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  1. WOW!! 😲 That's amazing. So much detail for a diorama so small. Top marks 🙂
  2. well thankyou mtaylor, once upon a time I new that, but have ccompletely forgotten, old age many thanks kier
  3. see what I mean above. maybe iys my new lap-top
  4. Hi to you all, I have all of a sudden had the problem of when replying to a message and I wish to move the page down as in a new paragraph I have to continuously press the space -bar to the end of that line and then begin. After pressing the submit button it usualy comes out all jumbled up, I haven't got a clue as to why kier
  5. Hi Vane, Blimey, I can't believe how quick your building work is going. she's coming along nice. I love the hull work.
  6. I now realize that Druxey, that's one thing that will not be forgotten. ( already imprinted in my head)
  7. Well I must say Nils and spyglass, you both have made things so much clearer too me, I new there was a certain way of doing it but didn't know how. Since being a member a good few years now I thought they were fixed in a totally different way🙄
  8. Hi you fellow shipmates, can any one help me for in the future of possibly attaching brass pedestals to a model ship? It is something I have always wanted to do in the future so that in the future I could possibly display the model on perfect display in a glass cabinet. Sorry for asking but I thought it wo
  9. HI Ricky, in response of the so called deck chains, rope and capstan . As we all know what a capstan is and what it's used for which is of course powered by sailors. I was anle to find out that the capstan is not only used for hauling heavy ropes but also for hauling heavy objects such as anchors. weather HMS Terror had chains to be used with the capstan for her I do not know. also I am unknown of her other ship which accompanied her on her on her arctic expedition HMS Erubus. so Ricky I am a bit stuck with being able to help despite looking at other build logs including scratch
  10. In response of your question in regard of the capstan and chains, I myself have only known a capstan for the use of rope only,. you now have my mind ticking as to weather one or the other maybe perhaps both. I will try to find out, but if I can't find the answer maybe some other shipmate looking in on your they can possibly help.
  11. 'HOORAY' 😊 that's another 'HMS Terror', on the way. I will be sitting in the front seat to follow along as she is big and brutal ship. Good luck forward and enjoy.
  12. I only recently discovered your build of this mighty warlord, she's beautiful. I love the lines on her and I think if I was in the process of building her I would be crying as to paint her or not? either way she would look this beautiful. keep up the great work she is a ship to be admired.
  13. Well congratulations Peter. . You made a nice build come to life. It's been a lovely build to follow with many tips and tricks that we will never forget. . I myself will be looking back on your build and like many of your followers will be firmly rooted waiting on the next build. . Top marks. . kier
  14. Thankyou Peter for your info. Maybe its because of being a AL model and all there similar boats are the same, but I wouldn't know. . Thanks anyway for your help. . Ps keep your build going, it's a fantastic build to follow with many tips included. She's looking great. . kier
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