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  1. Thanks Jeff @ Mark I am on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. From what I have found so far most suppliers in Oz Are in Vic or NSW. With Aussie Post prices, sending for items from down South means I have to sell a kidney or 2. Pete
  2. Gday Mark Many thanks formthe warm and hearty welcome. Mightnwant to pick your brains about best places to source things i.e. wood. Pete
  3. Gday All As the new Australian on the scene I thought I would share a picture and a story. The obvious caption for the picture is Spidey 1 Bird 0 Oh and that is a BABY spider they get MUCH bigger!!! Now the story dates back to my time in the services. We were on exercises in North Queensland and were hitching a ride through the jungles on APCs. The spiders up there hunt by stringing their webs between trees and catching parrots. So we are sitting on the OUTSIDE of the vehicle and you would suddenly hit these webs.....spider and all!!! Stuff the shotgun give we a 20mm aa gun with depleted uranium rounds cause nothing else will stopmthese things!!!
  4. Gday Lou Sorry can't bring myself to share her at the moment....it is so true when they say a good woman is hard to find. Especially if she tolerates or encourages my hobby!!! As to what I am going to work on first. I am one of those sick twisted individuals that likes a real challenge. So I am going to make a plastic kit in 1/350, 1/700, wooden kit, a group build on here and a scratch build off of a set of plans!!! So the lucky ships are: King George V 1/350 by Tamiya Akitsushima 1700 by Aoshima (dived on the wreck a few years ago) Not sure as to which one, perhaps the Scottish Maid, any help on subject choice would be appreciated Group build is the H.M.S. Triton both full and section Scratch build from plans will be S.M.S. Emden Coments and advice always welcome. Pete
  5. Gday Brethren of MSW Name is Pete and I am here to build. I have a love of all styles, shapes and designs of shipping from all periods of history, as well as all nationalities. Though I must admit that I am not a greatly experienced modeller as I spent more pf my past travelling on the water and serving in the military. I recently married the most wonderful woman. Not only does she think I am wonderful, she also fully supports my new hobby. A wonderful example of this happened just this afternoon when I was looking at an airbrush and compressor, working out when I could buy them. Wonder Woman asks me will they be used, will it make for better finished models and do I really want them. After 2 mins to answer here questions out comes here card and she buys them both.... what a woman!!! Not quite sure what I will build first, I was able to buy 25 x 1/700 plastic kits, half dozen 1/350 and 35 paper plans at a clearout sale of a small town variety/toy store. What do I hope to achieve here? The aquiring of the knowledge and skills required to complete these and any other kits/scratch builds that take my fancy. Also to make friends with other mad men and women. May your masts always be straight. Pete

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