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  1. The build continues slowly, but surely. It's been all about the cockpit and cabin lately. Attaching the cockpit and cabin coaming was a tricky. I don't think any more clamps would have fit. 😀 But, the finished product works. I did cover the deck and hull with wax paper and masking tape for protection. Also, all the coaming and cabin roof planking was stained with Min-wax Mahogany. I'm trying to get a warm color that contrast nicely with the deck. The cockpit and cabin doors. Next up, planking the cabin roof. Here's the finished cabin planking.
  2. Hello fellow stay at homers😷 I’ve been plugging away at the Dragon. Hull and deck sanding is pretty much completed. Three coats of satin finish Wipe-on Poly has been applied and things are looking good. I’ve started building the cockpit and cabin area. The aft cockpit panel and fore cockpit panel are complete, along with the floor decking. Next up is planking the small cabin roof. Then, I need to mark the water line and paint the hull below the water line. Stay safe and happy modeling! Jim
  3. Very well done! I've seen a few of these boats both in person and pictures on this forum. Your finished boat looks quite nice. Also, your build log and review at the end are much appreciated. I have the Picket boat kit waiting in the wings to start once my current build is finished. Be advised, I plan to steal as many of your ideas as possible. 😀 I'm looking forward to whatever your next build may be. Cheers, Jim
  4. Great work as usual Gary! Where will these be mounted on the boat? Or, do you plan to create a diorama of the boat in action? Cheers, Jim
  5. Wow! It's been a really long time since my last post. I've been working on the Dragone, but not keeping up with my postings. Sanding and shaping the hull and keel weight are underway. I'd say I'm about half done. The real work has been spent on the deck planking. The King Plank is Tangankia 1mm x 6mm and the deck planks are Walnut 1mm x 3mm. I saw several photos of real Dragon's that had very intricate caulking and thought that would be a nice touch. Also, several other modelers have created beautiful decks with contrasting caulking. I chose a heavy card stock p
  6. It is so hard to keep the perspective in mind. All your work is so realistic that without a scale reference, it all looks full size. Amazing. Jim
  7. Hi Gary, the thought of a polished walnut hull has been rattling around in my head. A few of my model club members have also suggested it. We'll see how it sands up. Definitely going natural on the deck planking along with black caulking between the deck planks. Many thanks, Jim
  8. Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. Six weeks since my last post. It was certainly a challenge finding the 1 weekend to finish the outer hull planking, but I finally did it. The outer layer hull planking is now complete. The unplanked lower keel area is intended to simulate the iron ballast keel. Next up, sanding. Couple of areas are needed. First, the overall hull needs to be smoothed out. The little peaks and valleys must be leveled. Second, the keel edges need to be shaped. Right now, all the edges are 90 degree angle
  9. Hi Tobias, This was my first build as well. Fun kit and definitely a good teach aid. Have fun! Jim
  10. Thanks Jeff! Back in the shipyard this weekend to continue the hull planking. Managed to get 5 more rows completed on both the starboard and port sides. Basically, it's halfway completed. 7 rows on and 7 more to go. The walnut strips are a bit tricky and can crack. One must must be careful not to bend them too much. Before trying to glue any of the planks, I heat bend them across the width. This allows for a better fit when bending along the length while gluing. The fore keel edge has a few issues. I'm trying a slight herringbone technique primarily for strength.
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