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  1. Well, the hull has been built. I noticed a couple of issues which I should have caught and addressed earlier. Looking at the stem from the front, I noticed the strakes below the Sheer are off a bit (the stern was spot on). 😳 The second issue is that the tops of most of the molds do not touch the inboard side of the keel. The latter probably resulted from the fact that I removed the boat from the molds after each strake placement so I could run super thin CA down the seams. Hopefully it will not affect the outcome. Here the Sheer strake is clamped until the glue dries. Below, the Sheer and Gunwale. Below, the boat, retaining battens and molds have been removed from the Horse. Because the boat fits rather loosely, I have decided to do the framing without the molds, etc. Before removing, I will use mold #3 to mark the position of the central frame.
  2. Really looking good. Your heading down the last stretch. I found the final steps as tedious and somewhat time consuming. Have you ever wondered how many builders throw in the towel at this point??? I encourage you to keep up the good work. 😎 I really like your knot board on the wall. Did you make it and do you refer to it?
  3. Not too bad! For some reason I find it a bit slow going. The nice part is that the strakes were laser cut but some needed battens attached to them. Soon the fun begins as 24 frames have to be added.
  4. Strakes #’s 2, 3 and 4 were glued into place using CA glue. In order to keep the glue off the molds, waxed paper was slipped between the strakes and molds. The battens were glued to the strakes with PVA prior to placement. Strake #5 is shown below clamped to the provided clove piece for shaping prior to gluing. So far, no real problems have occurred. 😎
  5. The second laminate layers were assembled and glued. The upper and lower keels were positioned and glued to the laminate layers at the stem and stern.Next, the keel lips and laminate bevels were smoothed at the kerf joints. Then the garboards were beveled on the upper outboard edge, soaked in 50/50 alcohol/water, fitted to the molds and keels, allowed to dry and glued in place using medium and super thin CA glue.
  6. John, I really like what you are doing with your Longboat. She’s going to be a good looking boat.
  7. Assembled and glued first laminated keel pieces for stem and stern. Next a copy of top and bottom center keel board templates were glued to 3/64”x1/2” and 5/64”x1/2” boards and trimmed. Only the lower layer has the center board slot cut at this time. The first layer laminate pieces were beveled and the kerf cut. Glued paper is easily removed with application of some alcohol
  8. Finally got the molds fastened to horses and horses fastened to construction board. I should have studied the plans a bit more carefully as I glued the fore and aft horses to the cap strip. I don’t think it will pose too much of a problem as they should be fairly easily cut away.
  9. This is my second build log on this site and it is my first POF. There are excellent build logs for the New Bedford Whaleboat here (Carlmb, Mike-In-Ri, Rbohlman, Senior-Old-Salt, Soup591, Ziled68) and elsewhere (https://www.charleswmorganmodel.com/whaleboat-build-log-by-john-fleming.html). As a result of this, I will post progress pictures and make only brief comments where necessary to point out peculiarities found during my build. First the kit: Marked waterlines on profile mold. Fitted section molds. Cut notch in cap strip. Fitted with cap strip. Glued cap strips and section molds to profile mold.
  10. Hello Tony, I think you are doing a super job on this build. I am impressed by your workmanship and techniques. Your log is great. You know, there are so many tricks of the trade for achieving sometimes very difficult results on a particular step that I wished someone could put together a compendium of all these techniques. Oh well! Keep up the very good work. 😎 Paul
  11. Arthur, I have decided to put the KC on hold for now as I have decided to do the New Bedford Whaleboat. This is a POF build and should be fun and not take two plus years to complete. I am leaning toward projects which can be completed in a reasonable amount of time so that frustration with teadium does not set in. A near example of this was rigging the Cutty Sark model that I had from my younger years. It took a long time and involved a lot of repetitive actions. I wanted to finish it and bore through it all. A POF build should offer some new challenges and be instructive.

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