships without their attention. For example, this model is built in the same hull as Boris's model.
  2. A wonderful and difficult prototype to model. One of the masterpieces of German military shipbuilding in terms of external perception. Great job, Boris! And the angle for photographing the hull of the model is chosen by you ideally, the overall impression is enhanced.
  3. This means that you will succeed! The main thing in this process is to achieve an even coating.
  4. Thanks Gary! This chain is not the smallest, it can be assembled even smaller. But the smaller the chain, the more time it takes to assemble it. When assembling a lot of chain links fly away to the floor, it is almost impossible to find them there. Therefore, it is necessary to have a sufficient number of spare chain links in stock.
  5. Azzun, thanks for the feedback. If you start writing books, you will have to give up building models, which is impossible for me. Therefore, instead of a book for sale, I can offer to build an interesting model to order, for sale.
  6. Ras, metal coating I produce in an electroplating bath. I talked about something about electroplating on pages 6-7 of this topic. Unfortunately, my knowledge of English will not allow me to tell you more. But if you type the words "copper plating at home" on YouTube, you can watch many useful videos on this topic in English. It was from such videos, only in Russian, that I learned to work with an electroplating bath.
  7. Manufacturing of the Admiralty anchor. The die-cast model is made of aluminum and brass.
  8. There are no objections from me. I myself am most interested in this period of steam shipbuilding. Ras, you have a good choice of scale. At this scale, you can show a lot of small details on the ship model. Thank you Ras. I will be happy to help you with my knowledge in the construction of your gunboat.
  9. Thank you Ras! It will be my pleasure if my experience is useful to you.
  10. As skills and experience in working with metal appear, this time decreases.
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind feedback and likes! Vaddoc you did it in vain, because my magazine will not disappear anywhere, and every party is unique and there is no need to be late for it!
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