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  1. Well congratulations Peter. . You made a nice build come to life. It's been a lovely build to follow with many tips and tricks that we will never forget. . I myself will be looking back on your build and like many of your followers will be firmly rooted waiting on the next build. . Top marks. . kier
  2. Thankyou Peter for your info. Maybe its because of being a AL model and all there similar boats are the same, but I wouldn't know. . Thanks anyway for your help. . Ps keep your build going, it's a fantastic build to follow with many tips included. She's looking great. . kier
  3. Hi Peter, . thanks for the info Peter it has allways been on my mind as I to like the ships of that era and may think about making one in the future. . At first I thought you didn't put a rabet into the false keel was because maybe the lower bulkheads came down to far to the main keel and just wondered if other similer builds such as the pints have the same issue. Many thanks. . kier
  4. Hi Peter, . excuse me for bothering as well as going back a few months, but did you form a rabet at all prior to planking your hull. If so was it put into the false-keel or the keel itself. I maybe am totally wrong but so called barking up the wrong tree for example the keel was glued straight on after the planking? Sorry to bring it up, many builders have different ways. Me, am just curious and wondered how you did it. . kier
  5. He'll Petta_V . thankyou for offering I would like to see that, and am sure many other ship builders would also. I like the fact of what I see is the longer length rather than short which I presume can be a lot more helpful rather than the short, Thanks . kier
  6. Nice head rails Peta.V . with patience comes perfection. Sadly I know that the nearest I could get to rails like that if I needed them would be a 2d picture on paper, that's with a mirror image included. Oh well. . Great work . kier
  7. Thankyou Richard & Tony I think I am a bit nearer and clearer of the facts regarding scales of model ships now, despite having read many tutorials in the past. . Many thanks . kier
  8. Hi builders please don't think of me as being stupid but I can never understand the so called theory of the scales of models. Well I mean the understanding of it, I can never understand what length for this and that. . I am at the moment of trying to make sure of the deck and hull planks lengths or even should I not so called bother will be at some point be thinking of building AL Santa Maria which has an overall length of 560mm.. Can anyone help. . many thanks
  9. I don't know about filling sails with air, but my cheeks were blowing air in amazement those sails have certainly Improved the look of her. Truly taken her back some time a go. Perfect
  10. Hi Peter. . I think I would agree. Weather futtock shrouds are the correct way or not I am unsure, but I completely agree with 'nikbud'. Simply go with what you yourself like. Personally I think they look perfect and if I was building the same model after seeing your method I would most certainly do the same. All in all, one word 'Perfect'
  11. Peta.V . She is one perfect "royal gem'. So much detail that makes her a beauty. Lovely build mate, top marks
  12. She's looking great. A lovely Corel kit, built by a great Corel kit builder.🙂
  13. Hi Brian, I have always loved the Bounty, she's a beautiful ship that I've always loved. I did once (years ago) when learning the hobby only got as far as the hull and deck furniture. I didn't have the hands for rigging due to bad illness causing shaking so had to stop. I keep saying to myself that one day I'll try again, it will happen. . First person through the door means I've got a front seat to follow along with. Good luck 🙂 . kier

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