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  1. Thanks everyone! To the guys from down under, I just spend 3 great weeks in your country back in Oct/Nov and had a great time. Not sure if I want your +40c but my -40c is the other end of the scale. To my fellow Canadians, I know you feel the pain 🙂 Look forward to seeing everyone's builds and conversations. Cheers and thanks for the welcome.
  2. Thanks for accepting my membership. 100% newbie to the hobby and completely in the research phase. Reading, reading and more reading. One to make sure this is something I want to get into and two, cause it's cool! 🙂 I suffer badly from the winter blah's (near 25 cm's of snow fell today alone) and I spend way too much time playing computer games. I am also close to retirement so looking for things to occupy my mind and hands. I have always had a love of ships having grown up on the east coast of Canada, surrounded by fishing villages and living in Bermuda for several years
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