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  1. HMS Vanguard (Elephant in my case), progress thus far, and very satisfying results 👌


    I'll attach a build log later in more detail, but I must add this is a beautiful piece of kit and with my debilitating illness it's the perfect therapy for mind and sole .
















  2. Woo hoo, the project of projects has arrived (all 14kg of it).... it's going to be a long, technical and complex journey.... will be making this one as historically accurate as possible..... in line with books such as (The anatomy of Nelson's ships: Anatomy of the ship - The 74-gun ship Bellona) to name but a few..... so excited.... so it'll be a long long voyage, with no doubt some rocky outcrops along the way.


    But I seen some awesome and inspiring build logs and additional items to help me along this voyage.


    Anchors away me hearties!



  3. Thanks one and all, much appreciated.... I look forward to beginning my HMS Endeavour log, will have a look around at other logs to see how and what format they use.... I will however start taking pics of my Terror for a mass posting of progress thus far 😎
  4. G'day all I've just recently become a member of this forum having searched high and low for a decent ship modellers forum and hey presto, here I am. I am a retired Architect/D&T Teacher through illness (COPD) since my diagnosis in 2012, so now I can spend plenty of time working on my ship/s. Having previously done numeric modelling projects from painting model figures through to building models. I'm presently busy with HMS Terror by OcCre as a means of gently leading me back into the hobby, it's a lovely little starter and it's rekindled my love of working with wood (as a D&T teacher my speciality was graphics and wood working), albeit on a smaller scale.... I love it and this forum has brilliant links to models and tips. Finally, so I don't waffle on to much (as a teacher, km blessed with the gift of the gab) lol, I've got on the shelf an OcCre HMS Endeavour awaiting my attention. So finally guys, thanks for accepting me Dave
  5. Hi guys I buy all my gear from Always Hobbies, plus I'm a club member so you get 5% discount on all purchases (not a lot, but lowers the costs a bit). I'm busy with the OcCre Terror and HMS Endeavour on the shelf awaiting my loving attention lol once Terror is complete, that'll be a while still as I'm nearly done with the deck furniture. It's shame there's no build log on here for it yet as I'd love to have had something to share and compare ideas etc Anyway guys, good luck with your Terror Kind regards Dave
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