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  1. You asked for opinions so here is one! I like the black much better and I imagine that you will too once you hang some rope coils around it. Perhaps if you had more brass fittings elsewhere the brass would look good but...
  2. Ahh, but at your current rate of progress with Avos you will soon be doing nothing but rigging! 😂
  3. Oh my, of course you made that little beauty instead of buying one! I cannot remember where I came across a quote that seems relevant but I shall paraphrase. "Buying things is for suckers!" Well done, indeed.
  4. That is impressive manual control to make those spirals look so good! (and steel wool is absolutely the correct term)
  5. @Peta_V You seem to be having great fun and I hate to be a nag but somebody has to be an adult and remind you that the Royal Caroline is not going to rig itself! 😁 More seriously, you are doing an excellent job with this kit and doing a great service to Master Korabel but something similar can be said with your Royal Caroline build. P.S. These comments are very ironic coming from someone who has not completed a build in more than 30 years....
  6. I am sure that his passing is a great loss to those closest to him and I wish them the very best in difficult times. He was notably generous with his knowledge and experience on this forum and he will be missed.
  7. Congratulations! I hope that you are able to find the Syren a good home, it deserves a place of honor. Hopefully you will be able to tell/show us where it will live!
  8. Ah, don't be disouraged, perhaps the other 28 followers of your build tend to be lurkers like me! I know that I keep up to date on your excellent progress but don't feel that I have anything of value to add. However, this has the unfortunate side effect of making me seem unappreciative of your efforts to share your work. Something for me to consider going forward....
  9. Maybe a way to do this is to "Follow" the threads where you want this behavior then create an Activity Stream in which you are only showing threads with Unread messages. When you follow the link to the thread in the stream you will be taken to the first unread message.
  10. An impressive effort! It is also very cool that you gambled on the configuration and won so handsomely. Thanks for taking the time to document your success with the video, there were moments that were really beautiful and graceful.
  11. OK, I have a confession. I have been following this build for some time and while I knew that it was a xebec I knew little else. The build is obviously terrific but is it based on a real ship? Are the plans Daniel's? etc... Just in case there is someone else like me following, I finally answered some of my own questions although I invite corrections. This build is of the (very famous although unknown to me!!) French xebec Le Requin and there is a contemporary model in the French maritime museum. The plans appear to be those from the Ancre monograph of Le Requin by Jean Boudriot & Hubert Berti available from Ancre's Le Requin web page where there is also a nice brochure for download. I am sure that a search will turn up much on this ship but I found a concise summary on Michael Czytko Web site along with links and photos. A very interesting ship and Daniel's build promises to be a very special one.
  12. Hey Bob, you might want to consider trying DuckDuckGo instead. It is the only search engine that I have been using for several years and it is pretty OK. DuckDuckGo
  13. Funny! When we retire next year we are moving to our house in the Maremma and are really going to need to improve our Italian!
  14. It seems likely that you are right! However, my motivation for bringing the issue up is to benefit MSW members who would be interested in some of the fairly unique work that merchen produces but would be unlikely to discover it buried in such an unusual place. Not important for me beyond the "good citizen of MSW" aspect of things as I follow the thread and know to look for his work.
  15. There is some amazing work being produced by a German modeler, ( Ivan Trtanj, Historische Schiffsmodelle von Ivan Trtanj) going by the username of "merchen". Unfortunately, rather than creating a build log for his various projects everything is to be found in a single topic in the Wood forum under the title of "General / organisation of wood". I suspect that this is due to a combination of language and technical hurdles. It is my hope that a sufficiently skilled and patient moderator might be able to figure out a way to get his work to be seen by more MSW members by getting the posts in the correct forums. Or, failing that, perhaps create an entry in the gallery for this model: Thanks for your indulgence,

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